Bitcoin Enters Bull Market as Dominance Index Surges Above 40%

Bitcoin will remain the world’s leading cryptocurrency for some time to come. Over the past few days, the Bitcoin Dominance Index has been on the rise. This correlates with the recent BTC price increase we have seen forming on the charts. The big question is whether or not this is Bitcoin’s next big time to shine.

The Bitcoin Dominance Index

Different metrics can be used to determine which cryptocurrencies are worth keeping an eye on. Ranking them by market cap is a popular option these days. The trading volume of individual currencies is also worth exploring. One metric has always stood out: the Bitcoin Dominance Index. It is an interesting tool, although not everyone sees the added benefit in using it.

What this metric does is determine Bitcoin’s market share compared to all other currencies combined. In the early days, the Bitcoin Dominance Index was close to 70% or more. This figure has begun sliding over the years and even dips below 35% on a regular basis. Especially late last year, the BDI was not looking great for the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

As of right now, the Bitcoin Dominance Index is rising. The latest figure sits at 41.9%, which is rather spectacular. None of the other top altcoins is mimicking Bitcoin’s gains these days. It is an interesting development, although one that has a precedent. Last year, Bitcoin dominated most discussions until altcoins started making their mark. It is possible 2018 will bring us more of the same.

Max Keiser Goes Into Bullish Mode

If Max Keiser is to be believed, the Bitcoin Dominance Index is a sign of things to come. He claims the Bitcoin price will continue to rise for the foreseeable future. Right now we are looking at a BTC value of just over $11,500. That is quite significant and further confirms Bitcoin is rebounding strongly.

One also has to wonder how valuable most of these altcoins are. Even in the top 15, there are a fair few half-finished projects at best. Others are simply trying to do the same as Bitcoin and a few of them aren’t even traditional cryptocurrencies at all. Even so, all of these coins and tokens have their individual value, according to most speculators.

For the time being, the Bitcoin Dominance Index will probably continue to rise. Ethereum is stuck in sideways trading momentum, as are Bitcoin Cash, XRP, NEO, and a few others. Whether or not we will see more “big gains” for Bitcoin, remains to be seen. Right now it is the best currency worth keeping an eye on. If Max Keiser is to be believed, this Bitcoin Dominance Index will rise to 80% or more. An ambitious outlook, but anything is possible.

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BitPay is the world’s leading Bitcoin payment processor. The company is looking well beyond the world’s leading cryptocurrency as well. Their support for Bitcoin Cash has been quite interesting to keep an eye on. It is now possible to sue BCH with the BitPay Visa debit card as well. More importantly, this is done at no fee.

BitPay Continues to Surprise

It is evident there is more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin. Even companies such as BitPay acknowledge things are changing rapidly in this ecosystem. The company recently introduced support for Bitcoin Cash as an extra currency. This news has been received with great enthusiasm by the BCH faithful.

However, this support doesn’t extend to transactions and payment processing. BitPay has also enabled BCH as a funding method for their native Visa debit card. This change went into effect as of this week. It is an intriguing change which catches a lot of people by surprise as of right now. Owners of the card don’t need to do anything special, as this new option shows up automatically.

The introduction of Bitcoin Cash support for the Visa card exists side-by-side with Bitcoin top-ups. Giving customers more choices is always a great idea in this regard. These two options work in very similar ways, although there is one big difference between the two. Bitcoin top-ups or be subject to a 1.9% network fee. Using BCH, on the other hand, is completely free of charge, for the time being.

Fee-free Bitcoin Cash Top-Ups

It is a change few people had ever expected to see. With its lower transaction fees, it is only normal BitPay wants to make these services as cheap as possible. For now, they seem to lean toward BCH in this regard, rather than Bitcoin. It is impossible to tell if this BCH top-up option will remain free. That will mainly hinge on how the BCH network fees evolve in the coming weeks and months.

Whether or not there will be a lot of interest in this feature, remains to be seen. Users can compare both deposit options side-by-side when making a transaction. This should make it easier to determine which options work best at that given time. There are different exchange rates and confirmation times to take into account at all times, though.

