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HERO ICO Leads To Disruption of Online Betting

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According to the research group Technavio, global online gambling market is now worth around $87 billion, with 85 nations around the world legalizing online gambling. The research states further, that the industry is expected to undergo growth at 11% compound annual growth rate. The online gambling industry has evolved greatly from the days when it was run like the ‘wild west’ to a more civilized future where regulation is key and pivotal to keeping online gambling license holders in check. However, nowadays online gambling has gone back to its dark days with fraudulent providers making a comeback as well as bookmakers operating on high margins, thereby taking money out of the users’ pockets, which is the users’ loss.

Regulations have the ability to control such malpractices but only to a certain extent, meaning the industry is not fully immunized from various deception tactics. So is there a technology that can be used to enable the application of robust yet scalable solutions for the online gambling industry, without compromising the users’ experience? Yes, blockchain technology. The idea is to remove the question of trust by enhancing transparency in the industry, by decentralizing the systems behind online gambling platforms and delegating management to independent nodes (computers), thereby giving them the advantage in the process rather than a centralized entity. Thus, HERO comes into play.

HERO, ICO already live and ends on 16th October 2017 (2 days to go), provides a solution by creating a decentralized betting system that will be transparent and trustless for all fans around the world. HERO is designed as a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, which supports point-based pooling systems. HERO creates a fully transparent network, allowing a natural expansion by its own community. Individual users can become providers and are rewarded in HERO (Hero’s tokens). Hero holders will receive a general reward of every pot that is played, making it a win-win situation. The smart contracts of HERO are designed to not only enable decentralized betting but also manage whole contests without middlemen.

The first use case of HERO will be in the herosphere, but HERO is intended to be implemented far beyond its own network. It is designed so that existing providers can implement HERO and emerging providers can build their systems on the HERO network and community. The network will in addition to generating revenue for everyone in the community, enable a natural increase in the value of HERO due to its limited supply. Investors are already taking part in the HERO ICO and so should you. If you wish to participate in the disruption of online betting, subscribe to HERO’s tokens today! Go to the link

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