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    Minereum Successor, Artemine Announces ICO Campaign

    The first self-mining smart contract, Minereum has received the much-awaited upgrade. The updated Minereum version 2.0, better known has Artemine is making the news with loads of improvements. The Artemine platform signifies a leap forward in the Smart Contract Mining technology and it comes packed with new features,...

    Jayanand Sagar | September 13, 2017 | 8:23 pm
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    Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s Our Take On The Day’s Action

    That’s another session done out of Europe in our bitcoin price trading efforts and what else can we say other than what a day! Things are moving incredibly fast right now and it’s getting tough to stay on top of the market from a fundamental perspective. Price is...

    Samuel Rae | September 13, 2017 | 5:27 pm
  • NewsBTC Bitmain GPU Mining Hardware

    Bitmain Unveils two new GPU-based Mining Hardware Units

    Rumor has it that Bitmain will introduce new cryptocurrency mining equipment soon. The company is best known for their Bitcoin mining hardware these days. However, they also sell miners for Litecoin and Dash as we speak. The new rigs are mainly focused on proving GPU-based hardware for Ethereum...

    JP Buntinx | September 13, 2017 | 5:00 pm
  • Community Member Provides

    Community Member Provides NEO Support for the Ledger Nano S

    Bitcoin enthusiasts have plenty of hardware wallets to choose from. The situation is very different when it comes to altcoin support, however. Very few service providers integrate some lesser-known altcoins these days. Ledger is making some big moves in this department, though. It appears the Nano S hardware...

    JP Buntinx | September 13, 2017 | 3:00 pm
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    JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon Slams Bitcoin As “Fraud”

    Speaking at an investor conference in New York on Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon blasted Bitcoin in a series on damning statements. Calling the cryptocurrency a “fraud” that’s “worse than tulip bulbs”, he went on to say he’d fire any employee trading Bitcoin...

    Rick D. | September 13, 2017 | 1:00 pm
  • coinone blocks, south korea, cryptocurrencies

    South Korea’s Coinone Blocks is an Exchange Supporting 6 Currencies

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have grown beyond proportions in South Korea. The region has grown very accustomed to Bitcoin these days. Most of the exchanges in the region are witnessing tremendous trading volumes. Coinone, one of the main exchanges in the country, plans to launch a physical cryptocurrency...

    JP Buntinx | September 13, 2017 | 11:00 am
  • Prime Ex

    Prime-Ex Perpetual CEO/Co-John Gilbert Discusse Blockchain,Real Estate

    Technology evangelists have always proposed blockchain as the primary record-keeping management solution for the real estate industry. Many startups – and even governments – have announced to create public registry systems on the top of private ledgers. Prime-Ex Perpetual, at the same time, is a Panama-based startup that...

    Gautham | September 13, 2017 | 10:42 am
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    Bitcoin Price Watch; Trading The Overnight Fallout

    It’s Wednesday morning and what a 24 hours we’ve had with the bitcoin price. In last night’s analysis we set up some levels that we thought might be relevant as far as executing on a short term breakout strategy was concerned and left ahead of the US evening...

    Samuel Rae | September 13, 2017 | 9:36 am
  • Swift, North Korea, cryptocurrency, hacking, bitcoin

    Could North Korea Be Harbouring an Army of Crypto-Hackers?

    Strong evidence is emerging that an elite team of hackers operating out of Pyongyang are stealing Bitcoin. It’s thought that the totalitarian nation is hoping to negate the effect of recent global trade embargos levied against them. As the UN sanctions tighten around the rogue state, it seems...

    Rick D. | September 13, 2017 | 8:47 am
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    EstateCoin Combine Real Estate, Crypto Mining – Offer Novel Investment

    One might have heard about data centers that redirect the waste heat from their facilities to nearby residential and commercial places. Tech giant IBM successfully runs similar data facilities in Switzerland and the USA. While the Swiss one provides heat to a nearby swimming pool, the American one...

    Jayanand Sagar | September 13, 2017 | 7:59 am

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