SPACOIN: The First Spa Project-Applied Blockchain in the World

Jayanand Sagar | November 5, 2017 | 11:49 am

SPACOIN: The First Spa Project-Applied Blockchain in the World

Jayanand Sagar | November 5, 2017 | 11:49 am


Being an abstract concept, beauty has been constantly regarded as a standard to judge a person’s physical attractiveness. Nowadays, thanks to the successful contributions to continuously advanced technologies as well as the changes in defining and evaluating on “beauty”, the word of beauty care has become much more extensive and various. In addition, the trends of beauty care have remained changeable day by day. Even, at the time being, beauty care is not only a request but also a leading priority for almost every male or female individual. With the hope of making more dreams come true, the co-founders of Spa Foundation officially offered their products and service in public.

Until now, Spa Foundation has been recognized as the leading organization of beauty industry without applying cosmetic surgery in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia and on its way to conquer the whole Southeast Asian and Asian markets (Myanmar, Thailand). Its own target is to expand on the worldwide, playground in the nearest future.

In the past 3 years, having been continuously invested, developed and managed by talented and enthusiastic founders, Spa Foundation has become the biggest Spa chain in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with 30 existing branches. Besides, with more than 300 dedicated and professional beauty techniques and more than 8 types of the most up-to-date beauty technologies, Spa foundation has served and satisfied more than 3.000.000 clients.

It’s been guaranteed that when coming to Spa Foundation, clients will be always supplied with the best beauty care services. Its owners also claim that they will continue improving Spa’s quality to live up to clients’ diverse demands.


In addition to following the slogan: “Bringing robust beauty and confidence to millions of Asian women”, all staffs of Spa Foundation has always been required to pay attention to its core values, including: delivering the beauty care services with the most advanced methods, improving the quality of Spa worldwide, minimizing costs and expenses, building an ecosystem for global beauty care, using natural extract product suitable for all skin types, giving the priority to customers ‘satisfaction, creating jobs for thousands, and connecting clients with various beauty care systems throughout Asia.


It’s time to create a beauty care ecology both at the micro and macro scale by which all Spas member can collaborate and share innovative and effective beauty care methods as well solutions to complicated problems related to marketing, developing strategies. In order to achieve these accomplishments, Spa Foundation has to possess a completely novel business service platform which will facilitate all Southeast Asian users to approach all beauty care products and services, fastening the application of blockchain on Spa coin as well as enable them to make extra income from cryptocurrency ownership. However, Spa’s very first action is to combine beauty care with the assistance of technology 4.0 to connect Spas.


Regulated by smart contracts, SpaCoin acts as an Ethereum-based Blockchain platform, which assists in improving the quality of beauty care in the world by creating and bringing together beautiful care solutions. Moreover, it develops the beauty care industry, creates market information and helps to solve the constraints on cross-border cosmetic trading and beauty care service. However, it’s believed that the users will control constructing a beauty industry in the future. As a result, it may lead to the disruption of the outdated conventional industries but create new ones.


Spa Foundation can facilitate clients’ voices to be heard more by creating and implementing the initial platform for reliable spa review. Then, caregivers will have access to valuable market research data and use them as strong tools to enhance the service as well as maintain the relations of loyal clients. A self-made smart agreement helps to minimize any technical related risks and ensure autonomy, confidence, speed, and safety for Spa Foundation’s review platform.

Once this application is carried out, Spa Foundation will receive an enormous variety of benefits. One of them is the opportunity to approach various beauty care services and reinforce the responsibilities of beauty technician towards clients and vice versa. This can be considered as a historic turning point in the roadmap of Spa Foundation to formulate the future for the beauty care industry.


The brand of Spa Foundation was officially created on August 11th, 2015. In the next two years, many different branches of Spa Foundation were opened all over the world. On May 4th2017, Spa Foundation had its own first branches of Cambodia, followed in Laos on September the biggest Spa chains in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. It‘s estimated that there will have been about 55 branches of Spa Foundation across Southeast Asia by the end of 2019 and 70 branches in 12 different countries by the end of 2012.



