Obsidian Gains the Attention of Mainstream Investors

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The applications of blockchain technology are virtually endless and the decentralized platform, Obsidian is implementing the same technology to facilitate secure online communication. The platform, currently in the process of raising an investment through the ongoing ICO has already gained the attention of cryptocurrency as well as mainstream investment community for its capabilities.

The Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM), built on Obsidian blockchain platform uses end-to-end encryption with perfect forward secrecy relying on Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman. The privacy and security features offered by the platform is much better than the ones found in most of the mainstream messaging applications currently available in the market.

The platform addresses privacy and secrecy concerns without compromising one or the other — a delicate balance which none of the platforms have been able to achieve so far. The Obsidian Project, powered by ODN tokens already has a working MVP, which is currently in the public alpha stage.

With its working product and the ongoing ICO, Obsidian expects to reach a new level owing to the growing need for anonymous messenger applications. The increasing demand for secure applications has already been exhibited by the popularity of apps like Telegram. As Obsidian continues to develop the platform by adding new features, it soon intends to forge some strategic partnerships with various businesses that are in need of a secure channel of communication between its employees. Also, the potential integration of Obsidian’s services to other product offerings to end users presents an attractive opportunity to the blockchain messaging platform as well as its partners.

Meanwhile, riding the success wave created by the messaging platforms of the older generation, Obsidian is gaining the interest of angel and venture capital firms, who see the tremendous market opportunity and are willing to put their money on the “next” WhatsApp or Snap Chat. Such mainstream capital investments are welcomed by the Stratis protocol based Obsidian project as it will not only provide the company with necessary liquidity but also increases the credibility in the global market.

Further driving the project’s value are the recent debates about privacy and the governments’ deliberations on whether messaging applications should monitor and share user information with law enforcement and other agencies or not have provoked the interests of individual users as well. Many of them have already extended their support to the platform by contributing to the ICO, and those who would like to do the same can do so on the platform’s webpage. The ODN ICO is set to end in the next five days, which will be followed by the launch of Obsidian Wallet and Messenger on September 29, 2017.

Comparison chart for Obsidian versus other messengers

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