Tokenized OnPlace Corporate Assets: Pre-sale Starts from 02/01/2018

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Investing in private IT organizations is one of the most lucrative and reliable ways to earn higher ROI in a relatively shorter time frame. Developing an idea of tokenization protocol of PATS (Private Asset Tokenization Systems), the team at OnPlace lays the foundation for such investments over blockchain. The platform, to make its vision a reality has embarked on the ICO route. It systemizes all the cumulating experience in the investment sphere, focusing attention and efforts to develop financial markets mainly via ICO mechanisms – investing in the businesses of closed, private companies.

The Background

Attracting investments into spheres like education, e-commerce, fintech, etc. has changed a great deal. It has shifted from the conventional method of drafting business plans, sending them to banks and/or pitching them in front of various angel and venture capital investors to a more democratized, crowd-enabled process. The ease of raising capital and getting early customer buy-in has encouraged the use of cryptocurrency technology and tokens to raise investments through ICOs and crowdsales.

In simple words, investing is becoming fully tokenized, and the upcoming model can potentially make the entire fundraising process easier for both investors as well as companies. Given the fact that a significant percentage of startups failed due to financial constraints, lack of required skills and expertise in the team and sometimes irrelevance of the offerings in the market, OnPlace could fill in the gaps to address the shortcomings of these businesses.

How Does OnPlace Overcome These Challenges?

Based on the PATS tokenization protocol, OnPlace builds the foundation for the partial realization of goals to transition ICO to the new level. Companies adopting the platform can tokenize various aspects of their business to raise the required capital, giving a range of options to the investors to put their money to good use. Some of the tokens on OnPlace includes:

  • Token offers of active, profitable technology companies
  • Tokens of best employers and development teams around the world
  • Tokens representing new-age technologies and innovative solutions addressing the real-world needs.
  • Tokens representing monetization and financial models, which are used for value transfer/exchange by a significant number of users
  • Tokens invested into by VCs and investment firms around the world.

PATS Protocol & Tokenization of OTC Assets

The market puts forward limited offers to invest in private companies in a secure and potentially profitable fashion. Investing in these is made easier through tokenization, as per the PATS protocol, which is devised to

  • Create marketplace opportunity
  • Select investments for tokenization, as per the pre-established criteria and consultation with crypto-investors
  • Tokenization of chosen projects using PATS
  • Formation and initial input of PATS tokens into liquid circulation
  • Fully decentralized control to support tokens

The PATS protocol introduces the contracts to the investors and the decentralized token market. The token holders based on PATS protocol influence the movement of assets and exchange tokens through a smart contract. The tokenized private assets are then added to classic exchanges, where investors can buy them and be a member of this decentralized investor community.

About Pre-Sale & Main ICO:

The token pre-sale of OnPlace is starting from February 1, 2018, issuing 110,000,000 tokens for sale. Later, the main ICO will be announced. To know more about the platform and participate in its upcoming token pre-sale, please visit https://onplace.io/.


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