The first 50% of Spa’s operating profits will be used to re-invest in following projects supervised by Spa founders. Meanwhile, the remaining 50% of operating profits can be used to re-buy SpaCoin from the market. This will help to decrease global SpaCoin supply and increase its price.


The total number of issued Spa Foundation tokens is 150,000,000. The Spa Foundation token is a native Ethereum divisible digital token with up to 8 decimals places.


First of all, it’s planned that 50 more branches of Spa Foundation will be established throughout Southeast Asia at the end of the ICO. Next, we will pay attention to develop an independent blockchain system with the commitment of tokens to coins. After that, we will focus on designing and developing Spa’s application for cellphones with convenient and efficient functions, such as: locating, announcing and advertising new services, attractive promotions or updating new beauty care trends in the world. What’s more, payment method via SpaCoin ought to be widely stimulated by offering discount packages from 5-10%. Last but not least, an ecosystem, along with the dentistry, cosmetic shops, and other famous Spa Foundations should be built soon to provide clients with a strong and dynamic ecosystem.


There are two ways to join in Spa cryptocurrency: purchasing SpaCoin and earning SpaCoin via work. With the former, investors will use SpaCoin purchased before to invest in Spa’s upcoming projects and then, share dividends. For the latter, the business model that SpaCoin prefers is working for one another within this ecosystem while another business model adopted by the majority of the beauty care industry is using SpaCoin as a means of payment.


To facilitate the transactions via mobile app with Spacoins, Spa Foundation has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Trustpay. Trustpay is one of the leading pioneer company in Vietnam launching prepaid Visa/ Mastercard TRUSTcard. TRUSTpay is in operations with more than 220.000 TRUSTcard issued, 30.000 users accounts, 1,200 accepted transaction locations, 450 locations giving discounts rate if transactions are done via TRUSTpay, 3.800 online shops, 220 franchise partners. TRUSTpay’s strategic partners are well-known in the industry such as VNPT EPAY, Telepay, Webmoney Vietnam, Peacesoft. Having TRUSTpay as its strategic partners in this project, users can be at ease will all their Spacoins payment transactions via SPA mobile app.


For the first 40% of Business Development, it’s necessary to hunt an experienced and competent CEO who can build up and lead a qualified sale team. They are expected to put our best foot forward at beauty care seminars, conferences, fairs and other events. For next 20% of Marketing: the expenses will be used for partnership development and direct consumer marketing. With another 20% of Software and Infrastructure, the latest technologies play extremely important role in enabling us to perform our tasks and the platform is on the cutting edge of the industry. As for the remaining 20% of Contingencies, there are always unforeseen challenges that arise when operating a business and a certain amount of our budget will be allocated to deal with those types of circumstances.


In conclusion, with the considerable benefits and positive effects in terms of costs, quality and potential popularity of SpaCoin, we believe that this SpaCoin will be a disruptive factor in the beauty industry. It’s possible that this kind of cryptocurrency will make a historic revolution and infuse a fresh spirit in the beauty industry in particular and the development of society in general.


ICO Start Date 15:00 GMT, November 13th 2017
ICO End Date 15:00 GMT, November 26th 2017
Total Tokens Amount 150 000 000 SPA
Crowdsale Tokens Amount 80 000 000 SPA
Currency Accepted BTC, ETH


Round 1: 5,000,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 13th 2017
End: November 22th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi)

SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website on a hourly basis.

Round 2: 7,500,000 SPA token will be sold every day at 15:00 GMT.
Start: November 23th 2017
End: November 26th 2017
Token Exchange Rate: SPA/BTC = 0.000012 (1200 satoshi).
SPA/ETH rates will be updated on the website once every hour.

Softcap: 300BTC ̴ 6000 ETH
Hardcap: 1200BTC ̴ 24000 ETH

Contact SpaCoin: [email protected]


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