Strategic Alliance Between Gifto & ICST to Reward Decentralised Content Creators

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Individual Content and Skills Token (ICST) is proud to announce a strategic alliance with virtual gifting platform Gifto. The collaboration is a huge cause for celebration, for musicians and talented skill sharers around the globe.

“Both Gifto and ICST believe in the principle that content is king, and that creators have the right to both ownership and fair compensation. Together we can leverage the opportunities Blockchain offers to revolutionise the content creation space and give power back to talented individuals.ICST CEO Ji Guo, Yale University Graduate & Co-Founder of Content Hackers & Company.

ICST is building a content distribution platform for content creators to upload and disseminate their material autonomously, bypassing the record labels, distributors and streaming sites who traditionally pocket a large cut of the costs. The result? A fairer marketplace for both consumers and creators of content. The platform also enables content providers to regain ownership, utilising smart contracts to determine conditions for the use, distribution and monetization of their products. ICST also buffers artists from the risks of copyright infringement and the consequential loss of revenue from music theft.

Gifto provides a universal platform for users and creators to send, receive, create, curate and exchange virtual gifts across content platform systems, such as YouTube, Instagram & Facebook to name a few. The partnership with ICST will result in a creative expansion in Gifto’s virtual catalogue, to the benefit of both creators, gifters and their recipients.

After selling out on its token sale in 60 seconds,

Gifto’s GTO token secured a position amongst the global top 10 most traded token by volume. GTO is the first application token in blockchain history to achieve this. According to CoinMarketCap, Gifto has a market cap of over USD $78 million. The company was launched by Asia Innovation Group (AIG), Asia’s leading mobile entertainment company, and the company behind the creation of the hugely successful mobile streaming app, Uplive.

ICST launched its token sale on 21 June. You have until 27 June to join their public sale & participate in the future of music and content sharing. Click here for more information and to contribute to their ICO.


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