SimpleFX Upgrades Its Affiliation Tools

SimpleFX, one of the world’s most popular crypto trading platform designed to help beginners as well as experts trade cryptocurrency has recently upgraded its affiliation tools to enhance the experience of its affiliate partners. The new affiliate tool is easy to use and provides all the necessary information about the campaigns run by affiliates at fingertips.

What is SimpleFX?

SimpleFX is a trading platform that serves both as a forex and crypto trading broker, helping people, irrespective of their levels of expertise to not just trade, but also learn about the whole trading process and cryptocurrencies. Users with Android devices can access their desired learning tools which have recently received a series of updates to learning easier and more fun.  The well-recognized SimpleFX trading platform has also been acknowledged as the “Best Crypto Trading Platform” in 2017.

The Need for a better Affiliation Software

Affiliates play a very important part in the operations of any trading platform. The affiliates help the platform expand their reach to the masses. At the same time, people looking for a trading solution come across the right platform to suit their needs through the affiliates’ actions. In return, affiliates get pay-outs or rewards, for their contribution to the platform.

While the affiliate system is not new, there hasn’t been much improvement in how the whole program works. Generally, partners are provided with a code or a unique link. Whenever someone signs up using that link, the affiliate will receive a reward, either as a fixed payout or a percentage of the deposit made by the user signing up with the referral link. Many times, the whole process of calculating the affiliate payout is not transparent, which makes it hard to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns or the actual conversion on the platform. And then there is the issue with marketing collaterals, which the affiliates use to promote the partner. They are left with a limited choice and have to make do with it.

The SimpleFX Affiliate Dashboard Upgrade

SimpleFX understands the importance of affiliates in its line of business and wants to make their contributions worthwhile. In order to make things easier for them, the trading platform has launched a brand new updated affiliate dashboard with loads of features.

Using the SimpleFX affiliation tool is an easy three-step process. Upon logging in, affiliates can go to menu, click the affiliates option, and select view affiliate panel. They will be redirected to a third-party affiliation software, from which they can plan and manage their campaigns. They can decide the type of campaign, select the right boxes to suit the campaign timespan and make it live. They can constantly monitor the effectiveness of their campaign on the same dashboard which offers a range of metrics including the type of traffic and conversion rates and the resulting payouts. This data can be utilized to further improve their future campaigns to get maximum returns.

Cryptocurrency Payouts

The SimpleFX affiliate program is designed to offer attractive rewards. Each affiliate signing up on the trading platform stand to receive up to 25% of the trading spread from the clients directly referred through their affiliate link. In addition, they also receive a 5% of client’s revenue share from the traders whom they have directly referred to the platform.

The payouts to affiliate partners are not just confined to fiat currencies. Probably for the first time, affiliates on a mainstream trading brokerage platform can choose between fiat and 5 different cryptocurrencies which include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

The use of a third-party affiliation software for calculating the metrics also means that an independent authority is monitoring the program, and it also conveys to the affiliates that SimpleFX is not fudging the referral conversions and the payouts.

Creating and Managing Campaigns


With SimpleFX affiliation tools, partners can create a full-fledged campaign in less than a minute. The Campaign Manager helps set up the campaign parameters with just a few clicks and few sentences. Partners can choose from over 40 different banner sets, available in various languages as per the campaign’s requirements. During or after the conclusion of the campaign, they can access various statistics including views, clicks, conversions, revenues, user devices – whether it was a mobile, desktop or a tablet, all based on location.

While these data points provide a way to improve future campaigns, things are soon going to get even better. SimpleFX will soon release more features on its affiliate panel, which will further enhance the quality of promotions and hence the payouts.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or feature requests? Write to [email protected] and be heard.


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