Asia’s Leading Mobile Casino HappiStar Launches New Bonus Offer

One of Asia’s leading mobile casino platforms, HappiStar has launched a special bonus offer for its new and seasoned clients.

Be HappiStar’s most Shining Star!, as the new bonus round is titled, has been the most talked about additions at HappiStar for the entire month of August. The new bonus deal rewards four lucky players with luxurious prizes at the end of the month. It is open to members who deposit and play during the campaign.

HappiStar has confirmed that there will only be one winner per title by the end of the campaign. It has also ensured that all the four finalists “will receive their fair share of the extravagant prizes worth a total of $15,000.”

HappiStar’s newest regular bonus makes its maiden run from August 1 to 31, but registered players can still catch this promo in the next months. More, members who like to increase their chances of winning the special prizes for August should make deposits now and play more to earn any of these four titles:

  • Biggest Winner
  • Biggest Loser
  • Top Depositor
  • Most Earned in a Single Game

The lucky winners will be chosen from the HappiStar database by the end of the month. This means that everyone who deposits and plays within the said campaign period will have the chance to take any of the four titles at stake.

HappiStar will announce the four lucky winners of “Be HappiStar’s most Shining Star!” bonus within the first week of September. Future winners of this promotion will also be announced within the first week of the following month.

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So that’s another day done in our bitcoin price trading efforts and we’ve had a pretty good one. As we noted this morning, volatility across the evening session brought price to trade a little bit lower than we might have liked, but not to the point that we could write off a near term reversal to the upside. We set up against the markets with a degree of flexibility, noting that we’d be ready to jump in on either side of price if and when our key levels broke and that we’d keep a tight risk management ship with some solid stop losses in place.

As is turns out, we did see a degree of initial weakness as the European morning played out but mid to late session the weakness reversed and price has been on something of an upside run during the few hours that comprise the early US session. This sort of crossover action isn’t unusual, as the volatility that we see with the added volume can often make a difference to overarching direction.

So where do things stand for tonight? Take a quick loo at the chart below before we get started to get an idea what’s on and where things stand for the session tonight. It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our key range overlaid in red.


As the chart shows, the range we are using for the session tonight is defined by support to the downside at 3922 and resistance to the upside at 3962. If we see price break through support, we’ll look for a close below that level to validate an immediate entry towards a target of 3890. Conversely, a close above resistance will have us in long towards a downside target of 4000 flat.

Stops just the other side of entries, as usual, to keep risk defined.

Charts courtesy of Trading View

Now people can earn Aigang tokens by inviting their friends to Aigang’s demo app, as the Aigang has recently announced its bounty program for its demo app. Aigang, a blockchain protocol for digital insurance, has invited users to share its demo app via referral program, a part of Aigang’s bounty campaign. With the launch of demo app and frequent technical updates, Aigang is being termed by the experts as one of the most awaited ICOs this fall.

Aigang is one of the first blockchain-based protocols that redesign the conventional insurance model from the scratch. Its features include risk assessment and management, automated data gathering from devices, quick payouts and more. Everything is controlled by smart contracts. The platform primarily focuses on community with its comprehensive bounty program and sponsorship to events such as hackathons.

The Referral Program

The company announced the referral program in its demo app. It, at present, enables users to invite their contacts and friends via unique link saved in in every app installation. For every referral, the user will earn a stake from total pool of 2% of all the issued tokens.

Augustas Staras, the business developer at Aigang, states that the company is more interested in word-of-mouth promotion than paid advertising.

This is an interesting opportunity to earn some Aigang tokens just by inviting others. You can download the app via (for iOs) and (for android).

To know about the platform and for further details about Aigang’s bounty program, please visit, a decentralized music database start-up, has incorporated cryptocurrencies in the live music industry. Now, event organizers and artists can be benefited from digital currency payment. is a crowdsourced global live music ecosystem. It has recently announced it ICO campaign, starting from September 5, 2017. The company aims to empower music artists to accept cryptocurrency payments from their event organizers. Also, due to platform’s massive database of musicians and artists, organizers are able to easily find and hire the right artists for their event. All transactions on the platform are backed by Vibe tokens, which will be offered in the upcoming ICO. Organizers can book musicians with Bitcoin, ETH and Vibe Tokens.

