Tutellus, the First Decentralized & Tokenized NEM-Based Blockchain for Education– the ICO Is On!

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Tutellus is the world’s first tokenized and decentralized platform in the Spanish-speaking world, that pays users for learning. Based on the NEM Blockchain, it serves as the biggest online educational collaborative platform available for Spanish speakers. Started in 2013, the company has gained a massive user base of 1 million in 160 countries around the globe, with more than 130,000 video courses offered over the platform. The main token sale of Tutellus tokens started on June 10, offering an exclusive discount of 10% till June 19, 2018. If you want to avail this discount, join the ICO now.

The Background & Industry Challenges

There is no educational model that lets people earn money while they study. In fact, they have to invest in their own education, hoping to earn that money back in the long term. This brings a lot of challenges.  People cannot earn money by studying, they have to spend more instead. Students often lack motivation, and many stop studying. Teachers can’t earn money depending on the value of the students that they generate and are not fairly retributed for their efforts. And finally, there is a huge gap between employment and education, with millions of jobs unfilled.

How Tutellus Solves These Problems?

Tutellus has launched a new paradigm in the student-teacher relationship with the creation of a new decentralized system to strengthen the commitment of both students and teachers. Tutellus is the first educational platform that pays students for learning (proof of learning) and remunerates the teachers according to their impact on the success of their students (proof of teaching).

Who Benefits from Tutellus?

Tutellus is an ecosystem that benefits all its users including teachers, students, and companies. By using the Pool tokens and the Market, the teachers and students are able to study free of cost, while earning money via tokens, access to valuable services and get Relevance. It has been anticipated that using Tutellus platform, around 10 million people would be able to make money through 50 million courses within next two years.

How Does It Work?

The platform measures the commitment of the students and teachers, as well as the educational value that they provide on the platform and will provide a measure of relevance through an internal STUT token. This system will also include functionalities associated with transactions, governance, and access.

The reward system will be built with digital assets or tokens, the currency that will be at the core of the market. The entire system will operate according to rules implemented as smart contracts, thus ensuring full digitalization and autonomous operability of the platform.

TUT and Smart TUT (aka STUT)

TUT will be used as the platform’s currency and to interact with other platforms and currencies. Smart TUT or STUT, will not be directly tradable to fiat and will be granted to reward users who contribute educational value to the platform and as a measure of the quality of their participation. The TUT token is a full tradable token.

Tutellus.io is an evolution, a decentralized platform being able to pay users for learning, boosting and empowering them. The main token sale has just started with 10% bonus, which will decrease to 5% from June 20, 2018. The platform has set the maximum token supply at 1.5 billion, of which 60% 2ill be offered to the public through the ongoing crowdsale.

With a hardcap of 40 million, the platform has set the TUT price at $0.05. The on-going Tutellus main token sale has a minimum purchase limit of 0.05 ETH in place and those taking part before June 20 stand to receive a 10% bonus. In addition to using the raised funds for product development, marketing and implementation of the extensive roadmap, Tutellus will be allocating a certain percentage of it for its Scholarship Program.

To know more about this unique platform and participate in its on-going ICO, please visit https://tutellus.cryptonomos.com/

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