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The Next Evolution in the iGaming Industry is Powered By Blockchain Technology.

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Blockchain technology holds the potential to trigger the next evolution in the iGaming industry. The signs are already there, as Blockchain-based casino platforms are increasingly becoming popular online.

Blockchain’s rising popularity is driven by its problem solving capabilities when it comes to game outcomes, winnings, payouts and more, faced by almost all users of conventional online gambling platforms. The lack of transparency across the existing iGaming industry also makes it nearly impossible for iGaming platform users to realize whether the games are deliberately rigged in favour of the casino or not. As a result, a significant number of gamers restrict themselves from indulging in the hobby. This has stopped many casinos from reaping greater benefits. Indeed, the industry has noted this problem and appears to be taking a swing towards blockchain based gambling to solve its woes.

To gain more users and increase revenues, gambling operators are striving to expand their operations around the world. To achieve this, they will have to gain the confidence of potential users and make it accessible to new players by overcoming the conventional barriers associated with different fiat currencies. Cryptocurrency technology makes all these possible, offering modern style online gambling across jurisdictions. By implementing smart contracts, most of the critical processes become automated, while transparency is promoted to prevent fraudsters from exploiting various loopholes in existing systems. In turn, this provides a perfect solution for iGaming business management

In the end, this is a win-win situation: players get guaranteed transparency, simplicity, and minimal investment, while iGaming providers increase their level of credibility and increase possibilities for expansion.

The safety and transparency offered by blockchain technology to modern e-commerce  is truly exceptional. Its advantages have spawned blockchain based platforms that are designed to anticipate interactions between a number of entities, including third-party content providers, thereby eliminating the need for iGaming operators to develop their own blockchains. It truly will herald a new world of possibilities.

Luckchemy, the decentralized gambling platform, offers users  an opportunity to play the best game titles from major industry players while enjoying the transparency and security. Indie developers can also place their games on the platform, allowing them to reach a wider audience and compete with leading iGaming providers.

By introducing their platform to major brands, Luckchemy will rapidly expand its White Label network, which is similar to an affiliate program. Through this program, gambling partners collaborate with market partners to market gambling products by leveraging the power of their unique brands and profit from a share of the generated revenue.

Luckchemy enters into a partnership with Mr.Bet.

The first such partnerships is already in its final stages. Luckchemy will provide its games to be published by Mr.Bet, a highly respected online casino, on its platform, on the web and through mobile apps. As a part of the agreement, both the parties will be dividing the revenue.

Mr.Bet has a wide selection of games for players to enjoy, including slots, table games, and live casino titles. Launched in 2017, their extensive portfolio and good standing within the community make them an impressive partner for Luckchemy.

Mr.Bet has been interested in Luckchemy’s blockchain-based games and their usage of off-chain cryptography for a long time. To ensure its success, as soon as Luckchemy develops a final version of the game (slots or scratchers), Mr.Bet will publish the game on its platform.

Luckchemy’s scalable and fair online gambling platform is driven by the unique combination of blockchain technology and off chain cryptography. This  provides the perfect foundation for emerging gaming platforms, benefiting players, operators, and regulators. With Luckchemy Tokens (LUK), platform users are granted access to a range of services within the platform, such as a variety of games on the same platform. Token holders can also access fast and easy monthly withdrawals, funded by a minimum of 0.5% of the platform’s transactions.

Additionally, iGaming operators will have access to a wide range of fair blockchain based games under their brand names. Luckchemy handles the relevant paperwork, such as licensing and payment processing, while building a network of strong products spread across an extensive network and global audience.

Token Details and Sale.

Having a partner is very important for an ambitious project, like Luckchemy, and its investors. Almost all successfully launched ICO projects had well-known and reliable partners, while many scammers, on the contrary, had no support from well-known icons and the market. Luckchemy’s partnership with an iGaming industry leader while in the midst of their token sale exhibits the characteristics of a platform poised for exponential growth.

Luckchemy’s LUK tokens provide long-term utility and value for token holders. The token sale started on 22nd May and ends on 20th July 2018. The Hard cap for the sale is set at 45,360 ETH, while the soft cap is 2,000 ETH. Investors who purchase now receive a 40% discount on their purchases.

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