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Korea’s Bithumb Exchange Launches In-person Support Desk

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Cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world see major growth these days. This is especially true for Bithumb, South Korea’s largest trading platform to date. Their customer base has grown so much they decided to launch an in-person support center. Customers can walk up to the building and get support around the clock. An interesting decision, to say the least. It is doubtful Western exchanges will ever offer something similar, though.

A walk-in support center for cryptocurrency exchange purposes is quite novel. Bithumb wants to provide customers with the best support they can possibly provide. Online communication can only do so much, these days. In fact, the company feels an in-person help desk will yield better results. Clients can come here 224/7 to get help, ask questions, and improve their Bithumb experience. It is good to see the South Korean exchange focus on what customers really need. Other exchanges around the world can certainly learn something from this company in that department.

A Big Move by Bithumb to Satisfy Customers

Unprecedented customer growth forces the company to make interesting decisions. It is the first time we see in-person support for a cryptocurrency exchange of this scale. One-on-one consultation counters provided specialized services to suit customer needs. There are many people with questions regarding cryptocurrency trading and exchanges. Addressing any concerns people may have in this regard will eventually bring more customers to the exchange. It is also worth mentioning Bithumb has the infrastructure in place to accommodate this growing number of users.

It is evident Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction in South Korea right now. Opening a customer service center only confirms this accelerated growth. With 200 support personnel ready to answer questions and provide consultation services, things look quite good for Bithumb. There is also a plan to add another 50 employees to the support center if needed. This goes to show this effort is not a one-time deal by any means. The company expects future growth as well and is already plotting a strategy.

It has to be said, Bithumb has quickly become a household name in South Korea. With a market share of over 75%, there is no real competition. However, all other exchanges see some growth as of late as well. The largest exchange processes a daily average volume of 385 billion won. However, little over a week ago, that daily volume spiked to 1.9 trillion won all of a sudden. It won’t take long until the exchange has 1 million registered users as well. This rapid growth is virtually unheard of in the cryptocurrency world. Especially for an exchange that is not based in the Western world.

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