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NAGA VIRTUAL is Reshaping the Virtual Goods Market

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NAGA VIRTUAL is a platform which offers gamers a place where they can sell and buy items to and from each other. This, in effect, positively converts the time and effort they have spent gaming while giving gamers the freedom and possibility to trade from different games of different sources (PC, console, mobile etc.).

Gamers aren’t the only ones who benefit from the platform. Game publishers from the connected games benefit, too, as NAGA VIRTUAL offers an individual store for publishers, which serves as a direct income channel and a distribution platform for new items from their games.

Publishers and developers are also offered an administration tool which allows them to create their own item-offers through their customizable store section. By deciding which items users can buy and trade on the NAGA VIRTUAL, they are able to control and eradicate any inflation or deflation fears in relation to the in-game economy.

A Slew of Advantages

NAGA VIRTUAL is a modular platform built entirely on an architecture of micro-services, which allows it to be highly adaptable to any system, data or use-case scenarios. It is even possible to have an entire NAGA VIRTUAL ecosystem, wherein some regions/countries might have different features enabled or closed.

NAGA VIRTUAL is also the first regulated, independent and cross-game/platform virtual goods market. For the first time, game publishers profit from every transaction! Gamers, meanwhile, can purchase new items directly from their publisher/developer in the Store, and trade amongst each other in the Market — creating a unified ecosystem for publisher/developers and gamers.

The NAGA VIRTUAL platform is built “by gamers, for gamers” and will be interconnected with the NAGA WALLET, making investing in your favorite virtual goods using cryptocurrencies very safe and easy. This allows an easy transfer of funds from virtual product sales on NAGA VIRTUAL to your NAGA WALLET, and vice-versa.

Market Analysis: Miles Ahead of the Competition

This global games market in 2017 was estimated to be worth over $100 billion, and the number of gamers in the world during that time was estimated to be at 2.2 billion. And research suggests that the virtual item market segment was worth over $15 billion in 2016, up from just $2 billion in 2009.

NAGA VIRTUAL is not alone in this market, of course. Its primary competitors are g2g, dmarket, enjincoin, and Skins Cash.

Compared to g2g, information regarding all the items comes directly from publishers, meaning that there is no room for scams. Items are also bought through the NAGA VIRTUAL platform and are directly transferred to other gamer accounts so there is no room for fraud or scam.

Likewise, NAGA VIRTUAL is ahead of the market in terms of development and publisher acquisition, since it is already in the process of connecting the platform with its first games. Furthermore, NAGA VIRTUAL already has publishers and is well known in terms of connections with other potential publishers.

NAGA VIRTUAL is also superior to enjincoin, thanks to its speed. Furthermore, enjoincoin has arguably yet to prove itself trustworthy.

A lot of current issues in the virtual goods market stem from the fact that there is no single place online where gamers can exchange items in a totally legal and safe way. Most of the current solutions do not offer a safe environment and scam/fraud-free marketplace, something which definitely can’t be said of NAGA VIRTUAL.

To learn more about NAGA VIRTUAL, visit the official website here.

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