e-Best Ventures Receives Backing From Japanese Investment Bank

e-Best Ventures, an Estonia-based venture capital management company, is set to receive support from FinTech Global Inc., a boutique investment bank, placing e-Best a step closer to start a fund that will invest in startups with blockchain technology.

Currently, e-Best is fully owned by Blockhive, an organization that builds community consisting various businesses around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Blockhive will sell 40 percent of its stake in e-Best Ventures to Tokyo-based FinTech Global on Sept. 20 following the investment bank’s board approval on August 8.

The latest transaction comes as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are gaining traction from the financial sector. About 36 percent of financial services companies said they will make “substantial investment” in blockchain technology over the next three years, comparing with the current level of 9 percent, according to a survey by PWC published in May.

FinTech Global has been a game-changing incubator for new startups in Japan with an extensive network of potential corporate clients in the country. The new ownership will enable e-Best to tap into the expertise of FinTech Global in sourcing new investment target and fundraising.

Blockhive offers technology support including system development and know-how on blockchain technology, providing the help needed for start-ups that e-Best’s fund invests in.

Hikaru Kusaka, co-founder of blockhive, is a veteran in blockchain technology. In 2012, he established Spreadi Inc., a developer for so-called decentralized applications using such method. As a former consultant, his expertise lies in helping companies to integrate decentralized ledger systems and advising them in creating viable business models.

While the focus of e-Best Ventures is in incubation for new projects and providing seed money in the form of Ether, it may also invest in third-party transactions. It plans to raise funds in Ether by issuing initial coin offering.

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