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Major Payments Processing Platform to Accept Litecoin

Rick D. | February 7, 2018 | 12:00 am

Major Payments Processing Platform to Accept Litecoin

Rick D. | February 7, 2018 | 12:00 am

Aliant Payment Systems announced today that they will add Litecoin functionality to their existing range of products. The US-based provider of merchant payment services were amongst the first companies of their kind to include a Bitcoin payment solution for their merchants in 2017, before adding Ethereum too late last year. Their CEO, Eric Brown, said of the decision to include Litecoin for their clients:

“Our merchants look to us for innovative ways to transfer money safely, securely, and cost-effectively. Cryptocurrency allows us to move money in all of these ways, while also offering consumers more payment options… We expect Litecoin to emerge as a prominent everyday payment option. Pay with Litecoin at restaurants, bars, gas stations, coffee shops, and other places that you go regularly.”

Aliant are currently in partnership with the Vancouver-based NetCents Technology Inc. It’s them who’re helping with the integration of cryptocurrencies into Aliant’s existing services. The pair received feedback regarding a plethora of different digital currencies but Ethereum and Litecoin were chosen to join Bitcoin based on their popularity and the public’s relative familiarity with them, as well as their  stability.

Aliant are expecting Litecoin to emerge as a suitable payment option for smaller priced items. Currently, only expensive goods are purchased using its big brother, Bitcoin. This is due to the fees associated with using Bitcoin for payments. Litecoin, meanwhile, enjoys much lower fees and transaction times.

Brown continued, touching upon his company’s collaboration with NetCents:

“We explained to the NetCents team what we felt a merchant needed to see on the platform, and their CTO, Medhi Mehrtash, was the engineer who made it happen… His team customised the platform based on the specs we provided, and now we look forward to showing our merchants what digital currency can do for online payments.”

The NetCents CEO, Clayton Moore added:

“NetCents views the agreement with Aliant as more of a partnership rather than a supplier for services agreement… We believe that Aliant shares our vision of the evolving digital payment space and their strategy for introducing digital payments is in line with ours.”

As well as their e-commerce merchant facing solutions, Aliant offer a retail option. This is known as the Poynt terminal. It features a highly developer-friendly design and technology, as well as having the cryptocurrency widget as standard. This allows Aliant’s merchants and customers to use digital currency at the point of sale, further increasing the overall public exposure to the innovative payment systems.

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  • Cryptowiz

    Digibyte is better!

    • Paul Eric

      LOL. What about Nano? Zero fees, just a second for a transaction, endless scalability? Litecoin has the advantage of more price stability.

      • Cryptowiz

        It’s no comparison! Please do your research!

        • Paul Eric

          Of course. If Digibyte was that great, you could summarize its advantage in one sentence, just like I did with Nano.

          • Cryptowiz

            1st of all the original post was meant towards litecoin not nano, so let’s get that right. 2nd Digibyte has the longest blockchain against any crypto currency out there. It’s the 1st to implement segwit, also have five multi – algorithm just for mining. It’s the definition of what every crypto currency want to be. 4 yrs in the making, the coin is scalable also has substantial pow that is proven just be patient you’ll witness the power of digibyte once all top crypto’s fail because of greed and no scalability! Digibyte is the world proven digital currency , with over a 190,000 active node world wide!😁

          • Cryptowiz

            Oh I can go on for days did I mention digishield, also adventually it will be processing over 2000 tranactions per second out performing visa itself!

          • Cryptowiz

            Rai Blocks lacks decentralization with the team memebers desired to be wealthy fast and staff controlling 56% of all Raiblocks and therefore it hinders
            potential future engagement in the technology and steers away newer individuals who are looking for a reason
            to join in. If they really want this coin to be game changer they have be given all coins to public and they not own any of it, but rellay on peoples donations.
            This is not what Satoshi Nakamoti envisioned.
            They released this coin with the help of captcha, but only total fraction coins been released to public and they still hold most of the coins in multiple wallets.
            How can there be decentralized coin if most coins owner by coin creators, staff and not by public.
            I think peoples should consider investing in better technology coin who have some solution such as
            proof of stake.
            further down the line, it would be appealing for them to know there’s solid technology & potentially some
            kind of fairly distributed financial incentive for running full nodes. You should avoid the mistake that Raiblocks
            made, and assure that there’s an incentive to secure the network to acheive an expanding user base.

            Rai Blocks having problems with node, because no one exchange can withraw your coins due to faults found in sourcecode.
            Owners of Rai Blocks so terrible wanted price to raise, so they promoted coin instead of fixing major faults.

