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Bitcoin Cash to Undergo Hard Fork on November 13th

Avatar newsbtc 2 years ago

Hard forks have suddenly become pretty common in the world of Bitcoin. In most cases, they introduce some major changes for the currency in question. Bitcoin Cash, the “Bitcoin hard fork” currency, will undergo such a protocol change of its own. On November 13th, the fork will go through a hard fork and introduce some new changes. Especially the mining difficulty adjustment algorithm will need some work.

There are many aspects about Bitcoin Cash that can be improved upon. Or that is what a few of the developers think at least One of the main topics of debate has been the difficulty adjustment algorithm. In a lot of cases, the BCH mining difficulty could be tricked, by the look of things. No one knows if this was built in purposefully or not, though. The opinions will always remain divided on that front. The side effects certainly are becoming a burden, and need to rectified as soon as possible.

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork is Coming

As a result, there are several proposals by developers to make Bitcoin Cash better. An upgrade will come in the form of a hard fork in a few weeks from today. It is a bit unclear which proposal will effectively be implemented, though. Right now, the network sees hashpower come and go in large quantities. This needs to be addressed in a better way. The team is currently manipulating hashpower to see how the new solutions behave accordingly. It is an interesting test environment, to say the very least.

As one would expect, the necessary updates will be presented to users as well. Bitcoin ABC is the main client for Bitcoin Cash users today. In the new update, a lot of changes will be included. This should make the hard fork go as smoothly as possible. It is doubtful this fork will spawn yet another altcoin, though. There is always a risk factor to take into account. In this case, that is pretty much neglectable. The last thing we need is more “clones” of Bitcoin itself.

All of this goes to show the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is sorting out growing pains. The initial EDA choice has backfired a bit, which prompts some big changes. Whether or not the new implementation will fare better, has yet to be determined. There will be a few more days of testing different potential solutions. Afterward, the new Bitcoin ABC client comes to market, which shouldn’t take more than two weeks from now. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin Cash, that much is certain.

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