Dutch Startup Launches a New Platform for Crypto Advertisement

Guest Author | May 8, 2018 | 12:00 pm

Dutch Startup Launches a New Platform for Crypto Advertisement

Guest Author | May 8, 2018 | 12:00 pm

The digital advertising market is growing rapidly, but the problem of quickly increasing brand awareness still persists and is a real pain for companies running ICO or token sales. Today we want to announce a new platform for an easy global advertisement for the crypto-audience from one of the most successful Dutch Blockchain startups.

According to a forecast by Statista, the online advertising market will grow at double-digit pace until at least 2022. Analysts expect it will reach $281 bln in 2018 and reach $400 bln by 2022. Such large numbers are calling for new ways of interacting in terms of digital ad placement, buying, and selling. Many companies are offering their own solutions to pay for digital ads with some using Blockchain, but the AdCoin project is distinguished by its new crypto-oriented platform AdCoinClick, developed specifically for crypto projects.

Recently local media in The Netherlands described AdCoin as a new and effective cryptocurrency to pay for digital ads. Today, however, AdCoin is launching a new tool for the global advertisement of Blockchain-based projects. The AdCoinClick platform offers launching or publishing ads in just a few clicks using the AdCoin Blockchain to enable low transaction fees and no minimum budgets for campaigns.

The team managed to launch their own secure cryptocurrency, aimed only for online advertising. This allows them to maintain a stable exchange rate.

Publishers will receive AdCoin for their banners and traffic, and convert them to other currency or use it to promote their own projects. AdCoinClick already has partnerships with top-tier publishers and networks, so you just need to have some AdCoin to start promoting your brand.

Good for everyone

The team has already developed several integrations for platforms like WooCommerce and Dupral. Now they are going to finish the standalone WordPress ad plugin that will allow individual publishers to maximize traffic revenue. Currently, every third-party, project or company can develop tools using the AdCoin API and PayPal-like payment gateway.

A new platform solves several digital advertisement issues at once. First, it allows you to skip different banking operations and wire transfers. Second, there is only a tiny fee to pay for your advertisement globally. Third, it is targeted to crypto-oriented people who are looking for new great projects or ICO’s to invest in. AdCoinClick helps attract attention to the project during its ICO to find new investors, customers, and miners for emerging projects from any country, paying for advertisements from a single crypto-wallet.

In a world of rapid ICO’s and ever-changing rules, the ability to promote yourself effectively with minimal effort is very important. The new AdCoinClick platform could become a useful asset for numerous Blockchain startups around the world.

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