Viberate Database

The platform at present, holds a database of more than 12,000 artists of all scales, across all genres. Viberate is already having a fully functional platform at the moment, which artists can join by adding their profile or claiming an existing one. British superstar Robbie Williams had also claimed his profiles over Viberate.

Support for Viberate

European Commission selected Viberate as one of the eight Europe-based startups that can change the global music industry. In addition, Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology also supports this platform.  Well-known experts like Bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor/Pinterest’s Chief Scientist Dr. Jure Leskovec have been advising for Viberate’s development and operations.

About the ICO

Viberate has set the CAP of 200 million, out of which 120 million will be offered in the public crowdsale. The platform is expected to bring a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency communities and investors to purchase the Vibe tokens. The investment CAP lies in between $1 million and $12 million.

The funds generated in the ICO will be reserved on multi-sig wallet controlled by team council. The company has reserved 7 percent of the tokens for future partnerships.  The base price of Vibe token has been set as $0.1 and investors would also be able to avail 12% starting bonus on the day of the launch.

To know more about and participate in its upcoming ICO, please visit

Many people speak of using blockchain to arrange voting, but the idea hasn’t been applicated in practice yet.

Voting usually means holding elective events of various levels. However, it makes sense to argue in a more applied manner. The number of consumers of such a kind of services is limited, and the complication of integration is quite noticeable. From this position, it is worth to consider a leader in the polling segment such as SurveyMonkey. The unicorn company has an annual revenue of more than 200 million USD and serves millions of customers.

According to IBISWorld, the volume of the online voting market is 2 billion USD, and it grows by 5% per year during the last five years. Thus, the niche remains competitive and open for new beginnings.

Why not build a competitor on the blockchain? As everyone is interested in conducting transparent polls, testing, and voting. The founders of Simpoll has taken this necessity as a challenge to create an innovative product. Currently, more than 40,000 people use the service, and such companies as Bosch, Samsung, Adidas, Megafon and many others are among the customers.

Their goal is to adapt the current resource on to the blockchain infrastructure. The new project is called VOTES Platform, and it is going to conduct a pre-ICO campaign until August 31, 2017.

The VOTES Platform already has a working prototype, an understandable unit-economy and the tokens emitted have a utility role, i.e., they can be “exchanged” for services in the future. More information about the crowdsale is available on the website.

The GoldMint company (the innovator behind the stable GOLD token and Custody Bot) has published its plans for its greatly anticipated ICO. The ICO will launch on September 20, beginning with the sale of MNT pre-launch tokens (MNTP). This will be the first step toward a revolutionary new form of digital currency: gold-backed cryptoassets.

How to Participate in the ICO

To buy MNTP tokens, users may use BTC (bitcoin) or ETH (ethereum) in the public crowdsale. During the crowdsale period, the price of MNTP tokens will be $7 USD. This value will grow, as MNT tokens are of limited supply and are used as stake in the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus algorithm. Those who invest early will benefit from a progressive bonus scale, earning users more tokens for their BTC or ETH.

Token Details and Custody Bot

The overall supply of MNT tokens is 10,000,000, 7,000,000 of which will be available for purchase during the ICO. MNTP tokens will run on the Ethereum blockchain, and the ICO includes a special bonus system allowing the earliest ICO users to earn additional tokens. The crowdsale will run for one month or until all tokens are sold out. The GoldMint ICO has already received over 700 participation requests from users in 23 countries.

After the ICO, users will be able to trade their Ethereum MNTP tokens for internal MNT tokens to be used on Graphene, GoldMint’s own blockchain. As soon as Graphene is deployed, MNTP tokens will convert to MNT tokens that can be used in GOLD transactions. All future MNT-GOLD digital assets will convert based on a 1:1 ratio. All GOLD transactions will be certified by MNTP holders, who will receive a 75% commission for mining.

In the future, transactions will be conducted with the help of Custody Bot, GoldMint’s automated safe deposit device. Custody Bot independently evaluates and stores the gold jewelry and materials that support GOLD cryptoassets. Custody Bot development results will be published shortly.

