Transmission, the Blockchain Powered Financial Services Platform

The change in digital trends has revolutionized various industries. These new developments have extended a lot of convenience to customers and end users. The same applies to the financial sector as well.

With the modern digital trend, transferring money or exchanging money does not have to be expensive anymore. Technology has a way of doing away with third parties to make financial services like escrow and currency exchange services much cheaper.

The Rise of Transmission

Transmission is a worldwide electronic transfer system that has revolutionized traditional methods of currency transfer and conversions. It gives you the convenience of sending money to whoever you want wherever they want in a short time and helps exchange money to any currency of choice at the current exchange rate.

As a system, it works towards eliminating third parties, making it possible to assign relatively low transaction fees which are anywhere between 5 to 7 times lesser than other services. On Transmission, users won’t have to pay more than 1% of the transaction amount towards fees and service charges. The platform has no hidden costs or additional expenses, which makes it very affordable to the masses.

Transmission does not charge periodic commissions to account holders. It gives you the freedom of exchanging money or transferring money with Transmission app in 15 fiat currencies and the most popular cryptocurrencies to more than 100 countries. There are free transfers between Transmission members when it involves the same currency.

Using Transmission

Transmission has an easy and simple registration process that takes less than 5 minutes. Since transactions take place on the blockchain, it erases the need for third parties who would increase the cost of doing transactions, and that is why it has very low transaction costs. The exchange rate is considered based on the current rate in leading exchange platforms, and you can set the rate you want to receive a notification when it matches with the exchange rate in the market.

TMN Token

All the offered TMN tokens will be supported by a specially created fund of which 50% of commissions from the Transmission transactions will be directed to exchanges where TMN will be listed.  The total TMN tokens issued for crowdsale are 270,000,000 which have a hard CAP of 125 000 ETH. The crowdsale will begin on August 30 and set to end soon on September 8, 2017 – a total of 10 days. Investors will get bonuses depending on the size of investment and the amount of funds raised during the crowdsale.

Funds from the crowdsale will be directed to the development of the company and the deployment of system infrastructure in different regions of the world.  The platform will be allocating 30% of the funds raised for research and development, 20% towards common CAPEX which basically entails taking care of the technical infrastructure and permits, 40% to own working capital fund and 10% towards marketing and sales.

More information about the crowdsale is available on the website.


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