The Last Mile Holds the Key to a Greener E-Commerce

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It’s all well and good having a super-slick online shopping experience only to have the customer journey stumble in the home straight. According to business matters — a UK based SME Business magazine, reliable delivery is the key to a successful e-commerce business. In an article, they highlighted that importance, “One-fifth of shopping baskets are abandoned due to unsatisfactory delivery options according to the distribution company Descartes.  In other words, the average online company could improve sales substantially if they improved their delivery options.” Quoting research from Ecommerce Nation, they further elaborate  “37 percent of online shoppers, if dissatisfied with a delivery experience, will never use the same online retailer again. An even greater proportion – 55 percent – will abandon the retailer if they have problems with their parcel delivery.”

Last Mile Is E-Commerce’s Achilles Heel

Every other stage might have played its part efficiently and with minimum fuss, but it is no more than a house of cards if the delivery journey is poor and parcels arrive late or at inconvenient times – or sometimes not at all! For too long the Last Mile has been completely underestimated and undervalued yet think about it – the last mile is actually the most exciting part for the consumers who are finally united with their goods. It’s the most important stage of the customer journey. Triwer places a lot of importance on giving customers control, who can personalize their profile in such a way so that their delivery preferences are respected, these preferences can even be transposed to multiple shopping websites so that optimum delivery can be ensured each time. Standardised real-time tracking, convenient delivery options and pickup and delivery choices along with state of the art communication features and change management even at the last mile through crowd delivery ensure that the customer is truly the king when it comes to delivery.

The Last Mile Is a Green Mile

This is why Triwer puts the Last Mile on equal footing with every part of the process – with professional drivers providing real-time information to ensure the parcel is delivered on time and to wherever the customer wants – and at the best price possible. And Triwer places carbon footprints high on the agenda, which is why we’ll be constantly innovating, improving and discovering new ways to benefit the environment. With Triwer, there’ll be no articulated diesel trucks clogging up the town center with their unhealthy emissions. In a further effort to cut down on CO2 emissions, there is full integration with PickPack in place so that all deliveries are made in a paperless manner. Logistic efficiencies will ensure that there are reduced journeys.  For Triwer, it’s all about the bigger picture so if we can change the process, make it faster, safer, cheaper and greener, why wouldn’t we?

Triwer Token Sale an Opportunity for Green E-Commerce

The public finally has a chance to radically change the way how Courier Express and Parcel Delivery Management (CEPM), as well as the e-commerce business, is run. Most importantly, they have the right to change the way the last mile is managed by these companies so that the segment of the logistics that most affects the customer is made better. The Triwer project is holding a token sale and invites the participation of the public in the process. They have released a whitepaper that has all the technical and other details of the project. During the crowdsale 375 mln Triwer tokens (TRW) will be sold to the public. This token is at the center of the Triwer project and facilitates transactions throughout the platform. During the crowdsale a bonus of 15-25% is available for investors, while the price of each token has been fixed at US$ 0.08. Investors can visit the Triwer website for whitelisting and KYC process through the registration page. The last date of the crowdsale is June 30, 2018.

The last mile is the icing on the cake, and Triwer will make the whole process more flexible and pleasant than it’s ever been before.


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