Tron Developers Announce Test Net Launch, But is it Such a Big Deal?

JP Buntinx | March 30, 2018 | 1:12 pm

Tron Developers Announce Test Net Launch, But is it Such a Big Deal?

JP Buntinx | March 30, 2018 | 1:12 pm

Developments in the world of cryptocurrency come in many different forms. Any project with a multi-billion dollar market cap needs to have a working product at this stage. For Tron, they finally succeeded in launching the test net. Although it is a positive development, it still doesn’t warrant the current value of this project.

TRON Still has Work to do

Launching a test net is often considered a bare minimal development in cryptocurrency. After all, any project is expected to have a test net from day one. In the case of Tron, there have been a fair few disappointing aspects in this regard. Until yesterday, the project had no working test net. It is unacceptable in every way possible, especially for such a highly-valued project.

While Tron may offer long-term value, the slower pace of development is a concern. For something valued at $3bn, no working test net for several months isn’t acceptable. Whether or not this highlights the lack of rationale in cryptocurrency, remains to be seen. With the test net now going live, the community is over the moon over something that should have been in place months ago.

Additionally, it seems there will be massive Tron advertisement in Times Square. The well-known Nasdaq screen at this location will display a Tron advertisement, according to the Foundation. A rather interesting marketing stunt, but nothing more than that. Until the main net is live, there is still plenty of work to be done At the same time, milestones have to be reached regardless, and this is a positive development overall.

Expectations in the Cryptocurrency Industry

All of this goes to show a lot of people have different expectations in the cryptocurrency industry. Launching a test net is not the major development most Tron supporters need to be looking for. The delay between a test net and main net can be anywhere from weeks to months or over a year. A test net doesn’t mean people will build Tron-based applications or use TRX in a meaningful manner.

On the positive side, it seems the developers launched this test net ahead of schedule. That in itself is a good thing, although it’s only the beginning. Beating the deadline also sparks a lot of confusion as of right now. More specifically, some people are concerned the foundation is too “trigger happy” regarding this announcement.

Whether or not the Tron price will increase, is a different matter altogether. It is just a test net first and foremost and not a finished product. The big question is whether or not the  Tron team can effectively deliver the goods in terms of launching a working product for the masses. That will largely depend on how this test net holds up.

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  • sudeep

    awesome , thanks for info

    • GamesGlitches Happen

      bad info, this assshat dosnt know his face from his dick, dosnt listen to him, he has 0 clue wtf he is talking about

  • fujak

    released exactly when they said they would…

  • Matt

    Pointlessly written article, fire this guy please.

  • Goose S

    Geeze NewsBTC is starting to show the desperate acts of a news organization that pretends to be impartial but is really nothing more than a paid for BTC advertising site. Probably the name of the site itself is a bit of a give away. It’s a pretty see through negative Tron puff piece trying to say it’s no big deal. It is actually a big achievement. There are so many over valued tokens/coins in this space with basically no working products who continually drag out or fail to meet targets etc. Here is a rare organization, led by Ripples ex China expert, delivering announced products on time, having already announced partnerships etc and the likes of BTC News sound similar to a few others like Charlie Lee who seem worried, perhaps they should be. Tron is delivering much faster then they thought and is going to take market share. Heck it is already a force to be reckoned with. The team is too big and too well backed by big names to be halted by the competitors. It’s already won the first round and is well financed now to keep going. The opposition will have the same success they had trying to stop Alibaba. LOL.

    • America’s Warrior

      Right on the money. Truth be told Tron has been impressive in the constant work that has been done. No other project has near the progress in the same timespan. If not for the baseless FUD, Tron would be valued at considerably more. You cant call it overvalued when other projects with higher market share have jack squat in progress.

  • Fazal Bhutawala

    It’s true trying to say it’s not big deal but it is .It’s first step and many more surprises to come.

  • John Smith

    What condescending dickhead tone in this article. As if Tron did meet and actually exceed the timeline they gave originally.

  • JW

    Dude, are you linking to the real Tron tweeter page? Cos inside there is a donation page to get ETH and according to the people, its a scam address.

    • GamesGlitches Happen

      this mother fucker is an idiot…then blames tron for sht…cant even link their twitter properly…god dam fucking moron, who hired this asshat

  • Andre

    I like how you said, “The delay between a test net and main net can be anywhere from weeks to months or over a year.”

    You obviously haven’t done research on Tron. The main net is set to launch by May 31st. I think you’re just talking out of your ass to bring Tron down.

    I think everyone is aware that’s it’s a non finished project. Although, isn’t that the point? To jump into something when everyone is not in yet. I’m in because I believe it’s a good project. There’s a lot of pros than cons at this point. You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Dwayne

    The author annoyed me. Dude Justin stated the main net will be live somewhere around may or july. For you to say its a dissapointment is ignorance. It takes time like any other projects. Relax

  • madadaminc

    JP, you’re a dumb dumb. Nice clickbait article tho.

  • America’s Warrior

    J.P. rarely has anything positive to say about on any crypto other than BTC. Only noobs that aren’t familiar with his “work” pay any attention to it. All the FUD surrounding this project is based in fear of it performing as promised and then dominating all of crypto. JP and other BTC Maximalists had the same thing to say about ETH and young Vitalik.

  • Martin

    The guy who wrote this article didn’t even mention their “real” product Main Net being released ahead of schedule on May 31st instead of July 31st. He must’ve bought ATH and sold at a loss as this article reeks of bias. Do your research next time JP.

  • GamesGlitches Happen

    Is this mother fucker stupid? Who the fuck hired this guy to write this SHIT ASS ARTICLE…this mother fucker dosnt know SHIT about crypto….Fucker just wants to milk people for clicks….get this asshat out of here…

  • GamesGlitches Happen

    Fire this reject, this is another reason i dont come to this site anymore, they got dumb ass writers and people with no knowledge about the blockchain writing stuff…FIRE RICK D. , TOTAL ASSHAT!

  • Will Beecher

    Loser writing a story that knows nothing. I will never read from this site again.

  • Junie

    This guy obviously did not do his research and bothered to read the road map on TRON’s website.

  • Quotes-RapidDynamics

    This is a poorly written article. He is basically shooting down a team that is driving progress.

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