No Pain, All Gain as Õpet Rewrites Admission & Verification Rules for Colleges

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Who would think that high school could be a stressful time for parents? As an anguished parent, Rachel Dayanim of Brookline, wrote to The New York Times (NYT) saying, “Although colleges pretend they are dealing with a 17-year-old who is capable of making this decision on his or her own, that is simply not the case.” Students feel no better about the prospects of entering college either. Zoe Imansjah of Arcadia, says in the same section of the NYT, “The college admissions process was an emotional roller-coaster. Going through the process of compiling my accomplishments opened up insecurities. My peers and I have deemed sites like College Confidential extremely toxic. Seeing that people with higher qualifications did not get into certain schools stirred up doubts such as, “What chance do I have if they couldn’t even get in?”.”

What if students and their parents got support in a more streamlined and intelligent manner? What if someone invented an online tool that would help students not only in their daily studies but also in college applications? Õpet Foundation has the answers to these questions.

Stress reduction in education through artificial intelligence

First and foremost, Õpet Foundation approaches the issue with a chatbot that utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help students revise their course syllabus. This chatbot application is going to be available on Google Play and Apple App store allowing students to purchase digital tutor companion services using Opet Tokens (OPET). Secondly, career counseling services will be available, significantly reducing the stress on students and their parents. Basically, Õpet has evolved a virtuous cycle. While the AI helps students prepare for the future, the platform also has the ability to share student information such as grades in a secure, open and transparent manner with academic and non-academic stakeholders. This valuable data about students will draw more tertiary institutions, accreditation agencies, universities, scholarship providers, student loan agencies, banks and potential employers to use the platform.

The tech behind Õpet helps students and parents

The backbone of Õpet’s blockchain solution is an Ethereum blockchain that works in conjunction with the Hyperledger fabric. With this technology, Õpet will be able to bring together institutions with user data validation capabilities and share information with them in a secure, immutable and transparent manner. Opet Token will also have a central role to play on the platform as it can be used by students to pay not only for their tuition fee but also other digital and academic services on the platform. In fact, the use of the token would come as a boon for students from regions suffering from economic instability. Students and parents can use OPET to lock in tuition fee and protect their educational savings fund against fluctuations in currency valuations.  More importantly, this blockchain solution also empowers a new age of education-related philanthropy, where donors can transfer Opet Tokens to their beneficiaries via the Hyperledger-Ethereum blockchain without having to go through unnecessary intermediaries.

Real world solutions turn academic pain into gain

Õpet is trying to change the way college admissions, candidate validations, and tertiary education is viewed by academic institutions. The process has remained unchanged for ages but there is potential for improvement. The Õpet Foundation’s private sale is the perfect opportunity for everyone who is interested in the education to back the project. It is also a chance to benefit from a US$ 5 trillion market that is evergreen and immune to recessions. Furthermore, strategic partnerships with the Psychometric Centre of the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, American University of Central Asia and World Capacity Builder are already in place, this will allow Network effects and Metcalfe’s Law to work their magic in an ever-expanding global ecosystem, making it potentially rewarding for the early supporters as the project gains momentum.  The foundation’s whitepaper lists all the details about the project. A brochure about the project as well as the token research document has also been released. Investors will be able to benefit from bonus tokens depending on the scale of the participation: 35% bonus tokens for contributions of 500 ETH and above, 30% bonus tokens for contribution between 200 ETH to 499 ETH and 25% bonus tokens for contributions between 50 ETH to 199 ETH. With Õpet Foundation laying the path for the use of disruptive technology to ease admission pains, you will now have the chance to turn pain into gain.

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