DasCoin: The Store of Value within the Das Ecosystem

Guest Author | April 18, 2018 | 3:04 pm

DasCoin: The Store of Value within the Das Ecosystem

Guest Author | April 18, 2018 | 3:04 pm

DasCoin is the store of value at the heart of a wider network of component parts coming together to form the Das ecosystem. Combined with a world-class hardware infrastructure and proprietary consortium blockchain technology that is both Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) authenticated, DasCoin offers unrivaled speed, scalability, and security, with all of the strengths and none of the weaknesses of other currencies.

The minting of DasCoin is driven by NetLeaders – a community of empowerment, a new kind of network that holds the values of transparency, mutual trust and fairness at its core. And it is underpinned by WebWallet – the world’s most secure digital wallet, providing access to the global DasEcosystem platform and associated Blockchain-based services.

Talking about the business, Eberhard Wedekind, a member of the independent board of directors at DasCoin, said: “DasCoin has a global business. We are not trying to throw a coin onto the market. We have taken a long time to build, grow and develop our blockchain over the last two years. We are working hard to build a complete digital asset system.”

“We are learning from other initiatives and merging the best elements of these to create a better-decentralized system, encompassing a more centralized approach to build a hybrid system. In the end, there will be quite a massive shake-out of all the participators in the market. The ones with strength in execution and purpose with value will succeed and it’s our ambition that DasCoin will be part of this group.”

DasCoin many advantages including its speed of transactions, offering a six-second maximum transaction time compared to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes.  It is also highly scalable, with the capacity to handle more than 100,000 transactions per second.  It provides tremendous security, featuring a built-in bank-standard “Know Your Customer” authentication process that helps to build a verified network of users while simultaneously preventing fraud and money laundering.

Additionally, DasCoin does not rely on “miners” to produce the coin in the way that Bitcoin and proof of work cryptocurrencies use. Instead, each coin is minted. Members of the public can obtain Cycles by purchasing licenses through the NetLeaders websites. These Cycles are convertible into DasCoin once they join what is known as a Minting Queue. There will be a total volume of 8.5 billion DasCoin of which around 700 million have already been minted.

The four founders behind the Das ecosystem provide a powerful team with a vision and strong business experience.

Michael Mathias is the Founder and CEO of DasCoin and brings with him more than 25 years of entrepreneurial acumen. He has spent the past 10 years in the field of digital technology, with his experience ranging from founding social media company Mojo Media, marketplace network TREKA; and online gaming company Change Gaming.

He has brought with him Terry O’Hearn to head up the DasFinancial wing of the ecosystem – this is the group that liaises directly with third-party companies seeking blockchain solutions – plus John Pretto, who acts as the managing director of NetLeaders, and George Sarcevich, who heads up WebWallet.

Together the four founders have built an innovative and new set of businesses that combine to create an evolutionary, decentralized ecosystem that unites all components in a truly authenticated, Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliant framework.

  • Peter Bourne

    This is a Multi-Level Marketing marketing scam.
    Same format as One Coin. The price of DasCoin some 6 weeks ago was 0,5 euro. Even at that price the cost of the license Vs the number of coins that could be minted was marginal.
    Now the price is 0.18 euro and has been as low as 0.12 euro.

    • Jiri Veverka

      First learn about this project , check all details and than you can comment. Do you know reason why price littlebit drop to 0.18 ?

      • Peter Bourne

        I suggest that you take your own advice, before you get caught by this scam.

        But from your tone I feel its too late and you are a true believer .

        Do’ YOU’ know reason why price has drop to 0.18 ?

        Was as low as 0,12 . this is 75% drop from .50. I think “little bit” is a little bit of an understatement !

        Do ‘YOU’ know how all the very expensive promotional cost are being paid ??

        The following might be a clue:

        A 500 euro license with the current frequency of 17.1 can mint
        (with the bonus cycles) 450 coins – current value 80 euro.

        Hardly seems a good deal to me .

    • James

      Hi Peter,

      Great to see you following the coins price 🙂 the whole crypto market in gerneral has went down by 100s of billions recently. Does that mean purchasing mining equipment for those coins is a bad thing also?
      Dascoin (DASC) is the new kid on the block and, with the wealth of knowledge and leading industries behind it, it’s only a matter of time before things start happening where posts like these are not spouted.

      Yours gratefully,

      A very happy Dascoiner

    • Pinakee Naik

      Lack of knowledge and understanding is a dangerous thing .
      Assumption is dangerous too

  • Pinakee Naik

    What a brilliant concept . Different is always laughed at and judged. 27th April will our day of Proof of our concept

  • Seán Harnett

    I got involved with DasCoin in October 2016 and what an incredible journey it has been. So looking forward to the launch of DasCoin on the public exchange at the 02 arena in London on the 27th April. Exciting times ahead for all involved.

  • Gary McPolin

    Amazing project. I have full faith in this team of fintech experts

  • Arthur Zablocki

    One of the fastest blockchains out there based on Graphene technology, first client already lined up for Dascoin’s blockchain as a service deployment for Q3… and the launch now on public exchanges on 27th April, as much it’s a lot has been promised in recent months, things are starting to happen big time right now.