In the end, this is positive news for Bitcoin Cash supporters Whether or not Bitcoin users will be happy about this change, remains to be determined, though. This ongoing spat between BTC and BCH has been going on for quite some time now. It is evident both currencies can effectively compete with one another through the BitPay platform from now on. Which one will come out on top, has yet to be determined. Right now, it clearly sees as if BCH is the better option for all intents and purposes.

Over the past six months, the vast majority of South Korea’s youth and millennials have invested thousands of dollars in the cryptocurrency market, with hopes to make big returns in the short-term.

However, the massive market correction that occurred in January led most of the investments of South Korean millennials to decline by half, especially those that have invested in cryptocurrencies like Ripple, which is down 3x since its all-time high.

Glimmer of Hope

Former Google intern 24-year-old Juwon Park told NBC News in an interview that she didn’t expect or want a fortune from her $2,500 investment in the market, but seeked for a glimmer of hope which the strict South Korean society fails to offer to most young adults.

In South Korea, many teenages are forced to a single system called the College Scholastic Ability Test, which is similar to the SAT of the US, to enter prestigious colleges. But, the lack of demand for university graduates and increase in demand for experienced individuals by companies have left millennials confounded and astray.

Consequently, many millennials have entered the cryptocurrency market, not necessarily to make a quick buck, but as a glimmer of hope.

“I didn’t want a fortune. I just wanted enough to give me that glimmer of hope. Now it’s gone,” said Park, adding that she had convinced her mother to invest another $25,000 in the market, which has decreased by more than 50 percent since January. “I wasn’t expecting 100 million won to fall from the sky. For me, because prices were rising so quickly, I thought they’d keep rising once I bought in. Then I realized I’d been too greedy.”

Park noted that she hopes the market will recover after it stabilizes, especially that the South Korean government and the US have demonstrated their willingness to efficiently regulate the global cryptocurrency market. “I am hoping that [after] this whole government regulation, once it gets sorted out, the price will normalize,” Park said.

As shown in the decline of the “Kimchi Premium,” which spiked to 30 percent at one point for most major cryptocurrencies, the speculative mania in South Korea, specifically amongst millennials, has settled down since the major correction.

Market Stabilization

Elaine Ramirez, a tech analyst based in Seoul, told NBC that the correction will allow the cryptocurrency market to gain greater opportunities, and ensure that weak hands or speculators do not lead to massive short-term bubbles.

“Its a global trend, and South Koreans are indulging in being at the forefront of it. On a macroeconomic level, it’s a way to gain greater opportunities when economic growth has been sluggish, and young adults see it as an escape from chronically high youth unemployment rates.”

The majority of speculators have also invested in many cryptocurrencies or tokens they do not have knowledge in, and solely due to FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out. Long-term corrections–as in the cryptocurrency market, a few months are a relatively long period of time–prevent speculators from taking over the market and inflating the valuations of cryptocurrencies.

This is an optimistic trend for the entire cryptocurrency market, and it will allow major cryptocurrencies to regain momentum for more robust mid-term and long-term growth.

Alpha version of the new crypto collectibles game Fishbank served more than 100000 transactions with 1200+ ETH in total turnover on the Ethereum smart contracts.


Fishbank is a new massively multiplayer PvP (player-versus-player) game on blockchain with the sole aim to grow the biggest fish and dominate the “decentralized food chain”. Every fish is an ERC-721 token stored on Ethereum network that can be sold or transferred just like any other cryptocurrency.

The “Beta release” features list includes new fighting algorithm, faster cool down periods and a batch of new crypto fish species to catch. Players now are allowed to use special modifiers for crypto fish tokens to temporary boost their characteristics that brought a number of new strategies and much more fun in the game. Modifiers can be found in Chests and are also traded on the market, being ERC-721 tokens.

The game is in constant development and new features are added every day. That leaves no risk for the game not to be launched so all prices for crypto fish tokens were raised to 200%.


Alpha and Beta versions of Fishbank are running on Ethereum testnet, so that players don’t risk real Ether in order to try the game. Players may get test Ether from their friends or on special cryptocurrency faucet that requires posting of Ethereum address in social networks — that, of course, presented some limitations on the number of transactions made by 215 000 players initially registered for Alpha.

