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AirPod ICO Achieves First Major Milestone

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During the recently held CryptoKonf 2018 conference, AirPod – the innovative blockchain-based private capsule-style project, announced the commencement of the much-awaited APOD token sale.

The Conference which was held in Belgrade, Serbia on 29 and 30 May 2018, covered talks on Blockchain Technology, Fintech, Regulatory Compliance, Cryptocurrency, and ICOs. The event was streamed live by hundreds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world. AirPod was the Diamond Sponsor of the Conference.

Grega Mrgole, AirPod CEO presented a pitch for the upcoming Pre-sale and ICO during the opening speech at the CryptoKonf 2018. AirPod’s Pre-Sale started right after AirPod’s presentation.

“We appreciate to have such a supportive community. With your help, we are going to change the travel experience forever.” – Grega Mrgole, AirPod CEO.

The Progress so far?

The AirPod ICO completed the first milestone; achieving the target Soft Cap. Airpod reports that the sale of APOD tokens had surpassed the intended ICO Soft Cap! For investors, this achievement means that the AirPod project is all set to being further development and operations, presenting a unique opportunity for the token holders to earn over a long time.

The AirPod team thanks the cryptocurrency community for their support.

“Thank you for your unconditional support. We’ve made it! …Love and gratitude to all our early supporters who believed in us from the very beginning!”

Now that the ICO started on a high note, AirPod is now approaching the most crucial part of this journey; moving to the destination — the Hard Cap!

So, Should You Invest in The AirPod ICO?

Not only will AirPod be a place to relax but also be one of the most profitable and stable businesses with which cryptocurrency investors can generate passive incomes. The contributors of the AirPod ICO will be part of a stable month-over-month passive income generator, whose ICO is entirely immune to bear market trends. How? The unique project’s ecosystem is shaping up to transform AirPod into one of the most lucrative and reliable business opportunities available today

Here is a breakdown of how the AirPod ecosystem will work best for you.

APOD token holders get an incredible opportunity to earn a stable passive crypto-income. Within a year of the project’s launch, or following the installation of the 400th AirPod unit, a unique program designed to benefit the token holders will be unveiled. The sponsorship program will enable the token holders to leverage their holdings of APOD tokens for a right to a share of the profits generated from a particular AirPod Unit.

Under this program, every contributor to the AirPod ICO who holds APOD tokens will be able to join the program and become a sponsor of a particular AirPod unit. The sponsor will be able to earn up to 80% of the profits generated on a month-over-month basis for that specific unit.

The contributor to the ICO will have the value of their APOD tokens doubled merely by entering the smart contract backed Sponsorship Program. This way, the token holder will become a Sponsor of twice the value of their APOD tokens as if they were bought after the ICO period.

So, in this case, if the APOD token prices are set at $32k, the ICO contributor only has to pay $16k in the APOD tokens they acquired during the ICO.

Decentralized Applications Will Enable Liquidity.

The sponsorship program provides a safer financial future through solid return on investment which will pay off in one-year maximum. So, after a year, the contributors can start collecting their net profits for an indefinite period. Moreover, the contributor can decide to re-contribute their profits to become a Sponsor of other AirPod units as well.

When a contributor joins the sponsorship program, they get to choose the AirPod unit they wish to become a sponsor. The entire system will be based on a Blockchain Technology enabling complete transparency and an overview of the business. The sponsors will be able to see which AirPod unit is best located for profitable and choose to be part of its Sponsorship Program.

The AirPod sponsors will be able to trade their share of a particular AirPod unit they sponsor to other holders at any time. Decentralized Applications will enable liquidity which is not possible in other real estate businesses. However, Blockchain Technology will allow the sale and purchase of rights to participate in these profits easily.

The Referral Program.

Another income generation opportunity for the token holder, where a contributor can recommend any of their friends to take part in the AirPod ICO. Both the contributor and the friend get a 5% bonus each on the friend’s contribution in APOD tokens.

So, in this case, if your friend was to make a contribution of $10,000 for 100,000 APOD tokens (bonuses not included, which is currently at 18%), you and your friend both get an additional 5% of 100,000 APOD tokens (your friend’s contribution), that is 5,000 APOD tokens each.

At the time of this writing, the AirPod Pre-sale was 16 days away from its close. Join the token sale at – 

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