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FLUX Gaming – Game Developers and Players Now Own the Game

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All game developers want to produce a blockbuster. But as the gaming world knows all too well, the business of creating blockbusters is risky. Players may move in a flash to another game for more challenge and higher rewards. Subsequent releases and new game titles may not attract the fans of the first successful title. Yet owing to the time and effort involved in developing and marketing a game, it takes a game creator a long time to build a portfolio of diversified revenue streams.

Game developers now have an alternative. The FLUX platform provides developers a platform to market games while taking a stake in the entire portfolio of games by investing in the platform. The revenue sharing platform is part of a new generation of mobile game hosts that are reinventing the gaming model on the Blockchain. The decentralized and transparent digital ledger acts as the direct matchmaker between game creators and players, eliminating the high transaction fees of traditional gaming platforms. And since players, traders and streamers can also become investors in the FLUX global gaming ecosystem, and the whole community is incentivized to promote the gaming platform.

Turning game creators into online game owners

The Blockchain gaming model is disrupting the game developer space. Developers are a captive audience to online gaming platforms, which take a large slice of their revenues. The most popular PC gaming platform Steam charges a 30 percent commission. Despite the high fees, the number of games joining Steam increased by 40 percent in 2016. As overall PC game growth declines and the mobile games market grows, the FLUX model is seeking to share that growth with developers and the rest of its ecosystem.

Game developers become investors in the FLUX platform by buying tokens, and therefore can benefit from any increase in future value of the tokens. Developers may also raise funds by launching their own ICO on the FLUX crowdfunding platform. In a unique funding model, developers do not have to wait for a crowdfunding period to be completed to withdraw FLUX coins. Instead, coins may be withdrawn at the completion of predefined stages, such as the game creation or first pilot game.  

Incentivizing gameplay and promotion

The FLUX platform serves as a matchmaker for developers and gamers. All transactions take place directly between parties over a transparent smart contract. When revenue-generating actions are completed (a game is uploaded, game/tournament is won, reward bestowed, game item sold), funds can be immediately released. Deposits are accepted in cryptocurrency and standard payment methods, while game transactions and withdrawals are performed in FLUX tokens.

By simplifying transaction management, smart contacts help lower transaction fees. The decentralized FLUX market does not take commissions when competitive games are uploaded in matchmaking sessions or for in-game purchases made over mobile devices. A two percent commission is charged on non-competitive game transactions. Additionally, a one to seven percent commission is charged for each bet placed by a player.

Every person who invests more than $500,000 receives a personal escrow plan called the Special Investments Control System. The FLUX team receives only 15 percent of the allotted budget and will then take partial payments from said budget during the development process. If the investors’ expectations are not met, they can withdraw the funds anytime.

By allowing all participants on the game platform to invest in FLUX tokens, and reap more rewards and revenue, the entire community is incentivized to work harder to promote the game platform and its games. A powerful affiliate marketing feature is the ability to invite other players through the FLUX referral system onto the platform and receive a commission on their gaming sessions. Streamers are also working to promote your games. They can earn FLUX tokens based on the number of views by broadcasting and reposting games on the FLUX Streaming platform, among other incentives.  Anyone can earn FLUX tokens by creating and voting on new skins.


Developers and gamers can become investors in the FLUX global gaming ecosystem by buying FLUX tokens in the initial coin offering.  Coins will be available at a discount in the pre-ICO period starting on Dec. 1 ahead of the official offering on Dec. 10.  

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