The CoinDash-Gatecoin Market Growth Driven Partnership.

The most transformative application of the blockchain technology is perhaps its ability to create more crypto assets. These crypto assets are creating a ‘token economy’ where financial assets are traded just the way traditional assets would be traded in conventional capital markets. With such a wide scale impact on how start-ups are funded, CoinDash — a crypto asset management platform is building partnerships with innovative cryptocurrency service providers to realize the full potential of cryptocurrencies.

Today, CoinDash announces its latest plan to integrate with Gatecoin exchange. In addition to the CoinDash tokens already listed on the Gatecoin platform, this new move will give users an additional option to purchase tokens from listed token sales on the CoinDash platform.

CoinDash, with an active user base, is an operating system for cryptoassets, making handling and trading of these assets easy and accessible. The CoinDash marketplace is built around opportunity discovery and streamlined trading with real-time social trading signals, ICO dashboard, trending assets, real-time market prices tables and third-party integration. The CoinDash multi-coin dashboard is designed to allow investors to manage, track, and analyze their portfolio across multiple tokens, crypto exchanges, and wallets. CoinDash also has a social networking tool that is designed to help lower the barriers to entry for potential crypto-users and drive investments into the blockchain technology.

On the other hand, Gatecoin is a Bitcoin and Ethereum token exchange. The Hong Kong-based company is most notable for its pioneer of the first Bitcoin exchange that offers segregated client bank accounts in Europe. Gatecoin is among the first cryptocurrency exchanges to hold a Money Service Operator license, which means that the customers’ funds are held in a separate account from the company’s own funds. This helps govern the company’s foreign activities and protect the customers’ funds in case of a forced majeure financial event.

Crypto assets investment and speculation is a rapidly growing market. This is because; blockchain technology enables new models of participation in cryptocurrency trading. The past few years, we have witnessed a drastic growth in the adaptation, increase in trading volumes, market capitalization, and a number of innovative projects that are using crypto tokens. However, blockchain technology presents a challenge which requires education of its operations for the technology to break barriers and enter mainstream adoption. A large portion of the market is represented by both Bitcoin and Ethereum but the value of other crypto assets is rising significantly.

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