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MediBond Proposes to Build Healthcare Applications on Blockchain

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 2 years ago

Blockchain continues to prove itself as a resourceful technique for bringing more transparency and security to the global business market. Many industries in past have opened up about their interests in the decentralized ledger. And some of them already have incubation labs in place to see a possible blockchain integration. A similar development is also taking place in the medical industry, where blockchain is proving itself to be the next-best thing. MediBond, a newly launched startup, is launched with a notion to add more to the development of blockchain-based healthcare solutions.

MediBond: Putting Healthcare Data in the Hands of the Patients

MediBond is launched with the aim to improve the way medical records are handled — including patient data. The MediBond system puts blockchain in the nucleus of three major players in the medical industry: insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and pharmacies. It allows a transparent and cryptographically secure flow and storage of data between these organizations, where data manipulations can never happen.

And indeed, healthcare process is complex, to say the least. At the same time, there are vulnerable to the exploitation by hacking and are very expensive to set up. There is one more thing to add here, which is control The big healthcare organizations out there are competing with each other to control patients’ data in a centralized system.

MediBond only proposes to replace the traditional systems with something more secure, scalable and affordable — such as blockchain. It also means that patients, using a decentralized healthcare system, will be able to retain control on their medical data. And even better, they will be as much the participants of the MediBond system, as the insurance companies, healthcare organizations, and pharmacies.

Token Sale Live

A company boasting about decentralization cannot be a centralized one. Which is why MediBond has decided to raise funds for its future development via a token sale. Anybody holding these tokens will be holding a stake in the future of MediBond. Upon the launch of its network, the tokens will be available to be exchanged and traded for other valuable assets on several trading exchanges.

The MediBond Token Sale has already been launched on August 5th and will run until September 5th.

To know more about MediBond and its token sale, please visit this link.

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