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Etherecash ICO, Brings Lawyer Backed Financial Functions

Avatar Jayanand Sagar 2 years ago

How would you describe financial services today?  Border-free? Prejudice free? Hassle free?

I didn’t think so. The question is why not? In an age where transparency is practically demanded, why do we accept anything less when it comes to our finances and having access to manage them, the way we wish to.

Etherecash ICO is addressing this head-on by revolutionizing how we manage and access financial services by introducing a decentralized and transparent platform for three core functions of finance — lending, spending and money transfer.  By bringing such services on the blockchain, we can create a more secure, transparent and affordable method of maintaining our finances, while improving accessibility to loans. The platform delivers a standardized and formalized crypto-lending platform that enables lenders and borrowers to connect through a smart contract backed by legal houses worldwide. For the convenience of the customers, it connects the crypto and fiat currencies in a single platform to enable peer-to-peer lending backed by cryptocurrencies.

The lending platform will facilitate lenders to pick the loan type, amount, duration, and terms which best suit their needs and appetite for exposure. If you have unutilized funds and want to earn more, Etherecash provides a secure and transparent ecosystem to achieve just this. As the loans are border free and prejudice-free, it opens up a wider audience of borrowers, creating new opportunities and greater access to finance. Borrowers and lenders can select mutually beneficial terms which are secured in a smart contract vetted by professional lawyers. The platform promises access to all reports related to transactions on the platform, which can be generated by the user for their jurisdictional tax filing purposes.

Cryptocurrency is known for its volatility and diversity, which is the key reason most investors choose to hold on to their crypto assets. But what happens when you need Fiat funds instantly? Liquidating your cryptos is usually the only option, which may not be the most desirable. Not anymore. With Etherecash, you can borrow against your cryptocurrencies, meeting your short-term cash flow needs, while retaining your performing crypto assets.

Etherecash will also make crypto remittance quick and easy with the introduction of our multi crypto debit card linked with a speedy money transfer system. Now sending and spending your cryptos will be simple and instant as you have all your assets in your pocket. Make payments worldwide with minimal fees and no intermediaries slowing down the process. Need local Fiat currencies? Then use our multi crypto debit card for ATM withdrawals in local currency, or payments online and instore.

The Etherecash ecosystem is designed and developed by a highly capable team, where the main platform architects and developers are blockchain experts. The platform focuses mainly on security, speed, and service delivery – a concept well-known among the team members as S3.

If you appreciate transparency, time and money, then you will appreciate the value Etherecash is bringing to the industry. Have confidence in knowing we are supported by legal houses worldwide, and we are committed to making this vision a reality.

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