Blackmoon Crypto Raises $10.6 Million in Pre-ICO; ICO to Launch Sep 12

As the world’s first legally-complied tokenized investment solution platform, Blackmoon Crypto raised nearly $10.6 million in its recently concluded pre-ICO round. The outcome demonstrated vast demand for a platform that bridges the gap between the crypto universe and the traditional investment market.

Blackmoon Crypto revealed that a total of 2804 contributors had participated in the “pre-order”, adding 500 BTC, 18,355 ETH and 12,620 LTC to the fundraising wallet. They will be first ones to receive Blackmoon Crypto’s institutionalized tokens, titled BMC, as a proof-of-asset.

“It was truly a crowdsale,” mentioned the official blog post, “since three largest contributors combined accounted for less than 26.1% of the total volume. All while 50% of the funds were provided by the contributions which were less than 1% of the total volume.”

Due to the proven high demand, with most of the $10.6 million raised ahead of the scheduled time, Blackmoon Crypto has supported its infrastructure and support staff in preparation for the first public round of its BMC token sale, starting September 12th, 2017, at 1300 UMC.

A Disruptive Platform

Blackmoon Crypto offers a vision for a new standard for tokenized investment vehicles. It will prepare them to fit aptly inside traditional legal frameworks while focusing on other aspects such as technology, infrastructure, and corporate structuring. As a result, Blackmoon Crypto will prove to be a one-stop solution for asset managers to create and manage tokenized funds.

The team behind Blackmoon Crypto works closely with the most experienced managers, lawyers, and financial authorities. So anybody looking forward to launching a tokenized fund can rely on the platform for any key assistance. Blackmoon Crypto follows the books, which means an easy integration of disruptive tokenized funds into the existing finance market. An excerpt from the whitepaper:

“We are helping to expand the boundaries of investment possibilities and to encourage regulators to recognize blockchain tools as the new reality in classical financial markets. Ultimately, Blackmoon Crypto aims to be the benchmark for tokenized investment funds and vehicles that invest in traditional investment instruments as well as in emerging distributed economy opportunities.”

ICO On Sep 12

Blackmoon Crypto crowdfunding round will be launched on September 12, which will feature the public sale of BMC tokens. The maximum supply of tokens will be 60 million and they will be available at the rate of 1 BMC per 1 USD. After the crowdsale ends, the token sold will be distributed to the registered Ethereum addresses of the participants within seven days.

Find more about Blackmoon Crypto’s crowdfunding round here, or make use of these handy links to know more about the project.,,


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When it comes to casino games, the more time you spend will likely result in more opportunity to lose money, so are casino games more of an investment than a gamble? British gamblers lost more than £12 billion last year alone but an equal amount of people have also benefited from the initial risk by learning how to play professionally.

Despite the fact that both investing and gambling involve putting your money at risk with the desire to make a return but the difference between them is the math involved behind the scene. It can tell you how much gain or loss you should expect to receive as an investor. In the past, gambling has changed people’s lives for the better, as have investments. You could hit the jackpot, just like a number of other people have been lucky enough to!

The first things people consider in regards to investments include bonds, stock markets, and forex – almost no one automatically refers to a game in a casino being an investment. Almost all investments are attached with a level of risk related to the potential return. Usually, the most cost-effective investments are those that offer the littlest return. The ones that offer high returns usually carry more risk (and less chance)! A lot of casino games work to a similar if not the same principle. But really, investing in stocks is just the same as gambling, just like gambling could also apply to investing. Although gambling involves wagering money to an event that has an uncertain outcome, investing does too. You invest in an idea in the hope that it works out in your favour, but you gamble in the hope to gain more money than you had spent. So despite the uncertainty of either outcome, they both involve risk and alternative options. If you plan doesn’t go as you hoped, you are at risk of losing it all.

Whilst some people might see gambling as a way of losing money as long as you take time to familiarise yourself with the basics and understand the strategies with the help of guides such as Ladbrokes’ Clueless In The Casino, it doesn’t have to be. As long as you implement a level of skill behind games like Blackjack and Poker you increase your chances of winning, therefore making it more of an investment. Long-term investments have a number of benefits – and it’s easy enough for anyone to do! You should start by gambling small sums of money before moving up the chain. This way you can master the strategies and reduce the amount of money you lose and soon enough you be hitting the big win! An easy way to distinguish gambling and investment is before someone invests they conduct sufficient research to support their investment. The odds are usually favourable and the person has a long-term plan in place, whereas when someone gambles little if not any research is conducted prior to making the gamble. The risks associated with gambling are high and the odds will be unfavourable – it’s all based on experience.

