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Statue of Satoshi Nakamoto May Soon Replace Toppled Lenin in Kiev

Rick D. | June 14, 2018 | 6:00 pm

Statue of Satoshi Nakamoto May Soon Replace Toppled Lenin in Kiev

Rick D. | June 14, 2018 | 6:00 pm

A group of cryptocurrency proponents from the Ukraine have a plan to erect of statue of Satoshi Nakamoto in the capital city, Kiev. True to anonymous Bitcoin founder’s future-looking vision, the statue will be a digital one that is only visible when using a smart phone.

Statue of Satoshi to Replace That of Toppled Lenin in Kiev

The virtual statue of Satoshi will replace the toppled one of Vladimir Lenin, one of the most important figures in the history of Eastern European politics in last century. The site of the original Lenin statue was on Shevchenko Boulevard. It was knocked down by demonstrators during the Maidan protests in December 2013.

The group responsible for the proposal to replace the fallen statue of Lenin are known as the Satoshi Nakamoto Republic. Their co-founder, Andriy Moroz told news publication RadioFreeEuropeRadioLiberty about their plan:

“We are engaging in the construction of monuments to the great man who for everyone is a new symbol of freedom.”

To turn the dreams of a digital statue into a reality, the group hope to install a plinth at the site. When this is viewed using a mobile phone camera through a special app, a statue of Nakamoto will appear. However, it’s unclear how the group plans to depict the anonymous man, woman, or group behind Bitcoin using their augmented reality statue idea.

The app itself will be created by Raccoon World. The company are specialists in robotics and virtual reality. Their website claims that they are contractors for the creation of AR monuments. The group are hoping that the new digital statue will get the go ahead from city officials. However, if it doesn’t they plan to install one in a different, less historically important location:

“In case the petition will be declined, the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto will be erected on another location. Now there is a wave of interest on the part of business to erect the monument on one of the territories of the contemporary technological business centres of Kyiv.”

The Kiev Satoshi statue isn’t the first example of Bitcoin being publicly displayed in such a way. We’ve previously reported on the Slovenian Bitcoin monument that was erected at the centre of a traffic island earlier this year. There was also the less permanent example of the Swiss blockchain company who projected a giant image of the Bitcoin logo onto the front of the Swiss National Bank this April.

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  • fujak

    nice….should replace the Mandela statue in London too….

  • Kyiv

    • fujak

      such an awesome city!!! great food, cheap beer and beautiful buildings and women!!!

  • Tanya Shabatin

    Hi everyone. Now we are engaging in the construction of monuments to a great man, who is a new symbol of freedom for everyone.
    Currently, the development of the application is underway and within 2 months a virtual monument will be installed in Kyiv (Ukraine). How will the virtual monument will look like? – is a good question. We want to announce a competition among designers for the best idea for the monument. Next, we will ask the community to choose which idea of the monument is the best. Then this idea will be digitized and a virtual monument will be installed.

    If we can achieve it now, we’ll realize our other goals of our social project. We have not yet launched the ICO.

    Monument installation is the first stage of the global project implementation, which includes the creation of the Virtual Decentralized Blockchain Republic, the center of which will be the capital of Satoshi Nakamoto City.

    We conduct a social ICO to achieve the following goals:
    1. Construction of monuments and opening of the embassies of the Republic all over the world.
    2. Creation of Virtual Blockchain Republic – development of software for the management of the republic, – We are on stage “Customer Discovery” now, please send your suggestions if you want. You can get more information on our website about us. satoshirepublic {dot} org Your opinion is very important to us. Thanks!

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