            Its overhyped and overpriced coin and peoples should stay away from it. But if you still want to drop your money to watter come back with the plans of investing to this coin in middle of may. Some fraction of source code may be fixed at this time.
            Its not killer of bitcoin, but its killer of your funds. Coin price keep droping each day.

            Folks stay away of ovehyped scam coins like this.

            Share this artice with as much peoples as you can, because truth should be exposed.

            By: Jasper

  • santuri

    No, it’s not….

  • Bob

    What Cryptowiz said. Digibyte is cheaper and faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Currently over 500 transactions per second.

    • Weltraum Affe

      With fingers in my ears: LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

    • santuri

      Just wait until lightning network is officially released. Then we can talk about speed and transaction costs.

      • Bob

        You do know that lightning network can be used by Digibyte too right?

        • santuri


    • Paul Eric

      Digibyte shills out in full force… As if there aren’t at least several cryptos that are faster and cheaper than that.

    • Giang Huynh

      DigiWho? Yeah no one cares… Nothing is better then the big three… They were able to withstand the test if time and come back time after time against all odds to stay in the top 10…

  • Anonime Lanonime

    LTC > ALL !!!!
    HODL !!!

    • santuri

      I agree, hodl!

      • Gravy train

        Not as fast, scalable, cheap or tech advanced as xrp!

        • Paul Eric

          XRP is fully controlled by Ripple, the company. It’s not a decentralized cryptocurrency, so they can freeze accounts, increase supply at any time, etc. Their top exec holds the majority of XRP, making him a billionaire, etc. etc.

          • santuri


          • Richard Blade

            What does XRP and a turtle on a post have in common? 1. You know it didnt get there by itself. 2. It doesn’t belong up there. 3. It doesn’t have any idea what to do now that it is up there. 4. You wonder who could have thought it was a good idea in the first place. 5. It is elevated beyond its ability to function.

            Shitcoin is a shitcoin, ripple is the opposite of crypto

          • santuri

            Not to mention the fact that it’s not block chain technology

          • Julien Gordon

            Again, incorrect. Where are you guys getting this stuff? Check your facts and stop spreading fake news

          • Julien Gordon

            Check your facts.. they are incorrect

          • Jacob Pennington

            You literally have to pay a fee to be allowed to fund an xrp wallet. That combined with the parent company ripple holding enough xrp to sway the market any way they please is enough to keep me away.

          • Julien Gordon

            That was a mechanism to weed out fake accounts. Pay a small fee, so what? If you don’t like it/them, don’t buy… Sounds like they cheesed you off somehow.

          • Jacob Pennington

            20 xrp is only a small fee as long as it is nearly worthless. It could go back to $3, and a wallet would cost you $60. If the whole point is lower fees/faster transaction times, that kills half of their advantage before I even fund my account. If they allowed me to kill a wallet entirely and recover my initial 20 xrp I would be much more inclined to give them a chance.

            With the power ripple has over xrp I just don’t see how it’s that much different from a centralized banking system. You’ve just moved your trust from the fed into ripple.

          • Julien Gordon

            They have already stated on the record that the 20 XRP will be reduced once XRP value increases. Maybe you are not read up on it, possibly? See people make statements and they don’t have all the facts. They speak from a position of authority when they are far from it. I don’t know everything about it but I’m also not making inaccurate statements about it on the net.

          • Jacob Pennington

            I have read they may reduce it. Again, that means you are putting your trust in a company to do what they say. I was drawn to cryptocurrency because I don’t want a central power to have that much authority.

            As of today, if I wanted to fund an xrp wallet I could put $20 worth of xrp in it and it wouldn’t even have a positive balance. It would still be locked because I hadn’t paid then enough yet. I simply refuse to do it. If a brick and mortar Fiat bank tried to charge me a maintenance fee for holding my money I would pull all my cash out and store it somewhere that didn’t charge that same fee. This is why I have not bought xrp. Fees. One of the major issues they are claiming to fix.

            Which of my statements is inaccurate? A statement based in opinion doesn’t become inaccurate because you do not share the same opinion.

        • The 6 Horse

          XRP is highly centralized. Nix.

          • Julien Gordon

            Already covered and debunked. More than 60% of the bitcoin mining power is in a handful of data centers in china, do you prefer that?

  • nic007

    One month and i’m sure litecoin will double.

  • Dont look into the details too much. being .01% faster nobody cares about. In the end it’s the coin that’s going to be accepted by the merchants/retailers and potential for them to take a piece of the pie…It’s going to be Litecoin 😀

    • The 6 Horse

      And secure. Litecoin.

  • Gareth

    I’m with Cryptowiz on this one. DigiByte has massive potential that is yet to be realised by the wider community!!!

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