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Peer Mountain To Drive Enterprise Demand

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The Changing Internet Data and Privacy Landscape

Not too long ago, users would sign up for “free” services like Google and Facebook while unknowingly giving up access to their personal data, which was and is sold to the highest bidder for use in things like advertisements.

However, recent scandals involving user data, such as Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal where the personal information of up to 87 million Facebook users was used for political purposes, have changed people’s views on what were once considered “free” services.

Users have become outraged over scandals like Cambridge Analytica, and regulators have responded by drawing up new legislation, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

As a result, enterprises have had to adapt to the shifting data landscape to stay regulation-compliant, avoid fines or other punishment, and not face user outrage.

Peer Mountain is The First Solution that is Enterprise Ready

Although new projects like Civic give users control over their personal identities, Peer Mountain – a project led by CEO Jed Grant, one of LATTICE80’s top 200 European Fintech leaders – goes beyond just identity security.

Peer Mountain not only allows users to secure their personal identities when using the Internet, but also employs a regulation-compliant framework that lets businesses stay compliant with regulation and avoid being fined.

Thus, Peer Mountain isn’t just about using one’s identity (passport, etc.) securely online, but facilitates commerce by allowing enterprises to offer their goods and services without having to worry about increasing compliance requirements that eat into profits as well as lead to risks of fines – or worse.

MV=PY Valuation of a Token Ecosystem

MV=PY Origins and Background

MV=PY, otherwise known as The Quantity Theory of Money, goes all the way back to Nicolaus Copernicus, who formulated the Sun-centric model of the universe in the 1500s.

Copernicus and others of the era used the theory to explain price increases that stemmed from the import of gold and silver from the New World.

The theory has held for hundreds of years and is often used in the valuation of money as well as controlling inflation.

MV=PY stands for the following:

M = money supply
V = velocity of money or how fast money changes hands
P = price level
Y = real GDP or economic output

The theory states that price level (P) is directly related to the money supply (M).

For fiat currencies, such as the dollar, money velocity (V) and output (Y) are assumed to be constant, since money velocity is more or less stable and GDP or economic output normally experiences marginal change from year to year.

Due to the fact that money velocity and economic output are constant, increasing the money supply would lead to an increase in prices, which is what happened when gold and silver (used to make money) were imported from the New World to the Old hundreds of years ago.

MV=PY for Crypto

Yet, for cryptocurrencies or tokens like Peer Mountain’s PMTN token, the model works a bit differently.

For Peer Mountain MV=PY, and the variables are as follows.
M = a fixed money supply
V = velocity of money
P = price level or in this case, the price of PMTN
Y = output or volume of transactions, influenced by enterprise marketing budgets.

How MV=PY Could Drive Consumer Transactions

PMTN’s money supply and velocity are fixed. This means that instead of money supply influencing prices, changes in output are what have an impact on the price level.

In the case of Peer Mountain, since volume of transactions – or consumer usage of Peer Mountain – is driven by businesses who market their Peer Mountain-based services to consumers, enterprise marketing budgets will drive transaction volume in the Peer Mountain ecosystem.

More and more companies will join the Peer Mountain ecosystem as it is the first ready-made solution to offer identity protection AS WELL AS regulatory compliance.

Companies will buy PMTN like an enterprise commodity to offer Peer Mountain-based services and, as more and more consumers start using Peer Mountain to access their favorite enterprise’ goods and services (increased output or transaction volume), the price of PMTN will increase.

A Potential Use Case: Renting a Car

With Peer Mountain, commerce will be regulatory-compliant and frictionless, allowing organisations to do business without having to worry about regulatory red-tape and risking potential consequences for not staying compliant.

Let’s say you’re trying to rent a car.

In today’s world that usually involves standing in line, filling out paperwork, and perhaps waiting some more… all of which could take half an hour or more.

Now imagine a world enabled by Peer Mountain’s identity solution and regulatory-compliant framework.

Rather than wait and fill out a lot of paperwork, you go to the rental car parking lot, scan a QR code to confirm your identity digitally without the need for any human interaction. Then you receive digital car keys directly to the Peer Mountain app, and off you go.

Renting a car is just one potential use case, as Peer Mountain could be used in any scenario that would be improved with a decentralized identity and compliance ecosystem.

The future is Peer Mountain

As firms continue to see the upside of using Peer Mountain, which takes into account both consumer (data protection) and corporate (regulatory compliance) interests, they will increasingly market their Peer Mountain-based services to consumers.

Their consumers will use Peer Mountain to access the firm’s services, resulting in increased output or transaction volume. Going along with The Quantity Theory of Money, the larger output will drive up PMTN price. Peer Mountain is already building applications with large regulated institutions that will require great quantities of PMTN to deploy their ecosystems. Almost no other tokens on the market today are driven by enterprise demand, which makes Peer Mountain one of the more interesting prospects on the current token sale market.

You can learn more about the project and the upcoming developments on their official website, Medium publication, Reddit, Twitter, or join the live discussion on Telegram.

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