The Initial Sale of DGEX — Next Generation Gold Exchange, Ends in Less than a Week!

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With the start of the initial ICO of DGEX from July 10, 2018, that is going to last till July 25, 2018, we are witnessing another revolution in the crypto exchange market. The DGEX, being labeled as the next revolution of gold exchange, enables users to directly convert their coins into real gold, supported currently by the Korean Gold Exchange, while some other mainstream exchanges are also going to be a part of the ecosystem soon. If you have not bought the DGEX coins named MDG and TMTG coins, you are inevitably going to miss a tremendous opportunity to make the most out of tangible assets.

The Background

Forgery and falsification of blockchain-based virtual money have been verified to be impossible, thanks to decentralization and distributed ledgers. It offers an opportunity for numerous people to realize a new world and a new ecosystem. However, a core issue for participants in cryptocurrencies is that there is a lack of practical uses or an ecosystem that fully utilizes virtual money. Numerous blockchain projects now only focus on decentralizing technology, speed, and such rather than on building an ecosystem through actual effective values. This ultimately reveals the current limits faced by blockchain-based virtual money (cryptocurrency).

How Does DGEX Address the Challenge?

The TMTG Project launched by DGEX aims to use blockchain technology to construct a satisfactory ecosystem that provides actual effective values in the current and more advanced future. It focuses on creating an ecosystem designed for exchanging virtual money for fiat money and tangible goods rather than concentrating on decentralizing technology.

The Tokens of the platform are:

  • TMTG Token

TMTG or The Midas Touch Gold coins will serve as the medium for maintaining and vitalizing the DGE (Digital Gold Exchange) ecosystem which is to be constructed through the TMTG Project. This token works to purchase other cryptocurrencies on the DGE platform. TMTG tokens are not related to any asset price, and as a utility token, are used only as a means of purchasing virtual currency on the DGE platform.

  • MDG Token

MDG Token MDG is a token that is only tradable on the DGE platform which is pegged to 1g of gold as a certificate. MDG token is representative of real gold, so the price of the token is associated with the price of gold at the time of purchase. MDG Tokens can be purchased on the DGE Platform with TMTG Tokens.

About DGE – Digital Gold Exchange

DGE or Digital Gold Exchange is an online exchange where TMTG tokens can be used to purchase MDG Tokens (Digital Gold) or real gold. You can access DGE anywhere with access to an online network to conduct trades or convert Digital Gold to real gold. DGE plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem to be constructed through the TMTG Project. It will be designed to allow not only TMTG Tokens but other safe virtual currencies to be exchanged for real goods as well.

The core benefits of the platform include official transactions at market price, conversion into other entities, easy and simple to use interface and ready online accessibility at any time. The DGE platform will start with gold, and eventually expand to other precious metals such as diamonds, white gold, and platinum while adding more exchanges in its ecosystem.

The initial ICO of DGEX is going on at present and will end on July 25, 2018. To know more about the platform and take part in its ICO, please visit https://ico.dgex.io/


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