The verdict

Are casino games an investment or a gamble? In some situations, you may find yourself gambling on one hand but investing on the other. This may depend on the individual player’s approach – you’re unlikely to meet someone with the identical approach as you! It can vary depending on what the payoff is too. With this in mind, it is still possible to gamble with stocks if you want to, just like it is possible to invest in casino games, such as Poker.

So that’s another day of trading finished out of Europe and it’s time to take a look at how things played out in the bitcoin price and how we can use today’s action to put together a strategy for this evening. We’re not going to waste any time this evening as things are moving pretty fast and it looks as we could be in line for a breakout. As regular readers know, breakouts are the bread and butter of our intraday strategy, so here’s what we’re looking for tonight.

As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea of what’s on and where things stand. It’s a one-minute candlestick chart and it’s got our range overlaid in red.

As the chart shows, then, the range we are going for this evening comes in as defined by support to the downside at 4212 and resistance to the upside at 4250. There’s just about enough room to go at things with an intrarange approach tonight, so we’ll be jumping into a long trade on a bounce from support and, conversely, jumping in short on a correction from resistance. Stop losses just the other side of the entries on both entries will keep things tight from a risk management perspective.

Looking at our breakout strategy, if we get a close above resistance, we’ll jump in long towards an upside target of 4290. A stop loss on this one at 4240 looks good.

If price dips and closes below the level we’ve outlined as support, we’ll look at jumping in short towards a downside target of 4180. A stop loss on the trade somewhere in the region of 4220 will ensure that we are taken out of the trade if things turn around and price moves against us.

Let’s see how things play out.

Charts courtesy of Trading View

Within a period of three days, bitcoin experienced two minor corrections, pulling back the upward momentum and strong rally it had maintained for a few weeks.

Last week, the Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), temporarily suspended all initial coin offerings (ICOs) and officially declared ICO as an illegal fundraising method. The abrupt announcement from PBoC affected the entire cryptocurrency market. But, as bitcoin mining and blockchain research firm BitFury Vice Chairman George Kikvadze explained, the impact of the Chinese government’s announcement was minimal and the bitcoin market recovered within hours.

“PBoC’s impact is way overblown. China is not as important as before. Just 15 percent of global bitcoin trade against Japan, Korea, and the USA, which equal to 80 percent,” said Kikvadze.

Within a week since the announcement of PBoC was released, state-owned financial news publication Caixin reported that PBoC has been planning to ban all of the local bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms. Caixin’s report shook the bitcoin market, as the publication has had a long reputation for its insider sources in the government and PBoC. Bitcoin price fell back to the $1,000 region once again but this time, struggling to recover back to the $4,500 mark.

Given that the Chinese government and its financial regulators had not released any abrupt regulations on bitcoin, Ethereum and the cryptocurrency market in general, bitcoin price was on an ideal trajectory towards achieving the interim targets of various prominent financial analysts including Max Keiser, who have altered their short-term price target from $5,000 to $10,000.

Keiser and other analysts had changed their targets due to the unexpected exponential adoption and integration rate of the Bitcoin Core development team’s transaction malleability and scaling solution Segregated WItness (SegWit), which has significantly and efficiently scaled the bitcoin network for the short-term.

Despite having less than 2 percent of the network’s transactions SegWit-enabled, the solution has led to a 0.8 MB average block size, substantial drop in the size of bitcoin mempool from 150 million to 6 million bytes, and most importantly, the elimination of bitcoin blockchain congestion.

Analysts including Keiser were specifically optimistic toward the potential of Lightning Network, a bitcoin micropayments two-layer solution made possible through SegWit.

In consideration of the recent activities within the Chinese bitcoin exchange and over-the-counter markets, it is highly likely that bitcoin will overcome the rumours of bitcoin exchange ban revealed by Caixin and mainstream media outlet the Wall Street Journal. Trading volumes by Chinese bitcoin trading platforms are close to reaching all-time highs and in terms of daily trading volume, China has already surpassed the US.

If the Chinese government ultimately decides to handle the issue privately with its local trading platforms by cooperating with bitcoin exchange as it has done since November of 2016, bitcoin price will likely be able to recover beyond the $4,500 mark towards new all-time highs, given the successful short-term scaling of the bitcoin network through SegWit.

Leading bitcoin exchanges in China such as OKCoin, BTCC and Huobi have expressed their skepticism toward the initial report of a bitcoin exchange ban, because they have strictly complied with every request and regulation established by PBoC and local financial regulators.

