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Burger King Russia Launches Whoppercoin Token

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Russia is a country that never ceases to amaze people. More specifically, the region is quite intriguing when it comes to cryptocurrency and digital assets. It now appears Burger King Russia has issued their own token on Waves Platform. This token is known as Whoppercoin, although its use cases remain to be determined for the time being. This move further confirms Russia is preparing to embrace this new form of finance in a major way.

One can’t deny Russia has made some big moves in the world of digital currencies lately. After years of government oppression, things are finally heading in the right direction. Proper regulation is being drafted to give cryptocurrencies as a legitimate place in the local economy. Moreover, it seems various companies are embracing blockchain technology in different ways as well. Burger King Russia is one of those entities which are pretty keen on experimenting with this technology.  After all, they issued a token on the Waves Platform earlier this week.

Burger King Russia and Whoppercoins

No one knows for sure what the Whoppercoin token will be used for in the future. There is very little information regarding this project right now. We do know it is named after the signature burger serves by the company. It is also a household name in virtually every promotion associated with Burger King itself. Where there’s the company, there is also a Whopper reference. Creating a digital asset with the Whopper name in it doesn’t sound all that ridiculous. It’s possible the company will use this as a future promotional tool.

So far, it appears one billion Whoppercoins have been created. All of these tokens have also been issued, although the purpose of which remains a mystery so far. It is possible these coins will become the next level of customer loyalty points for Burger King Russia. After all, users can scan their receipt through the mobile app and potentially receive these assets in exchange. It is expected the purchase of one Whopper will result in one Whoppercoin being sent to the customer. An interesting concept, although it remains unclear what the coins can be exchanged for.

With most of the details kept under wraps, Burger King Russia is setting another intriguing precedent. It seems to be a matter of time until Russia embraces cryptocurrency and its technology. More and more companies may start experimenting with issuing their own native tokens accordingly. It will be interesting to see if other Burger King restaurants in different countries issue their own tokens. It would certainly be a major marketing stunt without too much friction involved. More details regarding this partnership are expected to be announced in the coming days and weeks.

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