The GoldMint Team Grows

GoldMint is the project from LOT-ZOLOTO, a market leader in gold assets that processes up to 500 kg (or over $10 million) of gold material every month. During its Pre-ICO stage, the GoldMint project collected more than $600,000 in a 36-hour period. Investors for the project include Altair Capital, the venture capital firm headed by Igor Ryabenkiy.

A few new members have joined the GoldMint advisory board. Taking on the role of advisor is Vladislav Martynov – a tech veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field, he is also CEO of Yota Devices Ltd. and a member of the Ethereum Foundation Supervisory Council. Also joining the team are Eduard Gurinovich, founder and former CEO of CarPrice and founder of CarMoney; Dr. Serge Umansky, founding partner at SIGNET; and Julian Zegelman, managing partner at Velton Zegelman. With the contributions of these new members, the GoldMint team can only keep growing in terms of its expertise and innovation. Such great names are surely indicative of great things to come.

Visit GoldMint Website

Read more on GoldMint Blog

Blockchain, the underlying technology supporting Bitcoin network has grown beyond everyone’s imagination. The technology has gained widespread adoption across industries and the limits of which is being pushed further by the likes of VIBEHub. The platform is implementing the blockchain technology in Virtual Reality, by creating the world’s first decentralized marketplace and hub.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is gaining a lot of attention, mainly for their potential to change the entire user experience and product presentation on almost any platform that requires customer interaction. The new-age visual technology is being widely implemented in the entertainment, e-commerce, education and a variety of other segments.

VIBEHub, through its efforts, is blending cryptocurrency technology with VR/AR technology to create a virtual universe with no boundaries. By doing so, the company is laying the groundwork to usher in the new technology revolution which has an estimated market value of at least $162 billion by 2020.

The VIBEHub platform including VR/AR marketplace is powered by Vibe coin, an ERC20 complaint token on Ethereum protocol. With the Pre-ICO going on, the platform has already set up a marketplace for music creators as a proof of concept. Soon after, VIBEHub will be introducing a Virtual Reality version of the platform.

In spite of using blockchain technology, the VIBEHub platform takes a user-friendly approach, which makes it easier even for non-crypto users to start using it. It will be compatible with all leading AR, VR and mixed reality technologies like Unity Engine, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, Microsoft HoloLens SDK and Sony PSVR SDK. With such cross-compatibility, VIBEHub is on its way to becoming the universal marketplace for all high tech visual needs.

The on-going pre-token sale gives a limited time opportunity for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts to become part of the VIBEHub initiative. The first leg of crowdsale is set to end in the next four days, on August 21, 2017. Those investing in the tokens during this time stand to get a 30% discount. Following the end of the Pre-token sale, the platform will launch its main ICO round, starting August 22, 2017, until September 12, 2017.

More info about the VIBEHub crowdsale, along with a detailed roadmap is available on the official website.

Cryptocurrency users have always been a tempting target for cybercriminals. Since none of these currencies have reversible transactions, stealing money is a guarantee for success. It now appears criminals are targeted telecommunication providers across the United States for this purpose. More specifically, they try to have companies transfer control of a victim’s phone number to them. This allows criminals to bypass most 2FA authentication methods used by cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet providers.

It becomes more and more difficult to keep one’s cryptocurrency-related accounts safe from harm. This is especially true when using exchange services and enabling two-factor authentication. Although this security measure should be mandatory, it can also be disastrous in some cases. According to a NY Times article, criminals are targeting US telcos for this specific purpose. Once control of a mobile phone number is transferred to a criminal, they can bypass 2FA measures on all platforms with ease.

Phone Hijacking is a Problem for Telcos and Cryptocurrency Users

So far, affected telcos include AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. It is unclear how successful these attempts really are, though. There have been a lot of stories regarding users losing control over their phone number. In the minutes following such an incident, hackers successfully drain any online cryptocurrency wallet linked to the victim. Phone hijacking is a very serious problem and only seems to grow worse a sore time progresses. Cryptocurrency users are one of the main targets for criminals using phone hijacking as an attack vector.

