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STOX – The Prediction Platform’s ICO Begins Now!

Avatar newsbtc 2 years ago

One of the biggest ventures in the blockchain market has been initiated by STOX and Group, gaining synergized outcomes from STOX’s mass market forecasting platform’s characteristics and Group’s financial investment solutions. STOX ‘s ICO has just been opened to the public, i.e. today, August 2, 2017. This ICO will continue for two weeks or until the achievement of the CAP of $30 million. The ICO will offer tokens to investors via Ethereum (ERC-20 network). Token holders could use their tokens for using STOX forecasting platform that is expected to be launched in the middle of 2018.

Where is it leading to?

The planned innovation lies in the development of the platform capable to manage a prediction market via smart model to enhance cooperation in the token. The forecasting markets are gaining attention since they lead to an alternative market with an objective to trade the outcomes of events like financial events, elections, weather, sports and more. Market indices, telling what a general public thinking is thinking, are great opportunities for traders involved in forecasting markets, to know possibilities.

The competition

STOX is not the first blockchain based prediction platform in the market and is having competitors like Gnosis and Augor. However, STOX takes an edge due to its collaborative benefits gained form The capacity of prediction market is vast and many entrants are expected further.

The ICO & Platform’s Roadmap

The ICO has already started today i.e. August 2, 2017, aimed towards a CAP of $30 million, which is to be used for platform and SDK development for users. This development will start by the end of this year. The launch of the application and its development will happen in the first quarter of 2018, while the second quarter will provide complete interface to platform operators like On the basis of interface development, an ecosystem will be developed.

Ophir Gartner, one of the founders of STOX, states that is their first operator on their platform, which would be developed in a way to let independent operators join and interface with its prediction system. Gartner mentioned that there is a need for more blended companies in crypto, especially they need teams having experience in handling crisis and managing change in terms of management and expanding customer base. Fresh crypto projects are deprived of this notion.

The features of STOX platform

It is an open source platform that forecasts events on the basis of crowds’ wisdom. Apart from having prediction provided by prediction operators, users could open a prediction for every event.  Being compatible with all key interfaces and operating systems and having features for managing customer portfolio, human engineering and design, it is suitable for general public’s daily use. With STX tokens, trading for opening predictions for any event, is possible. This mechanism is based on three levels of vendors, operators and users.

STX Token Price

The initial rate is 200 STX tokens per 1 ETH. At this moment, the price has now reached almost $1. It is to be noted that 4% of the funds generated, will be backed by Bancor smart contract. The Bounty Program has also been associated with the ICO.

For more details and to participate in the ICO, please visit




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