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Developing the Next Generation of B2B Platform With Blockchain

Avatar Aayush Jindal 2 years ago

The global market spending for B2Bs is estimated at $76 bln. In the US alone, marketing spending is worth over $26 bln, out of which $4 bln is spent online. LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and eBay are mostly customer-centric. In the B2Bs industry, the core problem is a business’s inability to establish a personal connection with other business partners.

Lack of consistency and transparency are just two of the main challenges conventional B2Bs deal with on a daily basis. Companies are unable to verify and qualify new buyers and sellers due to the scarcity of good company culture. Negotiating with a potential partner can take weeks before a contract is signed and an agreed amount is paid out. Blockchain comes to the rescue with undisputed technologies that build a bridge between the way companies and business partners perceive each other in the virtual space.

How Blockchain can help B2Bs go beyond borders

With more than five years of experience in the B2B scenario, TraDove is a premier B2B social network that turns to Blockchain technology to disrupt the system. The new project aims to help companies and business partners connect, trade and find each other on a scalable, transparent decentralized platform.

The new Blockchain-based B2B social network facilitates ease interactions with a click of a button. Big data and AI play a big part in the project’s business model. TraDove prides itself with 250,000+ corporate buyers and sellers spread across 100+ countries. The company has an established business model, and through its ICO and token sale, the end goal is to leverage Blockchain technologies to fuel awareness and growth in the B2B industry.

The marketing effect of B2Bs differs from B2Cs. Customer-centric businesses depend on users who generate other users. In B2B, it’s all about opportunities that generate other opportunities. TraDove’s goal is to develop a virtual space where interaction between business partners and corporations is not seamlessly.

Empowering decentralized interactions between buyers and sellers

To empower buyer and seller interaction, B2B precision advertising and facilitate international trade, TraDove will develop its very own BBCoin ERC20 token on Ethereum. The potential demand of the BBCoin for businesses within the TraDove ecosystem centers of B2B sales, advertising, marketing and cross-border trade. The ICO will issue one bln BBCoins. 50 percent will be released and made available for the TraDove token offering. The remaining 50 percent is divided strategically to continue the development of the project as follows:

  • 20% marketing, advertising, and user acquisition
  • 15% is reserved for continuing the development of the project in the long-term and future company usage
  • 10% teams and stakeholders
  • 5% is reserved for use in the next three to five years to encourage users to invite others to join, as well as incentivize advertising and sales interactions.

TraDove’s plans for the ICO is to raise $53 mln in hard cap throughout its token offering. The listing price for BBCoins is $0.16, with $0.12 in the presale phase for the acquisition of a minimum 2,000 BBCoins. The project raised $8 mln in Phase one of its pre-sale. Phase two is ongoing, and thus far $4+ mln have been raised. The TraDove pre-sale ends on Jan. 31.

The core team behind TraDove’s mission to disrupt traditional B2B business model is made of top-tier experts and business professionals from companies Alibaba, MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook and Amazon. First class investors like Mike Honda (retired US congressman), Richard Rosenberg (Bank of America), Phil Duff (Morgan Stanley), Gerhard Schulmeyer (Siemens Inc.) and Gary Cowger (General Motors), are just of the names who helped TraDove raise over $4 mln to kickstart their mission.


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