From Two-Bit Fantasy To Reality

Avatar Vesa 2 years ago

This one looks more like you than the cover image yes?

 – That might not be a bad thing. –

How many degrees removed do you think you are from the guy above? You might be surprised soon as to how much actually. He certainly ain’t James Bond and if you are a trader this sad ‘glued to the screen’ existence might have just sucker punched you in an awkward soft spot. At least you are doing it to make money as opposed to pug video share likes right? This is not me attempting to abuse your pitiful day-to-day, however. There is much more to why this image leads the top of the article – if you haven’t already seen the original. Here are some updated rules for crypto entrepreneurs, speakers, and other blockchain content contributors. Listen up!

Rule No.1:
Attention is the new currency.

You are competing against the best in the world at all times due to smartphones. Act accordingly. You absolutely, positively, cannot bore people into being interested in what you do. I’ve seen many sad attempts at this and continue to facepalm all too often in the space of the interlinked squares. I roast you because I care. Or something like that. You can’t survive in an internet reality without being creative with your presentation. I’m also just starting to doubt my capacity to sit through yet another lame buzzword bingo that makes me wish I was capable of seamlessly leaving a hologram where I sit while invisibly exiting the room. It is nowhere near as aggressive to leave mid-presentation than it is to hold an entire audience captive due to not having sweat buckets working beforehand to be interesting.

Unchecked idealism is the opposite end of the same mirage and starting to become equally boring. This happens less on stages and more one-to-one. This problem is easier for me to understand as an artist but far behind are the dreamy days when I tried to trick myself and others to believe that all I did was for the greater good. It’s a trap many entrepreneurs and certainly, crypto enthusiasts, fall into at one point or another. “In it for the tech, only” sounds like you don’t have enough invested in it to make your project and /or idea into a lasting reality. This is not my equivalent of ‘greed is good’ though. Just that directly expressed self-interest comes across more authentic. This is all about crypto becoming real so we need to be that as well.

“What was that golden Bitcoin James Bond doing up there? C’mon bro!”

Watch VESA’s 22-min Keynote about it all in London earlier.

A THANK YOU: Big ups for Daniel Maarek from DMFX Financials, who have a trading group that provides cryptocurrency trading signals, for hosting the event and giving me another opportunity to fine tune my creative crypto thoughts and getting it filmed. A high five also to Zachary Reece for setting it up.

Rule No. 2:
It’s all interconnected

From now on, we are going well beyond the topic of creativity and blockchain. This, as far as I’m concerned, is what blockchain is all about in its core. The following is the red pill on abstraction in more general terms. It might help next time when talking about crypto to a noob. This for sure is original content:

Religion, love, art, and money have a lot in common. They are all highly abstract concepts that become very real through experience. The first experience is, of course, just a taste no matter how profound. Things can get pretty complicated and even brutal from there. How did your first falling in love thing work out? They all require a certain amount of intelligence, openness, and education to fully access – leaving many, despite their best efforts, vulnerable to tricksters since the dawn of time. The con men and women come in all forms from preachers to a lady in the red dress. They ride into town to pocket the real value from fools – potentially leaving you with but bitter memories. Who knows, they might have founded your town to begin with – as has been the case in many cults. How do you know to get out from what you were potentially born into? Having seen the Osho doc on Netflix this was the situation for many in a case more complicated than most others.

The big idea is to say that despite a lot of room for shady things in each of the above category, none of the high abstraction worlds could function if they were mere hoaxes only. What is clear, is that getting to really understand any of them takes a lot of dedicated work and they can represent the best things about us human beings as well. That being said, shit is about to get deep for a bit. For me, this is where the rubber hits the road.

