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sportyfi – Achieving dreams, Building Future Revenues

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It’s the reason why we curse at the television. It is the reason why we sometimes refuse to go to Sunday church services. It’s the same reason why we spend hours arguing with our friends and family. It is sports.

But there is one problem, and that is the barrier to entry for both investors and athletes.  Those who are most hit by this barrier are emerging athletes who know ‘no one’ in the sports industry to get pushed up the ranks or for funding. The problem extends further. Sporting organizations and clubs also struggle day in day out to find sponsors and keep operating. The problems are galore, and hence the solution SportyFi is born.

The SportyFi solution

SportyFi will use the blockchain technology to change the face of sports; from the athlete to the investor. The platform has an aim of connecting sports athletes, especially upcoming ones to investors; giving investors a chance to put their money into the sporting industry, and providing a window of opportunities for sports clubs and organizations to cash in on their activities. All along the route, smart contracts will be used to ensure trust, and reduce transaction costs.

With SportyFi, sports investing is no more for the big names only. Becoming a dream athlete is not also for the already successful athletes, and you don’t’ need to be the brother or son or friend of a big ‘somebody’ before you enter the sector.

SportyFi will host two key features: the SportyFi smart manager platform and the SportyFi professional fund. Let’s dive into what each of these holds for you.

 Why SportyFi

SportyFi isn’t just any platform. It has built itself and gained recognition from some of the best and most recognized individuals in the sporting industry.

From the likes of the Ski Jumping Legend, Noriaki Kasia, Former NBA Player, Promoz Brezec, and the famous Ski Jumping Coach, Vasja Bajc, to high-profile personalities like Diego Moya, Founder of, Former Football Player, Savo Milosevic, and the famous FIFA World Cup and UEFA Champions League Winner, Roberto Carlos RC3, SportyFi is never a platform you should forgo. Come and join these big names and together, you will become bigger.

The SportyFi Smart Manager Platform

This is a platform that will connect aspiring sports professionals with investors who want to enter the sporting market.

Where ambition meets the right investment

If you are an aspiring sportsman or woman, a team, or a sporting organization, then the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform is your best bet. It allows any person or organization that wants to get ahead of their sporting career to create and manage a profile. In addition to that, profile bearers will list their current achievements in the industry, their future plans, their objectives, and the level of funding they need to get to their destination.

On the other side, this platform will also ensure that anyone (individuals and institutions) who wants to get into the sporting business is giving a chance. So, the crowd is going to participate – no need for any special privileges before one acquires a stake in sports. As the crowd gets involved, investors can then look through the profiles created by individuals and sports clubs, pick the ones they like, and fund them to achieve their goals

You register as someone in the sports industry (a fan page, aspiring sportsman/woman, or a sports club), you build your profile, investors look through various profiles, and fund you if they like your idea so that you can become who you’ve always dreamed of becoming. It’s that simple.

This funding will take two folds: An investor can decide to fund an individual or organization by investing for future profits or donating – all done through cryptocurrencies.

The Donations Model

This is the first model that will provide a blockchain-oriented donating platform for athletes. These athletes get a chance to create profiles, showcase their achievements so far, and their future goals in order to raise funds.  It will, therefore, be a free-to-open account, that comes with an inbuilt system to show account holders how to build their profiles, including basic information, account optimization, and videos and photos to drive engagement and call to action.

Though SportyFi provides an FAQ, guides, and instructions page for account holders, the content of presentations that will make up every fundraising will largely depend on the athlete or club. Each account holder is entitled to an ERC20 wallet that is SPF-compatible.

The Investment Model

This is the second model under the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform, a model that will use smart contracts to provide detailed sponsorship from financiers, with sports clubs and organizations, as well as athletes, promising a certain percentage of their future revenue to these investors. In turn, these investors will put their money into these clubs, organizations, or athletes and wait to reap profits in the future.

This model offers athletes and teams, clubs and other sports organizations the ability to create profiles, list their current goals and make a decision as to how the investment from an investor will be used.

Anyone who is 18 years and above can invest in their favorite club, athlete, or sports organization. Investors are then assigned an SPF-compatible ERC20 token which gives the investor the go-ahead to proceed with the investment. They are obliged to do their own due diligence and proper analysis. They are also required to make a decision as to which sports organization, which athlete, or which club they invest in.

The SportyFi Professional Fund

Funds that raise more than USD 9,000,000 or hit the cap will be kept in this fund. Thus, all crowd sale initiatives by SportyFi in the event of the SPF Token will be allocated to this fund. After which, there will be an advisory board that is specially established by SportyFi. The board will be made up of coaches, veteran competitors, and many other sporting specialists who will make a decision as to which sporting man or woman, club or organization receive a portion of this fund.

This fund is mainly to provide support or investment for aspiring and promising sportsmen and woman as well as sports organizations in return for a future revenue.

The ICO is underway – so be ready to dive in

The SportyFi ICO is underway. Be it a sports fan, an ambitious sports investor, or an aspiring athlete, you can achieve your dreams whiles enjoying the game. In less than 3 weeks, the ICO sale will be on. Run and be part of the token crowdsale that is revolutionizing the sports industry.

SportyFi is a blockchain-oriented platform that is bringing sports investment to your doorstep. Apart from that, if you are an athlete or a sports organization, you can achieve your dream goal by seeking funding from these investors. The platform is yours. Let’s enjoy the fun whiles achieving our dreams and making money.

Why join the ICO?

With big names in the sporting industry all talking about SportyFi, it’s time to take part.

Here’s what Roberto Carlos has to say about SportyFi:

“A great project which I am happy to support: SportyFi will work with young athletes at the most crucial point in their career and will give fans and small investors the opportunity to support them.”

— Roberto Carlos RC3, FIFA World Cup & UEFA Champions League winner

Don’t wait for others to become big. You too can do it. From football players to coaches and sports professors, we are building the future.

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