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Pinnacle/Brilliance – To Become One Stop Shop for Crypto Growth, Mngt

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In the recent times, not a day goes by without a new blockchain based startup cropping its head up, making it increasingly difficult to keep track of them all. Just like mushrooms, they sprout out of the crypto-landscape driving up demand for cryptocurrency exchange and brokerage firms to keep up with the individuals’ need to grow their respective crypto-portfolios.

But what if there was a primary access point from where we could all access cryptocurrency investment options and expand our crypto-portfolios. A one-stop shop that allows us to get in touch with all industry facets in a nicely cataloged symphony. That’s the idea behind Pinnacle and Brilliance.

For the first time in history, major exchanges and brokerages will connect on a single access point. Pinnacle is the trading and investment platform that will become your primary point of access to grow your portfolio with cryptos, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, and Options investments. Pinnacle will be a full-featured investment multiplex with truly automated trading features and complete account management functions tailored for both beginner and expert traders. To revolutionize the trading of cryptocurrencies, Pinnacle will incorporate Brilliance (BRIL), a Stellar based token, to perform a multitude of utility functions within the Pinnacle investment platform. BRIL will form the backbone of Pinnacle operations.

The platform will allow users to copy/follow professional traders as they place trades across platforms. BRIL will furnish payment for following/copy trading commissions, as well as subscription service fees, transfer fees, trading bonuses, and tips. To meet requirements for transactions, fees, commissions, bonuses, subscription, and purchase of other user’s services in the Pinnacle Traders Market, the Pinnacle platform will require that users hold a balance of BRIL in their accounts. The tokens will act as utility tokens to facilitate key trading functions between exchanges and the Pinnacle platform while executing trades and investing in various coins and tokens.

After launch, Pinnacle users will be able to purchase or sell the Brilliance utility tokens on any major crypto trading exchange. The platform’s requirement for BRIL tokens to be held and used for Pinnacle services will result in a consistent demand for these tokens by highlighting the influence on a global and regional level. Pinnacle will remain actively engaged in promoting the platform constantly by working to expand on a milestones basis and implementing major networking functions with major banks and trading firms from across the world. Such advancements will further boost the demand for BRIL in a multitude of applications moving into the future.

The pre-sale of BRIL tokens began on January 15, 2018, and will run through till 30th January 2018. The token supply dedicated to the pre-ICO is a quarter of the total supply of BRIL (minus private buys) of 6,747,500 BRIL. The Pre-ICO will feature a 25% discount rate for the entire pre-ICO period for the Pre-ICO price of $0.75 for 1 BRIL. The funds raised will then be used to digitally market the main ICO to be held from 31st January to 25th February 2018. The ICO structure will perform an exchange of BRIL tokens for payments to be made in Ethereum while the Pinnacle/Brilliance team will receive no tokens from either sale.

More information about the platform and the token sale is available at –

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