Obsidian Blockchain Messaging Platform Promote Privacy & Secrecy

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Privacy and security have become a rarity in the recent times as users of the internet, and other online applications are under constant threat of being compromised by the hackers or eavesdropped by government agencies.

Many times hackers have made use of illegally gotten private information to compromise computers, emails, social media, bank accounts and even cryptocurrency wallets. At the same time, there hasn’t been much progress with regard to fool-proof privacy, secrecy and security solutions in a conventional set up due to various limitations. However, thanks to blockchain technology, things have started to improve on that front.

Obsidian, a blockchain based communications platform has come up with a solution that ensures the privacy and secrecy of its users while providing best in the class security offered by cryptocurrency blockchain.

The platform is built over C# based blockchain, powered by Stratis protocol. It has implemented Masternodes and Service Nodes to create Obsidian Secure Messenger application. The platform is presently in public alpha testing,

Obsidian is currently running a presale of Obsidian Coin (ODN), allowing investors to purchase the tokens against payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum. The presale in its final week is set to end on August 18, 2017.

The Obsidian project is already beyond the MVP stage, which can’t be said about other platforms as many of them run crowdsale with nothing more than whitepaper. The MVP is currently undergoing a public alpha test, allowing investors to get their hands on the platform before purchasing the tokens.

Once the presale is over, the Obsidian ICO will commence within 24 hours, offering the remaining coins for sale. Any unsold coins by the end of ICO will be destroyed to ensure the value of ODN is conserved. Meanwhile, Obsidian is looking at some exciting partnerships across the horizon and even VC funding due to the uniqueness of its application.

Investors who are interested in the project can be part of the crowdsale by visiting the Obsidian website.

Comparison chart for Obsidian versus other messengers

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