Russian Farm Turning to ICOs for Investment Boost

Jayanand Sagar | October 31, 2017 | 2:28 pm

Russian Farm Turning to ICOs for Investment Boost

Jayanand Sagar | October 31, 2017 | 2:28 pm

Traditional investment models, as well as capital funding and project support, have had many disruptive models change the way people invest, as well as how projects are funded. Now, it is the ancient practice of farming that is getting an upgrade in terms of its funding.

From crowd funding to venture capitalism, the age old bank loan is no longer the be all and end all when it comes to funding a project. ICOs have emerged as powerful tools for helping start ups and other small businesses take their ideas and projects to the next level.

However, Khokholskaya Agricultural Company is not about to be excluded from the possibilities of a successful ICO, they are releasing MilkCoin in order to fund a dairy farm Voronezh region of Russia.

Cutting out the middleman

Because banks have such difficult and stringent rules when it comes to getting loans, including ones for businesses, many businesses have looked elsewhere. Khokholskaya Agricultural Company is one of these such businesses as they have found that procuring a loan with just land as collateral is impossible.

The demand for food production in Russia is extremely high and is inline with an ideology of a national priority project for agricultural production. To this end, companies that seek to help the food production are often backed by Russian government.

MilkCoin thus is looking to be the company that creates a viable, functioning dairy farm that is open to investors to get off the ground. Rather than relying on banks for funds, MilkCoin is going down the route of decentralized direct investment.

By offering a direct and decentralized opportunity to invest, MilkCoin is allowing investors much more control and insight. In return of course, MilkCoin believes that they will receive the funds to get the farm off the ground.

Building the farm

Khokholskaya Agricultural Company have a pretty substantial edge when it comes to other companies that are launching ICOs. They’ve been in operation since 2009 and already have invested over $10 mln into the project over the past few years.

They also already own the land 3,500 hectares of it – and are looking to add machinery, reconstruct the feed elevators, as well as build the animal feed mills, and then bring in the dairy cows, in four stages.

As a lucrative business, that Investors have open and transparent interest in, MilkCoin see an ideal working relationships in a sectors that is well established, and paired up with revolutionary technology.

The early indications from MilkCoin are that the annual dividends can reach 70 percent as well as quarterly three percent pay outs. MilkCoin are also predicting the token buyback might reach up to $1.20

On top of their reputation as an established business, MilkCoin have also secured their initiators for their ICO out of Liechtenstein, which they hold will add legitimacy to investors’ input, as well as make it reliable and secure.


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