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Image Protect is Revolutionizing Monetization of Media

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One apparent benefit that has accompanied the strides that technology is making is the ease and speed with which people can now share information. Rough estimates put the number of licensable images available on the internet at about a trillion. A simple online search will give you thousands of these. However, the simplicity of sharing data highlighted here comes with another inconvenience; potential buyers that want to purchase any of these images have such a hard time identifying copyright holders. This situation probably is the reason why image theft is preferred as it is a lot convenient compared to the procedural purchase.

The Image Protect Premise

The Image Protect is a growing community of visual artists that have a common goal of making the most of copyright protection. The platform brags of three essential characteristics, which are cutting-edge image search technology, recognition of digital images, and the platform’s IPShare™, which is a native, secure format for sharing online images. Together, these three as well as the community’s 450,000-strong membership work on a monetization and protection strategy with the global copyright in mind.

The IPShare™ also doubles as a novel digital licensing model that allows website owners to monetize the images they embed on the sites quickly. It allows users to replace the images on their site with copies that are IPShare™-compatible. Such images are instantly transformed into online billboards that have hot links, in-image advertising, dynamic messaging as well as social sharing properties.

Problems that the Image Protect Seeks to Solve and the Solutions It Proffers

At the moment, more than 80% of the websites hosted on the internet don’t have monetization mechanisms through image licensing. Moreover, these websites have near-nil sales history and little or non-existent licensing transparently that protects the rights of copy artists.

The online market as currently constituted has no control over the licensing procedures; a situation that has given the vast conglomerates a giant share of the image market. Also, the market lacks a unified registry for all the digital visual content shared online. These problems are monumental by any standard and require solutions that address them right from the root.

The Image Protect is proposing to use IPShare™ to change the entire online advertising ecosystem by enabling secure sharing of digital visual content and handling attribution of ownership properly. The easy-to-use facility also doubles as a social engagement tool. Moreover, this licensing tool shall allow website owners to engage with users via social networks and help them grow their revenue.

The platform also intends to build a decentralized copyright registry that shall lock in attribution and keep a consistent, an unchangeable link between an artist and their creative works. Moreover, the user-friendly platform shall allow users to consign, transfer and even loan their digital creations without necessarily losing ownership or compromising the copyright.

The Image Protect wants to leverage the power of the blockchain and smart contracts to create a whole new market for digital images and set a standard for copyrighting digital content online. Importantly, users shall now be able to follow and trace the footprints left by their digital images spread on the net.

Key Services that the Image Protect shall offer

To ensure it offers revolutionary solutions to the online visual digital content market, the Image Protect will offer these services:

  • Global tracking and monitoring of images online
  • Automated and standard takedown service for images already online
  • Image replacement with IPShare™-compatible media
  • Post-usage licensing of images online
  • Simplified copyright registry
  • Image data analytics

How the Image Protect Works

The platform seeks to change the marketing environment of the internet by allowing users to apply a 7-step process that shall optimize all visual digital media that is already online or is yet to be uploaded. In the beginning, users will upload images either on their portals or any image hosting services they have subscribed to. The platform shall then convert these images to ad formats and make them trackable. Also, the platform shall comb the net for existing matches of the images it converts, and categorize these. The platform shall enable users to review sightings and report unauthorized use of their images so that the Image Protect can seek settlements on their behalf.

Details of the Image Protect ICO

The Image Protect has issued 305 million IMAGE tokens for distribution during the ICO. The first pre-sale of this exercise is already on and has some three weeks to go. Of 305 million tokens, 203 million tokens shall be sold in the various stages of the ICO at US$.10. The soft and hard caps of this exercise are US$ 250,000 and US$ 12.5 million, respectively.

People that are keen to buy the tokens during the ICO can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

Why You Should Participate in the Image Protect ICO

The various use cases that the platform presents are both practical and in demand. With more images coming into the internet, the need to monetize them shall increase. Moreover, copyright infringement needs to be addressed comprehensively. Aside from the use cases, the team that runs the Image Protect, led by the CEO Lawrence Adams, comprises of talented professionals with numerous years in the image industry and the blockchain space.

More information about the Image Protect is available from the website, whitepaper, and their various handles in the social media networks.

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