One of the main issues with these attacks is how few people effectively report them. When one loses a few hundred dollars, it can be written off as a loss. When the number goes into the thousands or more, there is a big problem. This method is still gaining more popularity as we speak. US telcos are not the only target for criminals, as these hijacking attempts take place on a global scale these days. Unfortunately, there is very little the victim can do. Exchanges will not reimburse the missing balance by any means. Nor is the telco at fault, assuming the criminal provides enough relevant information.

It appears criminals target victims through social media. A lot of people are very open about their cryptocurrency portfolio and purchases. It doesn’t take much effort to find some personal information about these people and attempt to hijack their phone number. This is a very worrisome trend that is only now gaining some recognition by security experts. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to prevent this from happening. Carriers are taking steps to address these attacks, but social engineering has always been a fatal weakness for any industry. Not relying on SMS-based 2FA is a start, but it’s not a perfect solution either.

It’s Tuesday morning and time to take our first look of the day at the bitcoin price. Our intraday strategy fared pretty well overnight, with the markets serving up a number of opportunities to jump in and out of the markets for quick turnaround (and relatively low risk) profits. Whether we’ll get a continuation of this sort of action going forward is unclear, but so long as we are able to apply the same sort of framework to the market as we did overnight things should run smoothly.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart before we get started It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our ley range overlaid in red.

As the chart shows, the range we are using for the session today comes in as defined by support to the downside at 3865 and resistance to the upside at 3926. Compared to some of the ranges we’ve used over the last month or so, this one’s relatively tight. As such, we’ve got to make sure our risk management parameters leave us just enough room to avoid chop outs but ensure we are taken out of any positions in the event of a bias reversal on any trades we enter. So, if we see price break through resistance, we’ll jump in long towards an immediate upside target of 3970. A stop loss on the trade somewhere in the region of 3910 takes us out if things turn against us.

Looking the other way, a close below support will have us in short towards an immediate downside target of 3810. There’s a little bit more reward on offer heresy we can be a little less strict with out stop. Somewhere in the region of 3880 looks good.

Let’s see how things play out.

Charts courtesy of Trading View

The recent Bitcoin Cash price surge and retrace have all the signs of a pump-and-dump scheme. With the trading volume slowly drying up, things aren’t looking good for BCH. Moreover, the price keeps going down due to many coins flooding the market. If this altcoin can’t hold a stable price, investors may look for other opportunities. According to Tuur Demeester, money can easily flow into Litecoin due to it being a better hedge. An interesting concept, although no one knows for sure how the markets will evolve.

No one can deny things aren’t looking hot for Bitcoin Cash right now. With the price declining steadily these past few days, there is some panic. Additionally, there are a lot of new coins mined every single hour. The low mining difficulty allows pools to virtually flood the market with BCH if they want to. It is expected this issue will be resolved during the next adjustment, though. For now, the Bitcoin Cash is taking a beating and things may not improve anytime soon.

Tuur Demeester is Somewhat Bullish on Litecoin

According to Tuur Demeester, this was all part of a major Bitcoin Cash pump. More specifically, the Korean Bithumb exchange drove up the price quite a bit a few days ago. Now that its volume is shifting to Ethereum and other currencies, BCH is crashing. If this momentum can’t be maintained, investors will likely cash out and move to other currencies. Tour Demeester feels the money could go to Litecoin, as it has better hedging capabilities. That is a rather intriguing statement, although it makes a lot of sense as well.

To put this into perspective, Demeester sees Litecoin as a real Bitcoin hedge. Litecoin has SegWit and can easily incorporate other technologies before they come to Bitcoin. The Lightning Network is one example. This doesn’t mean Litecoin is a test bed for Bitcoin developers, though. It does provide a real-world test example, before porting this technology to Bitcoin. Due to this status, Demeester thinks investors may cash out BCH in favor of LTC if prices get too low. It will be interesting to see if that will be the case or not.

At the time of writing, it appears Bitcoin Cash is going through another pump cycle. The price is picking up once again, thanks to the Korean exchanges. Rest assured there is still a lot of negative momentum in the market, though. At the same time, the Bitcoin price has lost a lot of its momentum over the past few hours. Cryptocurrency markets are always evolving, yet no one knows in which direction they will head. A lot of people will keep a close eye on the charts today, for obvious reasons.