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DApp Builder: Enabling Mainstream Blockchain Applications for Businesses

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Various industries are making headway with the application of Ethereum blockchain. By doing so, they are in the process of eliminating multiple intermediaries from many tasks, ensuring automation in the process. Further, the technology can potentially reduce the cost while increasing overall efficiency.

The implementation of blockchain technology into done through decentralized applications or dApps in short. These applications are built over cryptocurrency protocol and interact with the underlying blockchain through smart contracts. The development of dApps has emerged as a specialized segment as the technology is relatively new and gaining rapid adoption. The rising demand for dApps among individuals and businesses has driven the demand for experts who come with a hefty price tag.

The dApp Builder is a platform which is designed to make dApps development easy and cost-efficient for everyone. The platform aims to provide a platform for smart contracts and dApps development which is similar to the popular WordPress platform when it comes to web applications.

The dApp Builder will be available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform to create decentralized blockchain application on Ethereum protocol. Users on the platform don’t have to write a single line of code to possess their own dApp. It also enables the project creators to activate smart tokens for their application by filling in few basic parameters on the dashboard.

The dApp Builder platform comes with predefined smart contract templates, accompanied by Solidity source code. These templates can be accessed through a simple web interface to create mobile applications using industry standard Javascript, UI/UX frameworks, and WebAPIs that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

The dApps created using dApp builder can be easily made cross-platform compatible, allowing users to access it from desktops, mobile phones, and web-browser. The platform is further supported by an entire ecosystem with its own token dynamics and marketplace where people can list their applications, access and integrate third-party services and monetize their creation through advertisements and sales.

Creating a decentralized application on dApp Builder takes no more than three steps, starting with the selection of a suitable smart contract template, making easy edits by adding relevant data and selecting the logic that applies to it, and finally, deploying it on dApp Builder hosting to get the mobile app and browser client.

More information about the dApp Builder is available at –

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