GShare, the Application That Helps You Earn with Your GPU/CPU

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GameCredits, the company behind GAME tokens has recently launched its much awaited GShare application. This application allows crypto-hobbyists to mine various digital currencies and earn GAME tokens. What makes this software even better is the fact that users don’t need specialized equipment, as they can put their CPUs and GPUs into use for the mining operations.

GShare is offered free on all the main operating systems — Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. According to the developers, the aim of this app is to make it possible for gamers to profit from their powerful hardware while contributing to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Most gamers have machines with amazing processing power, which usually goes to waste when they are not playing games. The demand for GPUs has shot up in recent times due to the rise of crypto mining. The dedicated GPUs used in gaming hardware is quite quite powerful compared to CPUs. Even though they are not as powerful as ASICs, they are much cheaper which has made many opt for GPUs, resulting in their skyrocketing value.

How the App Works?

In essence, GShare will lease the GPU’s processing powers. Owners of the gaming rigs will get paid in GAME. However, the application that is still in the trial version, will not mine GAME tokens. Rather, it mines other types of coins such as ZCash. Once it acquires the coins, it exchanges them for GAME. This is essentially a way to earn a passive income with their gaming rigs.

The profit that a player can earn depends on how powerful their gaming rig is and the value of GAME tokens. While the difficulty levels of coins that are being mined have an influence on the total earnings, the platform is in the process of further optimizing the performance to make the whole exercise easy and profitable for the whole community. On an average, the per month earnings of GShare users range between $20 to $70.  Those with a powerful system can potentially earn more.

It is worth noting that mining activity could affect the gaming rig’s performance. However, there is a solution to this. Users can run the GShare app in low setting. Even with this setting, it is going to depend on how intensive the game is and how strong the hardware is. Thus, gamers who care a lot about performance should only run GShare when the hardware is idle.

In future, GShare will have capabilities that will allow it to detect GPU performance, processor use, and adjust the mining settings automatically. The app will also have advanced computation capabilities besides crypto mining.

What do you think about the GShare application? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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