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Skincare Start-Up Uses AI, Big Data and Blockchain to Bring Expert Advice to the Masses

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A start-up is striving to give the skincare sector a makeover by using blockchain technology to help millions of people with dermatological issues – giving them access to expert care and advice.

According to Opu Labs, hundreds of millions of consumers have expressed an interest in skincare on social networks such as Facebook. However, finding the right products to buy can be a minefield. Although well-intentioned, the recommendations offered by friends and family may not be suitable for their particular skin type – and the beauticians and assistants found in department stores can occasionally be biased, focusing on selling particular products regardless of whether it’s the best fit for the customer they are seeing.

The company argues that there’s a secret ingredient missing from the process of finding skincare products: expert advice from a dermatologist. It’s something that eight in ten consumers would like to get, but Opu Labs’ white paper claims it’s a luxury afforded to a mere 12 percent of shoppers.

Thankfully, all of this might be about to change. Opu Labs wants to give everyone treatment plans which are personalized and intelligent – with recommendations based on facts. Over time, the project believes blockchain could even improve the quality of products and dermatological care that’s offered to the public, all the while making it accessible to a wider range of consumers.

Its offering would be divided into five main services.

The first is Opu AI. Offered as an app on web browsers and smartphone devices, it is going to use artificial intelligence to analyze a person’s skin. The technology is able to identify wrinkles, acne, redness and skin tone across four areas of the user’s face – and after launch, it’s hoped this software can be expanded to other areas around the body. Once the user has been given a score based on the condition of their skin, the platform can connect them with treatments that’ll help alleviate any issues – and even estimate how different products would help.

More tools on the way

Opu Labs doesn’t plan to stop here. The company says consumers are overwhelmed with information about skincare online – meaning it can take them many hours to decide on a product. To add insult to injury, the articles and guides they read online aren’t always trustworthy, and may not have been produced by a professional dermatologist who knows what they’re talking about. Its powerful engine will be able to recommend items that are tailored to a user’s skin condition – as well as the keywords they’ve searched for in the past.

Another core service, called Opu Connect, aims to help the public – plus skincare companies and dermatologists – benefit from big data. Users would be offered rewards in the form of OPU coins, the ecosystem’s main token if they give consent for their data to be anonymized and pooled. It’s hoped that skincare brands would then be able to research and develop new products based on the information they receive.

Meanwhile, the Opu CRM would be designed for dermatologists and skincare specialists, creating a safe environment for patient consultations. Blockchain would be used to securely store medical records.

Bold plans for expansion

According to Opu Labs, most of its users will be women between 18 and 35. It hopes to reach enthusiasts who normally have a monthly budget of about $75 for skincare products.

Until its presale wraps up on June 26, a 100 percent bonus on tokens is being offered. The following month, its ICO gets underway.

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