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Arbitao: Automated Crypto Trading App Makes Arbitrage Accessible to All

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Investors, both fresh and experienced looking to profit from cryptocurrencies can now do so without relying solely on the turbulent Bitcoin and Ethereum price fluctuations. It is made possible by Arbitao – a fully automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading solution.

Essentially, Arbitao offers a less risky and more user-friendly way for institutional and individual investors to directly profit from volatile crypto markets by offering arbitrage (price differences between different exchange rates) as a viable alternative to straight purchases.

It is a fully automated solution that is designed to get rid of the age-old problems plaguing the conventional arbitrage trading methods in crypto markets which limits the number of people profiting from it. Arbitao’s unique technology helps users find price differences on different crypto-exchanges and automatically executes profitable arbitrage trades on their behalf.

Cryptocurrency investors can easily optimize price differences from 19 exchanges.

The low risk, easy-to-use platform is useful for both individuals as well as institutional investors in a relatively unstable crypto-market. Arbitao gets rid of “Hodling” as the ATAO blockchain technology analyzes data from 19 different crypto exchanges including Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, and Poloniex to optimize leverage. Using the platform, investors can potentially make more profits by trading than holding, even when the market is relatively stable. This way, they don’t have to wait long-term for the value of their crypto assets to increase.

Arbitao comes in handy especially in the market conditions exhibited during the last few months. The fluctuations in the market prices have destabilized the fragile blockchain based monetary markets, forcing investors to reconsider their investments in the space, when it comes to short and medium-term profits.

In order to execute profitable arbitrage trades for each of its community members, Arbitao makes use of four different trading pools. The diversification combined with automation makes it possible to invest as little as $100 to gain returns ranging from 0.5% to 0.75% per day. It means that an investment of $100 in ideal market conditions can turn into $220 in about 240 days.

Automated trading software makes profit possible to those outside of arbitrage’s ‘closed loop.’

Arbitao’s technology has been tried and tested. It has been online and running since November 2017 with great success.  It includes three key platforms; the TAOx trading platform, where Bitcoin can be traded for Arbitao’s native ATAO token; the ATAOwallet, where ATAO coins can be stored securely; and the ARBITAO arbitrage platform itself.

In addition to investment, Arbitao offers a variety of ways for community members to earn more ATAO coins. It includes staking, which involves installing the ATAO wallet and holding some ATAO tokens to validate other transactions on the blockchain; bounty participation to gain rewards for promoting Arbitao in various ways including posts on social networks, content creation, participation in the affiliate program and more. By taking part in the affiliate program, members can earn an additional 18% from referrals.

Long-term goals and token sale.

Arbitao’s main mission is to implement a decentralized network of nodes utilizing its highly functional computational resources. This would overcome the problem of identifying the most viable arbitrage opportunities between different exchanges and executing risk-free arbitrage trades before they disappear. In the long term, Arbitao aims to fully decentralize the existing arbitrage trading and empower both small and big investors alike.

According to Arbitao’s Lead Developer & Co-Founder, Karel Mirrin, their long-term goal is to fully decentralize arbitrage trading to make it more inclusive, transparent and rewarding for all investors, in turn, delivering an enhance crypto liquidity, and kickstart renewed interest in blockchain technology.

“Our goal was to deliver a working product before the ICO started, which we succeeded in. Now we’re confident that our software will help demystify arbitrage, enhance crypto liquidity, and kick-start renewed interest in blockchain technology,” says Mirrin

Arbitao’s main token sale will begin on 22nd of July, following the pre-sale that’s set to go live on the 1st of same month.  They will be distributing a total of 800,000,000 ATAO throughout the ICO. The ICO’s Soft Cap target is US$20 million while the Hard Cap target is US$48 million. The token value for the crowdsale period is set at $0.10 for 1 ATAO, with bounties available to participants. The percentage of the total token supply available to the public during the crowdsale is 85%, with an additional 2% reserved for bounties.

The funds raised will be used to develop a more robust infrastructure, improve algorithms, incorporate more cloud computing features, and help Arbitao expand to other exchanges. This will help Arbitao lay the foundation for this eco-system by opening their fully operational, automated trading pools to the public.

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