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NOIZchain – Taking Back Control of Advertising

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Many digital ads are not clicked by real humans these days and the engagement rates with real users are getting lower and lower. NOIZ is a decentralized ad network that runs an AI chatbot within all of these digital ads, enabling brands to drive real engagement with real consumers in real-time. All the AI conversation happens within the Ad, and AI and Blockchain technology is used to track down all data transactions.

The NOIZ Solution

The people behind NOIZ believe that their product is a win-win solution for both consumers and brands, and that is the most effective way to build a robust advertising model that offers true engagement, both in the present and long-term. This AI-based platform uses blockchain to bring a solution that will touch on all of the important aspects.

The NOIZ network uses two means of monitoring in order to prevent any possible fraud and ensure there aren’t any faults in the system. AI tasks and actions are monitored by using Run-time Execution Monitoring (REM) and Passive Monitoring. This helps distinguish spam bots from real users, by monitoring comments, data input and speed, and manners. The other method of watching over the platform will be done through passive monitoring. This essentially means that the network will monitor token flow on randomly selected wallets to see if any bots are operating on the platform, as they wouldn’t exhibit the same engagement and communication patterns as humans.

Permissioned Blockchain and Proof of Engagement

The ad networks of today track user activity through performance on publisher sites and advertisements. The collected information is stripped and sensitive data like IP addresses and private information are removed. While this sounds like a commendable thing, we can’t actually prove that ad networks remove this type of information or not. This form of blockchain leaves a lot of room for privacy invasions and data breaches.

The NOIZ solution uses a permissioned blockchain rather than a permissionless one. This type of blockchain is engineered to support transactions where privacy features are of utmost importance. The way this works is that the data is stored ‘on-chain’, and people who want to access it first have to identify themselves. Only after that, a moderator makes them a node within the platform. This is a huge difference compared to permissionless blockchains, where anyone can read anything.

NOIZ also implements a Proof of Engagement concept, which is based on three principles – customer incentivization through rewards, long-term bonding experience through high-quality and meaningful interaction and consumer privacy respect.


NOIZ uses a cognitive AI bot called Nikola to initiate communication within each ad on the platform. Nikola comes equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing). You may have heard how similar apps work – the more consumers converse and interact with Nikola, the more intelligent and useful the bot becomes. Nikola is optimized to work with multiple languages. The main goal of the bot is to increase the margin of successful conversions for digital ads and to incentivize consumers to engage with digital ads. Using tokens and a thought-out reward system, Nikola will reward users each time they interact with ad prompts.

Nikola will also automatically classify consumer responses and their engagement. For example, there are several intent levels, from fully engaged to disengaged and not classified – and a certain amount of tokens are delivered for each level of intent.

Useful Features of NOIZ Ecosystem

NOIZ intends to become a diverse ecosystem aimed at both brands and customers. Some of the most useful features of this platform are:

  • Peer to Peer (P2P) Advertising – NOIZ intends to be a fully P2P marketplace where publishers and advertisers will be able to connect directly with one another and make agreements powered by a smart contract platform.
  • Peer to Peer Consumer Marketplace – consumers decide which data and with whom they want to share data, and are rewarded with tokens for sharing data with advertisers and publishers.
  • Coupons and Redemption – NOIZ tokens work like coupons on the advertiser’s website. The advertiser sets up the smart contract and determines the necessary requirements the customer has to meet to redeem tokens.
  • Consensus-Based for All Parties – Just like a consensus would decide if a certain product or advertisement is beneficial to the community or marketplace; in the same consumers, advertisers, and publishers would decide on activities.

Supported NOIZchain Partners

NOIZ is supported by many online companies and individuals, including NDN Group, BTCC, and Hotmob. But, one of the most notable NOIZ partners is Blue Block. Blue Block is founded by established technology investment firms like MindWorks Ventures and investors from Gobi Partners with over a century of collective investment experience. Invested and supporting recent hot projects like Loom, Metadium, and HybridBlock, Blue Block’s reach into both the crypto and institutional network continues to expand.

A team of Experts behind NOIZchain

The team that is currently responsible for the development process of NOIZchain numbers over a dozen industry experts and business advisors. Their advisor team includes employees and executives of some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google and Digitas. The CEO of NOIZ, Andy Ann, has more than 17 years of experience working in the field of digital media. Alongside other executives, officers, and employees, the NOIZ project concepts were created in December of 2017. They have set the 1st quarter of 2019 as the launch date of the NOIZ v1.0.


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