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Bitstamp Announces the Launch of Ethereum Trading Next Week

Avatar newsbtc 3 years ago

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide all markets with plenty of liquidity. Having more platforms trading a specific currency can have a positive effect on the price over time. Ethereum is traded across dozens of global exchanges, except Bitstamp. That situation will change very soon, as the company announced ETH trading will launch on August 17th. A major development for ETH enthusiasts, to say the least.

The Bitstamp exchange platform has a solid reputation among cryptocurrency users. The company has been around for quite some time now. Moreover, they provide plenty of interesting trading markets. Their fiat currency gateways make it easier to buy cryptocurrency as well. So far, Bitstamp is one of the few platforms not paying attention to Ethereum. Quite unusual, considering ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency right now.

Ethereum Trading is Coming to the Bitstamp Exchange

There appears to be a growing demand for Ethereum trading as well. The company has been working on this integration for quite some time now. It appears Ethereum trading will arrive on Bitstamp come August 17th. That is great news for anyone who believes in this particular cryptocurrency. Especially with the value of ETH going up these past few days. Cryptocurrency is about more than just Bitcoin these days, which is a positive development. Competition is never a bad thing by any means.

As a result of this change, Bitstamp will introduce three new trading markets. Users can exchange Ethereum against Bitcoin, the US Dollar, and the Euro. It is good to see more fiat currency gateways for Ether. Especially on a reputable exchange such as Bitstamp. There will also be a significant trading fee discount for all Ethereum-based orders.  This discount will run until January 1st of 2018. Having access to cheaper trading options is never a bad thing, that much is certain. Make sure to check out the trading fee discount schedule on the Bitstamp website first and foremost.

Ethereum trading is not the only change coming to Bitstamp. The company introduces a unified pricing structure. No longer having a separate fee schedule or each trading pair makes a lot more sense. Customers can now trade based on their 30–day volume on all trading pairs. A higher volume will result in lowered trading fees, which is always beneficial to platform users. Both of these upcoming changes will help elevate Bitstamp to new heights. Whether or not their ETH trading market will pan out, remains to be seen.

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