Anyone can pre-order certain fish species for the Stable release of the game now, 5% discount works till 10th March 2018. After the game is launched the only way to get a fish is to catch a random one (approx. 0.03 ETH for a try) or buy directly from other players on the integrated marketplace.

Partnership with Opskins, announced previous week will also allow trading of crypto fish tokens on the biggest digital game assets market with 10+ Million active users just like skins for CS:GO, PUBG and Dota 2.

The most powerful creatures in Fishbank game are Crypto Whales, they became available for pre-order just recently at prices starting from 15 ETH, only 100 Whales may be pre minted for the game — the chance to catch one in the game after its launch is near-to-nothing 1:1000000 that means there should be approx. 30000 ETH in tickets sold to give a birth to the new Whale.


Fishbank team recognizes its mission as creating a solid motivation to educate a wide range of users on how to use cryptocurrency and digital wallets in fun and convenient way. As it is stated in project Whitepaper “games always played an undoubtedly significant role in the early adoption of almost every complex technology” that is hard not to agree with.

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How the Blockchain Could Help Revolutionize the Betting Sector

PROOF OF TOSS is a betting ecosystem on the blockchain. The aim of this project is to revolutionize the gaming industry with the help of cryptocurrency’s underlying technology.

The TOSS ecosystem is a revolutionary project that aims to bring the blockchain into the gaming sector. Through this platform, anyone will be able to create a wager, bet, and judge. The aim of all activities on this platform will be to win TOSS tokens. The main difference between PROOF OF TOSS and others utilizing the blockchain is that they also cater to existing bookmakers and other parties in the betting sector.

About the Developers of the Project

With years of experience in the gaming sector, the developers of the PROOF OF TOSS project were at the helm of the Bitcoin revolution. As early as 2011, they have been benefiting from the new opportunities made possible by the blockchain. They now feel confident enough to put all the expertise and experience they have in this sector to good use. The main reason why they settled on the blockchain is that the sector is worth $400 billion today. On top of that, it is expected to continue growing annually.

After much discussion, they settled on the gaming industry. They hope to introduce smart contracts to this industry. By doing so, they will bring better odds, lowered fees, increased market coverage, better margins, and an opportunity for everyone in the ecosystem to benefit.

They will Democratize Gambling

One of the major issues in the gaming sector is the lack of trust. Whenever you place a bet online, you are putting trust in numerous intermediaries. Firstly, you have to trust the payment provider. Then you must trust the operator of the site to place a bet on the outcome you choose.

You also have to trust them to return the profits to you if the bet succeeds. The operators also have to place their trusts in agents, employees, and all those around them to deliver the desired results. At the end of it all, everyone wants his or her cut, which makes it hard for you to win. This system is decentralized and non-profit; its only aim is to democratize the betting sector.

Token Sale

There will be a billion TOSS tokens generated. The project has a hard cap of USD 50,000,000. The sale goes live at the end of Q1 of 2018. The date will be announced soon.

At the moment PROOF OF TOSS is going through a closed presale stage. For more information about the closed presale or the project contact the PROOF OF TOSS team, personally on Telegram.

These are the swings we were talking about. From the charts, Lumens and NEO which seemed to be on an uptrend are now trending lower and steadily moving towards previous lows.

It’s only LTC- and to some extent IOTA whose depreciation is moderate. However, if there is a dip past key support-prices are now in a consolidation in IOTA-then the fall might be steep in the coming sessions.

Let’s have a look at these charts:


Lumens Technical Analysis
XLM/USD 4HR Chart for March 3, 2018

Technically, for a moment, buyers seemed to be on the upper hand and after yesterday’s higher highs in the 4HR chart, we can see clear resistance at the main resistance trend line and the middle BB at  $0.35.

Now, the thing is, the temporary bullish divergence pattern which was part of the reason for our long forecast is now invalid.

