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DEX – The Proprietary Algorithm Of CEDEX For Diamond Tokenization

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A sparkling, beautifully cut and polished diamond presents class, elegance, sophistication and value, but more than this, it represents financial stability. Diamond is the asset having potential of being leveraged for monetary gain. CEDEX, a certified, blockchain based diamond exchange and trading platform bridges the gap between an existing diamond ecosystem and financial markets. Possessing expert and profound industry knowledge, the team at CEDEX intends to empower investors to invest and trade in diamonds through a simple and streamlined process, similar to that of traditional asset classes.

CEDEX Technology

CEDEX uses Ethereum blockchain. Apart from underlying distributed ledger, Ethereum integrates Turing-complete programming languages on protocol-layer to enable smart contract capabilities. CEDEX is build upon four pillars; the DEX proprietary technology, blockchain, diamond tokenization and CEDEX Coin.

DEX – Proprietary Algorithm Of CEDEX

At the core of CEDEX lies DEX, a proprietary machine-learning algorithm for diamond tokenization.  DEX was formed to overcome industry’s biggest challenges while classifying diamonds into specific asset class.

DEX envisions to connect diamond holders who wish to liquidate their assets, with traders seeking to hedge or diversify their investment to include diamond as their investment asset. The blockchain technology integrated within DEX makes the process secure and transparent. Hence, the biggest benefit offered by DEX is that it eliminates obstacles in transferring diamonds into an asset class, which include lack of coherence in diamond value and unsatisfactory level of transparency.

DEX & Artificial Intelligence

The DEX algorithm is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that enable systems to automatically learn and enhance the experience without being programmed explicitly. DEX accurately ranks diamonds as per their open market value by making use of the gemological data, global diamond inventory data and diamond financial indexes data.

It implies that traders can trade on CEDEX platform confidently, without being a diamond expert. DEX’s analytical data helps them making informed decisions regarding which stones to invest in, ensuring the best value for money.

 About CEDEX Token Sale

The CEDEX Coin presale will start from January 12, 2018, followed by the main-sale on January 13, 2018, provided the pre-sale ends within 24 hours. Else, the main-sale will start from February 9, 2018. A total of 100,000,000 CEDEX Coins will be issued and 50,000,000 will be offered for public sale. Any unsold tokens will be destroyed.  Users can buy CEDEX coins in Bitcoin, Ether or fiat currencies on the market rate. CEDEX will reserve 20-25% of CEDEX Coins for marketing and future development of the platform.

The Token Sale is going to bring the following special bonuses for the investors:

  • Pre-sale: Bonus of up to 10% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.3 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin
  • Day 1 of sale: Bonus of up to 40% of total CEDEX Coin – 0.15 CEDEX Coin for each CEDEX Coin

The CEDEX platform is expected to benefit investors looking to make their diamonds a more liquid asset and gain maximized yields due to price appreciation via the DEX.

Risk-averse investors will be able to have a stable store of value for preserving their capital and reducing their portfolio’s volatility.

To know more about the platform and participate in its upcoming Token Sale, please visit

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