Blockchain x (Smart Contracts+Tokenization) = Smart Investing

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Giving a boost to the utilization of cryptocurrencies will untie established use of crypto investments and potentially provide a lot of freedom to token holders. A new investment world for crypto holders where smart contracts can help us “sleep better at night” can change the game of old traditional asset management. French-based team created an algorithmic crypto-asset manager with algorithmic trading strategies to help determine best trading options and be in full control of our investments taking good advantage of technology behind.

Giving a boost to the utilization of tokens by making crypto means of investment into tangible assets will untie established use of crypto investments and provide a lot of freedom to its holders. A new investment world for crypto holders is developed where smart contracts can help us “sleep better at night”– the digitalized and trustworthy free market crypto-economy.

Crypto-asset manager that is specialized in algorithmic trading strategies to help determine best trading options. Be in full control of our investments taking good advantage of technology behind. Like many other crypto startups, that sounds good as an idea but what are the competitive factors for success which makes us want to invest? Although the outcome of ICO is never predictable, the team of founders and developers always make investment decisions more solid. What do we trust more– the idea or the people behind it? It is like a chicken and egg situation. Such symbiosis is a deal-maker. However, the ratio is probably not 50/50. The team makes the idea work as it takes development, dedication and effort with potential pivoting and contingency strategies, they come up with the idea and sweat all their human capital assets to make it work. So, the team is the core importance. If you think about investing into cryptocurrencies during ICOs, probably the most important step after understanding the concept being offered is getting to know the team.

Behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash are the teams of the most outstanding people who spend a lot of time in working on crypto economic systems. NaPoleonX doesn’t stay behind. There is a solid foundation behind French-based NaPoleonX. Holding MS and PhD’s from top institutions, having decades of experience heading EUR multi-billion portfolio management team working in top financial institutions, designing and running high-performance trading bots, understanding how data science works and owning the entrepreneurial spirit, in combination, lead to the formation of NaPoleonX’s team. Coming from the background the company intends to innovate and reinvent– financial institutions and big investors world by penetrating adaptation of crypto, project’s strategy ticks the box in due diligence.

The Cryptoeconomic model presented by NaPoleonX team provides different scenario calculations and penetrates the regulatory system which, in case of contingencies, backs up the user. Conservative approach to calculations and overall presentation of the project builds trust around the idea as NaPoleonX goes beyond standard crypto focus into entireness of crypto economics to expand and develop its influence on day-to-day lives of not only the people who understand it but the big economies on a global level.

The project, run by Napoleon Crypto SAS – parent company, aims to penetrate the all-weather performing investment solutions for crypto holders, through Decentralized Autonomous Funds (DAFs) which, in highly unregulated cryptocurrency world, intends to be fully regulated and licensed by obtaining the EU asset management license after ICO ends. Cryptocurrency funds will be able to finance industries transparently leveraging big amounts of investments. It will be possible with DAFs which are smart contracts that can invest in the crypto and fiat market through trading bots.

According to NaPoleonX’s Whitepaper, DAFs will develop unique strategies by combining algorithmic strategies and leverage ratios to develop unique return targets and risk exposures.  NaPoleonX will build the infrastructure and regulatory framework environment with enforced rules where the Blockchain will be employed to ensure fund adherence to its mandate and DAFs will point out to trade and portfolio information, as well that token holders will be able to access. The regulatory framework takes a significant part of the platform. Financial returns scenarios in intended forms give the idea that the creators are savvy in what they are aspired about. According to the idea of NaPoleonX project, trading commodities, shares, futures, etc with cryptocurrencies will absolutely change the form money is invested.

NaPoleonX and ICO

In its new investments world aims to achieve full autonomy and complete control over investments by user parties, the company plans project’s ICO on Jan. 22nd at 11am UTC.  Although ICOs are not about raising money but about creating networks effects and adding value to the ecosystem, network effect grows into multiplier effect (Huffpost, 2017). Network effects are marketing, building the brand and leveraging it so more users become part of the network. So, is ICO more of a marketing strategy and trial to assess popularity of the idea amongst general public? It is, possibly,  more of that than of the fundraising technique.

It is not easy to be the pioneer…

There are different projects which establish a niche to the diversification of crypto investment capabilities. Iconomi creates a diversified performing fund from a various digital currency allowing people to invest in crypto assets and decentralized-economy startups with fiat money. Blackmoon launches a high yield fund. NaPoleonX is creating a strategy for diversified investments into various assets with cryptocurrencies by becoming the first algorithmic crypto-asset management system. We may guess whether it is the right time to expand cryptocurrency investment capabilities, however, isn’t it the inevitable trend which would have come anyways considering how the crypto world has been expanding? NaPoleonX stresses transparency in asset management which is the invisible hand which will stimulate further evolution of the crypto world. We will soon know if the disruptor in face NaPoleonX finds its niche.

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