If prices close below $0.30 and the support trend line we can as well expect sellers to drive prices lower towards February 6 lows of $0.25 and then the 78.6% Fibonacci retracement level of $0.22 assuming the slide is strong.

This is why-considering the nature of yesterday’s price action-today’s price action is definitive and could potentially affect short to medium term price action and/or trend.


IOTA Technical Analysis
IOT/USD Daily Chart for March 3, 2018

In the 4HR chart, IOTA prices are all over the chart and even if we use the middle BB-the 20 period MA-to fine tune prices, then it would be futile because price action looks to be in one big range.

You can see what I’m talking in the daily chart where since February 27 bullish break above, IOTA has been in a horizontal consolidation along the middle BB.

Net gain is zero and now that prices are below the middle BB in the 4HR chart, we expect strong support at around $1.80-that’s just below the middle BB in the daily chart.

Any buy pressure injection that could see prices back to $2 or February 27 highs is positive and in line with that day’s bullish break out pattern.

If not and sellers close below $1.8, then there is a possibility of prices drifting back to February 22 lows of $1.55 or even $1.2.


EOS Technical Analysis
EOS/USD Daily Chart for March 3, 2018

Yesterday’s forecast hit a dead wall and now sellers are slamming bulls as they race back to between $7 and $7.5 buy zone- at least that’s from our analysis.

That’s where EOS divider line we were talking about is at but regardless of this bear pressure I think we can a top down approach and have a better view of prices from the daily chart.

Here, we notice that the middle BB and prices around $8.5 and $9 remains a good loading point for sellers but that’s not really the point.

Over the last 2 months or so, EOS buyers haven’t enough momentum to push prices above $9 or even $10.

This is the reason why I will anchor my main support at $7 which is right at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level on the lower side and expect sufficient bullish reaction especially if today’s turn lower.


LTC Technical Analysis
LTC/USD Daily Chart for March 3, 2018

The confirmation it is we said and from this chart, we can clearly see that sellers are loading their shorts with every high.

Despite this, the question is, will there be a breach and possible close below $200 or even $180? It is yet to show and that’s why we should hold our guns and see what happens today to LTC price action.


NEO Technical Analysis
NEO/USD Daily Chart for March 3, 2018

It’s all about bears from this NEO chart and as we can see, sellers are still in charge with the middle BB and $120 looking likely to be broken if this pressure persist.

The deal is, we still have that support trend line and I’m still bullish until there is a close below $110 or there about in the daily chart.

Positional traders can steer away from this coin until after there are buy signals in the 4HR chart or where we see clear rejection of lower lows at the support line.

All Bitfinex, coinbase and Bittrex interactive charts courtesy of Trading View

FOMO Moments

As we roll into the weekend markets have gone predictably red once again. Bitcoin is up a couple of percent but most of the altcoins are sliding during the morning trading session in Asia. One however stands out from the rest and today the leading altcoin is Monero.

Coinmarketcap reports that XMR is up over 15% today. From a trading level of around $320 yesterday the anonymous private altcoin has jumped to $372 today. Monero has been one of the better performing cryptocurrencies during February, rising 11% when most other coins have fallen. Looking at the weekly picture XMR is up 37% and continues to climb.

The price hike is likely due to an upcoming hard fork and airdrop around March 14. MoneroV will be spawned and holders of Monero will get a 10x bonus of XMV tokens. It has now become a regular pattern that the lead up to forks or airdrops significantly boosts the price of the cryptocurrency in question. Monero is likely to continue upwards, breaking $400 again in a few days. It has been pretty stable when other coins have pumped and dumped and reached an all-time high of $490 during the early January spike.

Monero is traded across all exchanges, the top three being Bithumb, Bitfinex and Binance. Market capacity currently stands at $5.8 billion putting this altcoin just in the top ten at ninth. Around $218 million has been traded in the past 24 hours.

Litecoin is the only other altcoins in the green in the top 25 this morning. A few outside the chart include Steem, Stratis and Ark. All others have fallen slightly.

More on Monero can be found here:

FOMO Moments is a section that takes a daily look at the top 25 altcoins during the Asian trading session and analyses the best performing one, looking for trends and fundamentals.