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CoinPennant – Connecting You to Top Crypto Traders in the World

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CoinPennant, a recently launched blockchain startup, presents a unique business model in the crypto market that makes it possible for the users to connect and trade with world’s top crypto traders instantly. The platform serves as a social network for businessmen and stock traders, providing the targeted group of people with a space to discuss the trading industry in order to gain a better insight into it.

The Background & Industry Challenges

Though the world of cryptocurrency shows high growth and increasing number of opportunities, traders continue to struggle with problems typical of emerging economies, which includes the difficulty in obtaining timely, useful market information. The high volatility exhibited by cryptocurrencies have further worsened the situation by rendering both experienced as well as new ones unable to make quick decision to execute profitable trades in a timely manner. These issues are attributed to the lack of easily accessible, end-to-end resources capable of catering to the entire community, irrespective of their experience levels, making it an entry barrier to newbies much higher.

How CoinPennant Addresses These Challenges?

Irrespective of the investment opportunity, there is always a significant percentage of investments which are made without doing enough in-depth analysis, mainly due to technical cum analytical ignorance and confusion of diversity of options. Even though a small percentage of such trades tend to occur that way, it seems to have a huge impact on the individual’s wheel of progress. CoinPennant is designed to provide the much-needed support to those, bringing them out of economic obscurity into the profitable light.

The CoinPennant platform provides two equally important services; a crypto market analysis dashboard and an Investor Social Network where beginners and master traders share knowledge, trading hunches and analysis, and transparent feedback on executed trade tips. Through its subscription service, master traders provide beginners with market analysis and the opportunity to purchase trading tips. The central nervous system of the network is Data Analysis module, where it analyzes chart patterns and triggers patterns suitable for subscribing investors of all levels.

The core features of the platform include:

Investor Social Network – The CoinPennant social network allows investors to collaborate and subscribe to the feeds of verified master traders.

Data Analysis Module – The CoinPennant team has designed an algorithm-based technical analysis of multiple cryptocurrencies. The Data Analysis module also pushes market indicator notifications to the user’s market dashboard. Users can set trading tip alerts and obtain time-critical information on upcoming trading opportunities.

Auto Copy Trading Module – Users can subscribe to master trader trading activities where users’ funds will be automatically traded in exactly the same way as master trader’s funds.

Copy Trading Module – Users can enter into a contract with master investors to obtain trading advice for the price of a “hat tip.

CoinPennant Token (CPNT) – The new cryptocurrency is the base denomination of transactions in the CoinPennant Copy Trading Module.

About the Crowdsale

The CoinPennant platform will generate a maximum of 20 million regular tokens, plus a bonus of no more than 4.3 million tokens. An additional 29.7 million tokens may be distributed. All tokens will be distributed at the same time. The pre-sale is live and main sale of CPNT tokens will be announced soon by the company.

Meanwhile, to know more about the CoinPennant platform and its exclusive and unique features, please visit

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