That’s what the hippies have been saying since the 60’s and guru’s way before them. The Latin word religare, from which religion comes from, means ‘to bind’. Money helps many communicate that would otherwise have nothing in common. The love part is obvious. The difference is that before now, we didn’t have the technology to make decentralized accountability a shared reality. Without a tech solution, when dealing with masses of people, ideas can become dark and forceful ideologies all too quickly. Our previous century is the bloodiest of them all to prove this. Repeating or even 10Xing the 150 million dead from the previous, by pressuring equity of outcome, sounds like an unspeakable idea. This, of course, is what a lot of contemporary debate, in the face of only dealing with outdated systems, has now deteriorated to. The blockchain offers alternatives and forces an update to existing paradigms in a positive way. You might get the odd complaint about short modern goldfish-like attention spans but 3-hour podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience prove you can keep millions of people on switched on for a long time if you deliver your substance well. No doubt, the current bar is really high and humor on top of it all helps.

The 60’s dark side might have been taking way too much of those mind-opening drugs and not implementing any of the downed awareness to real life. The current equivalent #toomuch epidemic might be to binge-watch and believe every conspiracy theory on the internet. Since Youtube hit the scene, many were swallowed whole by this but the profoundly idiotic flat-earthers thankfully balanced that for me personally soon enough. None of our systems nor ‘getting to the bottom of this’ have the power to end all human suffering, which I believe is part and parcel of the promise of pure blockchain idealists too. This is not to say we cannot shift our reality to something entirely different from where we are now. We clearly live in a better world in many ways than we did a century ago and this is a massive leap forward in what is possible.

Rule No. 3:
Make it real

Admittedly, it’s been rather difficult to stay enthused about blockchain of late even for those who understand it’s relevance well beyond market curves after the high of 2017. The price going up significantly contributes to the public interest, which has been rather stale, to say the least, in 2018 thus far. A part of the bear market to me is that the blockchain is yet to deliver on something tangible and functional beyond trade platforms and Crypto Kitties. If you have it, make better noise as the bloodbath is real-ish.

Pen to paper is the foundation but the multitude of promises made by the white papers and ICO’s still remain at the level of abstraction far too much. We all know crypto moves fast. So fast in fact that was ok in 2017 is no longer enough in 2018. As a painter, I get to put a real-life art piece in front of the people I’m selling it to – as well as the digital one. My estimation is that once we see more successful tangible implementation stories, another bull will appear naturally. That kind of power cannot be denied by any market manipulation either.

Enough rules.

Past. Present. Future.

The video also presents that one of my art pieces is going to be auctioned in a live-streamed charity gala at the Malta Blockchain Summit in November. In attendance will be the top 400 companies as well as the President of Malta. I’m really looking forward to traveling there soon to learn more about the overwhelming amount of myth-infused history and what is going on currently. The challenge is to marry together it’s past, crypto present and future to an art piece worthy of it all.


“Nude Amidst The Waves”

Also on a much lighter note, I want to share a new piece from my other platform called “Nude Amidst The Waves’. It is not related to crypto in its subject matter directly but is available via crypto for those who might want it on their wall as ‘proof of art’. Unless if maybe you are a female trader who works from home in the nude amongst the current chaotic crypto waves? Perhaps a bridge too far but not entirely unrealistic. The gracious model amongst the waves is Sophie Franson and the no. 1 is still available from all editions from bronze to platinum but not for long.

Btw. If you don’t yet know the full relevance of the sad office guy to your life here is a hint: the image is photoshopped ever so slightly but the meaning changes drastically with the original revealing just how removed from that guy you actually are. Must try harder or be more creative – would be the lesson from that. That itch, in case you did not yet figure it out, can only be scratched by watching the start of the feature video.

Some might have realized that the primary definition of this article was ‘Blockchain Art.’ This did not exist on News BTC before but since it was appropriate and there was a need for it I just created it. How will you forge a new path today?

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Vesa is a contributing art writer on News BTC. He is credited for innovating an entirely new art form Artevo and his new platform Art For Crypto, focuses on art for and about the blockchain. He is best known for his collaboration...

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