Image License: Pixabay

Any company organizing a cryptocurrency ICO need to tread very carefully these days. With China cracking down on ICOs altogether, taking ample precautions is of the utmost importance. This may very well lead to all projects banning Chinese investors from participating in the future. KyberNetwork, an upcoming initial coin offering, is taking those steps exactly. A very controversial decision according to some, but it’s best to err on the side of caution.

KyberNetwork is one of the first cryptocurrency ICOs to take such drastic steps. In the past, initial coin offerings have struggled with US investors as well. More specifically, the SEC is contemplating whether or not ICO tokens are securities. This forces project organizers to take ample precautions in this regard. As a result, US investors are often barred from investing in most ICOs these days. Enforcing such an artificial blockade is not all that easy, though. It requires effectively banning IPs, which can still be bypassed with a  VPN.

KyberNetwork Sets an Intriguing ICO Precedent

It will be interesting to see how KyberNetwork handles all of this. More specifically, the team announced they will exclude Chinese citizens from the public token sale. No information was provided as to how this rule will be enforced, though. An IP ban appears to be the most logical choice right now. Then again, there may be other ways to block prevent specific users from participating in this token sale.

For those who are thinking the Chinese can use a VPN, that is not necessarily the case. The Chinese government is clamping down on VPN providers these days. At least one individual providing such services as been sentenced to jail. Bypassing the Great Firewall of China will be pretty challenging, that’s for sure. That is good news for KyberNetwork, though. It makes their job of keeping the Chinese out somewhat easier in this regard.

Moreover, this will not be the last ICO focusing on geo-restriction. Most companies bar US citizens and they will do the same for Chinese investors as well. Until proper regulation is in place, that is. Even then, it may not be appealing enough for projects to allow the Chinese markets to participate. These are troubling times for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, to say the least. It will be interesting to see how things evolve in the coming months. Preventing Chinese citizens from investing is the only viable course of action right now, though.

A newly launched gaming startup has announced a fundraiser to finance the development of its decentralized dicing platform.

Ethbet, as the startup is titled, is a decentralized peer-to-peer dicing platform proposing to offer the lowest possible house edge. It does so by pitting one bet against the other and settle them without ever introducing a centralized house. This unique approach cuts out the need for a house edge, resulting in lower fees and better transparency.

From a technological perspective, Ethbet certainly brings and out-an-out fresh approach to the ways with which dicing rounds are handled. It has been proven that due to a heavy centralization of dicing houses, the game gets hijacked by black-box models, with no transparency and fairness to the players. It is the same reason why investors are likely to stake in the development of Ethbet, a platform which promises nothing less than a revolution in the billion-dollar online dicing industry.

“Betting without a house edge saves players much more than a trivial amount,” stated an excerpt from the Ethbet whitepaper.

“Because a player’s expected loss can be zero for every bet they make, they can now make hundreds or thousands of bets without statistically being likely to lose more and more of their money over time. With a house edge of 0%, a player’s probability of gaining capital is equal to their probability of losing it – they are no longer making an inherently irrational decision with a negative expected gain.”

Ethbet Crowdsale to Begin This September

Ethbet’s crowdsale is set to begin on September 17th at 8 PM UTC, finally giving its supporters a chance to get in on the profit that Ethbet’s future growth will generate. As the crowdsale is capped at only 5,000ETH, it is predicted to sell out and close its doors to new investors long before its 4-week deadline is hit.

Due to its superior returns, lower fees, and provable-fairness, Ethbet will acquire more users in the near future. It ensures that investors in a long run will be benefited by associating themselves with this platform.

Ethbet strongly suggests that those interested in their project read their detailed whitepaper at in addition to checking out their working demo and website at

After the flash crash in the bitcoin price on Friday, sentiment looked like it was set to weaken considerably heading into the weekend. Price took a real dive and flirted with the 4000 level, pointing to the potential for some weekend weakness that could have broken any number of key support levels along the way. Moving forward, however, it looks as though our initial concerns are somewhat unfounded.

Price has staged something of a recovery over the last couple of days and the downside pressure seems to be lifting a bit. With any luck, the session today will bring with it a wave of buyers looking to jump in and pick up an exposure at a discount and, in line with this buying volume, we should see price start to run back up towards the 5000 mark.

So, ahead of any of this sort of action, let’s get some levels in place with which we can take advantage of any volatility that comes our way. As ever, take a quick look at the chart below before we get started so as to get an idea of where things stand and where we are looking to jump in and out of the markets according to the rules of our intraday strategy today.

The chart is a one-minute candlestick chart and it has our key range overlaid in red.