  • Stephen Darker

    lets compare just a little so

    bitcoin — governments are wary of the anonymity of it and its to crime 🙁

    DASCOIN 6 SECOND TRANSACTIONS, bitcoin 10 minutes
    60 million merchants will accept dascoin 🙂
    after how many years 200,000 merchants worldwide for bitcoin 🙁

    I Could go all day download DASNET read the whitepaper tho don’t forget the launch is only next week 27th of april

  • Steve Lawson

    Had the pleasure of meeting the team behind DasCoin back in 2016 and I have to say they have delivered a very interesting technology ecosystem with DasCoin. The graphene based Blockchain that can now be reviewed on Github finally puts an end to those people that said it was a fake company. On April 27th Dascoin (DASC) will launch on the public exchange and the market will then have an opportunity to follow the growth. Daspay launches this year which has been developed by Carta worldwide the company behind Apple pay and this will give the currency the true utility that most cryptocurrencies are missing. I’m about what this team are creating..

  • Securecoinz.com

    Following DASC for several months now, haven’t seen a coin/blockchain yet, that introduced their first ‘blockchain as a service’ (for the fashion industry, introduced in Paris) before even introducing their own coin on multiple exchanges at the end of next week! And their Silver bullet ‘DasPay’ will rock the payment industry with DasCoin acceptance at 60 million POS worldwide. And at the very start of international trade, there are DasCoin holders in over 100 countries, using one of the most secure wallets out there, creating and using DasCoin against extremely low energy cost. It could very well be the most exciting coin in 2018!

  • Tracy Harris

    Looking forward to seeing Dascoin go to the next level after the launch on the exchange end of April.

  • Graham McCarthy

    After studying Blockchain technology and digital Currency’s since early 2017. Bitcoin was my first and then many other alts coin projects along the way. I came across Dascoin in November 2017 and like every project I did my research and studied the company’s managment and technology. I attended the public event in Dubai and I was amazed with the project. I pirticipated at a small level at start like all l projects. But am happy to say now Dascoin has become one of my biggest holdings due to many factors. The biggest is the Hybird Modle, I have not seen any other company out there going about things in this way, I believe this has many many usps and anyone out there should take a serious look at this project. Looking forward to the second quarter when the launch Daspay.

  • Marcin Oliwkowski

    extraordinary project with amazing people !! it must be succeed!!!

  • Roman Tajemniczy

    Dascoin is fraud, read more in Polish Articles about Polish Financial Oversight Commission and pyramid scheme in DasCoin. Office of competition and consumer protection In Poland warned about DasCoin too.

    • if you want to know the truth type in Google:
      “dascoin aspekt prawny” you will find my blog 😉
      dascoin-info pl

  • Jaroenchai Jaikan

    I had bought Netleaders’s liencen since May 2017 and received all of dascoins, I expected. We has exchanged in our internal exchange for quite a while. This is the time to show the world that dascoin will soon really be able to work as money via daspay (He is the man Brian Semkiw CEO of Carta worldwide Ltd. By using NFC system through visa and master cards. who will relly soon make our dreams come true. Thanks so much.) I am so excited to be involved with the new revulation of new ecosystem. Smart contract also the stregth of dascoin, please check all information by yourself. I person garentee it is not scam not scam. The price has drop down just because there were more coins came out to the market. Some people just expect the price to go up only and fast. Yes, I do want it that way. But just wait and see when dascoin complete all technologies. Study it well enough before you purchase DASC. Greeting from Thailand.

  • In late December 2016 I joined Netleaders/Dascoin. I had no idea what it was about. I asked a lot of questions. Since then, I have gone to Tokyo and Dubai. And in a few days I will be flying out to London for the launch of DASC (Dascoin) onto the public exchange/exchanges on the 27th of April. With me are several other Australians. Plus Frances from New Zealand. I have made more money, met some incredible people. Had more fun. And I even make enough to travel plus have a lifestyle. I am so thankful that I have such an amazing sponsor and upline in this incredible opportunity.

  • This is a great moment for all of us..
    I am glad that I joined netleaders in 2016

    Now is the time for the rest of the world to learn about the new global ecosystem that connects the two worlds. Centralized and decentralized. Thanks to this combination we have a unique ecosystem. In this ecosystem we also have mobile payments and I think that this will be something that will arouse even greater interest..

    Do not miss your life chance for a better quality of life;)

  • Dale Oshea

    DasCoin has arguably the best team in the crypto space and the technology is second to none. DasPay is going to completely revolutionise the cryptocurrency industry and it’s going to be a very exciting year for everybody involved.

  • Graham Mc Cabe

    “Dascoin is going to change the world as we know it.”

  • Graham Mc Cabe

    “Dascoin will change the world forever.”

  • Cormac O’Brien

    DasCoin is the game changer in the crypto industry, unbelievable team and vision. Great things to come.

  • Fionn Keady

    Best project I have seen to date. Long term sustainable vision, exactly what is needed for a crypto currency to go mainstream. Everything is lined up perfectly, and I have no doubt the executive team can execute the vision because the team and technology speak for itself! Highly recommend people to take a look at Dascoin properly and don’t look at it like “another coin”. Believe me, when you educate yourself properly, to say that you will be excited would be an understatement!

  • Shane Deeney

    What a fantastic project this is with an amazing team of leaders worldwide. Every promise has been delivered on to date and this is not going to change. Looking forward to the launch of Dascoin on public exchanges from 27th April followed by the launch of Daspay at the end of June.

  • JJ O’Mahony

    Good dedicated team

  • Linda Dooley

    What an incredible project, what incredible people from Michael Mathias to all the Board members including @Anna Heija who quoted Mahatma Ghandi when she addressed the opening of the blockchain exchange in Tokyo by saying – “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you then they fight you, then you Win”. I believe we we are now nearing that point.

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