People Can Earn Free Tokens by Joining the Platform

Guest Author | February 9, 2018 | 6:35 pm

People Can Earn Free Tokens by Joining the Platform

Guest Author | February 9, 2018 | 6:35 pm

Crowdfunding for ICOs is going to help crypto startups make their way through but, firstly, building a sustainable platform is required by its creators. CoinStarter’s marketing is the solution?

CoinStarterBox is world’s first and largest coin membership club and a marketing company for ICOs both inside and outside of our platform which was built-up on giving free tokens to users after every registration. It is a marketing campaign which was developed to support CoinStarter– a future ICO crowdfunding platform. CoinStarter is a first of its kind technology platform for the ICO crowdfunding market and it is the tool to ensure fast ICO crowdfunding. The company has a relatively user-friendly interface which is easy to navigate, however, a trial isn’t yet possible as the platform will be launched after ICO is finished and if successful. It is also easy to understand the concept of the project, so the ICO will really shed light on the general perception of the idea by crypto enthusiasts.

The concept of CoinStarterBox is to enable new projects to reach the user base and provide free coins in exchange for feedback from thousands of crypto enthusiasts. For a low monthly fee, users can receive coins delivered to their wallet every month. Coins are coming from its partners or companies which launch their ICO on CoinStarter. CoinStarterBox is the marketing project which allows the most promising ICO projects to reach into its member base and give them coins – for exchange the ICO will gain exposure and feedback. When a user receives those coins, he or she will also receive more information about the project the coins relate to and how one can use them, one can also participate in the ICO campaigns and get more coins from the creators themselves. All coins received via CoinStarterBox are curated by industry experts and relate to an ICO campaign that is either preparing or has an ongoing Pre-Sale, Pre-ICO or ICO period.

CoinStarterBox markets itself as the first and original ICO coin subscription service. Every month it sends carefully curated coins of the best ICOs to users’ Ethereum Wallets. There is a threefold process of joining the platform – Select which type of ICO categories you are interested in and add your Ethereum Wallet, Select the amount of coins you’d like to receive every month, Become a part of the CoinStarter. And there is a threefold process of how it works– CoinStarterBox finds and reviews the most promising ICOs, then the ICO creator sends a share of their coins to us to be sent to our members so they can raise awareness of their campaign and users receives coins. After your purchase or renewal occurs, it then takes three to seven business days for your coins to arrive into your Ethereum Wallet.

Free tokens sound great and receiving the best ones at lower market rates is even better as the value of coins, independently of traditional supply and demand rules, go up and down. Giving a try to CoinStarterBox can be an experience which will grow your future financial positioning in a diversified way. Coming down to CoinStarter ICO crowdfunding platform, it is fun to see how CoinStarterBox gains its popularity among the general public with 77,000+ users (according to CoinStarterBox website). Whereas, a lot can potentially be happening on CoinStarter. It takes understanding to really dive into the idea and its verticals. The ICO for CoinStarter is live now.


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