As the chart shows, the range we are looking out for the session today as defined by support to the downside 4156 and resistance to the upside at 4206. We will initially look for a close above resistance to validate an upside entry towards a target of 4240. A stop loss on the trade at 4190 works well.

Looking the other way, a close below support will have us in short towards 4110. A stop loss on this one at 4164 does the job nicely.

Chart courtesy of Trading View

It has been a tough weekend for Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies. More specifically, unconfirmed sources claim the Chinese government wants to ban Bitcoin exchanges. Various Western news outlets have run this story as well despite not having a credible source for this information. It is highly unlikely such drastic measures will be taken, though. All Chinese exchanges recently underwent major KYC and AML upgrades, after all.

On paper, there is no reason for the Chinese government to ban exchanges whatsoever. All platforms adhere to PBoC regulation as we speak. A few months ago, all platforms had to undergo AML upgrades and everyone complied. There is no reason to think the government will undo that hard work less than six months later. It is true, they are cracking down on cryptocurrency ICOs and platforms trading said tokens, though.

Chinese Government Still Hasn’t Confirmed Anything

Both Bloomberg and WSJ report identical stories on what the Chinese government has planned. While both are somewhat reputable outlets, it is unclear where they got their information from. No Chinese exchange has been ordered to shut down or limit its services as we speak. Moreover, there are plenty of theories as to why this news is distributed in such an orchestrated manner. Some community members speculate this is a massive price manipulation attempt to bring the Bitcoin value down. Even if that is true, it will be incredibly difficult to prove, that much is certain.

What is remarkable is how the Chinese government will allegedly still allow OTC Bitcoin trades. This dual-pronged approach makes no sense whatsoever. Exchanges adhere to PBoC regulation and share information with the bank willingly. OTC Service providers have no advantage over exchanges in this regard. Moreover, all Chinese exchanges collect plenty of user information, including ID scans and bank information. Clamping down on Bitcoin exchanges at this point makes no sense. That should have been done years ago, if it ever was a plan of action, to begin with.

It is certainly true China has a colorful history with Bitcoin so far. The PBoC initially issued warnings about cryptocurrency.Earlier this year, they got a change of heart and decided to regulate exchange activities. So much work has been done to build up a credible Bitcoin ecosystem in China. There is no possible reason to undo all of this work on a whim’s notice. With no exchanges receiving any official notice to wind down, this rumor is nothing more than just that. It is sad to see potentially fake news make mainstream media headlines.

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price after struggling to move above $0.2400 against the US Dollar started a short-term downtrend.
  • There is a descending channel forming with resistance at $0.2250 on the hourly chart of XRP/USD (data source from Kraken).
  • The upside remains capped with support on the downside near $0.2050.

Ripple price stated a short-term downtrend against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD faces tough resistance near $0.2250 for further gains.

Ripple Price Resistance

Ripple price recovered well recently towards $0.24 against the US Dollar this past week. However, the upside move faced a lot of sellers near the $0.24 area. Later, the price stated declining and moved below the $0.23 level. The price is following a bearish path below $0.23 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. The price declined and tested the $0.2050 support area.

There was a bounce back, but the upside was capped by a descending channel with resistance at $0.2250 on the hourly chart of XRP/USD. The pair is once again attempting a bounce back and trading above the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.2280 high to $0.2070 low. An initial resistance is around $0.2200 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

Ripple Price Technical Analysis XRP USDRipple

Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.2280 high to $0.2070 low is also near $0.2200. Above $0.2200, the channel resistance sits at $0.2250. Therefore, if the price continues to correct higher, it is likely to face sellers near $0.2200-0.2250. Only a proper close above $0.2250 would call for a test of $0.24. On the downside, the $0.2050 is a decent short-term support, followed by $0.2000.

Looking at the technical indicators:

Hourly MACD – The MACD for XRP/USD is currently placed in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for XRP/USD is moving higher, but remains well below the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $0.2050

Major Resistance Level – $0.2250


Charts courtesy – Trading View, Kraken

Hello and welcome to News BTC’s Market Outlook September 11.


DASH rose slightly during the day on Friday, as we reached the $370 level. Because of that, it looks as if the market is trying to find momentum to go to the upside and now it appears that buyers will return on dips. Overall, I would expect a move to the $400 level, but it may take a while as DASH tends to move a bit slower than the other crypto currencies.


Litecoin did very little on Friday, as most crypto currencies remained relatively flat. If we can break above the $84 level, then we should continue to go higher. Until then, I am waiting on the sidelines for momentum to pick up again as it looks like consolidation will be the way forward.

Thanks for watching, I’ll see you again tomorrow.